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You are here: > News > November 19, 2006

Call for an Energy Solution to Change and Save Our World

Call for the plan of a device that can light a lamp for free, from ZPE, to manufacture it for the poor.

An open letter from "M.D.G."

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I’ll try to be short in my call.

I uploaded the new website “WATER AS FUEL”:  or 

I’m traveling since years in the “third world”, I live and have my friends among the poor of this countries.

They are usually desperate, abandoned sometime oppressed and without means to change their condition.  So many have not enough money to pay an electric bill, so many … (of course they also have no car, no hand phone, no fridge,…)

Imagine what is a winter season in the mountain without heater, or a very hot weather under a zinc roofed ‘house’ without electricity to run even a small fan … when there is the all family of 12 persons in the only room of the ‘house’.

Kids have no light to make their home works, water as to be brought form far, and it takes time and energy, because there is no electricity at home to run even a small water pump …

The gas or kerosene to run the cooker is an enormous part of the house budget, and many can not even buy it, so it becomes very very difficult to cook for the family … and very long time is spent to collect wood, plastic or cardboard to burn.

I promised to be short so I’ll stop here with the listing of problems …


It can change the world, their world. And it concerns about 4 billions persons, the large majority of our human brothers and sisters. Everywhere, in South America, in North America, in Africa, in Europe, in Russia, in Middle East, in Asia, in South Asia, everywhere!

I want to offer my friends something to make their life less humiliated.

I want to offer them a device that produce free electricity.

The knowledge to build this is in my laptop, for sure, because I have so many patents and diagrams that I can’t remember all of them, and that’s why I decided to make this compilations that I upload on the web.

But personally, even if I understand what is ZPE, and how to catch it, I have no knowledge in electronic, no knowledge in physic, no tools, no place in my hotel room to build and try all this devices until success. ( even in this conditions I tried already, but without success)

And in the third world there is almost no knowledgeable person, no materials and tools, no budget and no time to make the research that will reach to the right device. That’s may be why it’s the third world, here we have no means to change the situation, even if we have the strongest determination.

But I know business men that are ready to produce THE DEVICE that will light a lamp !

They are not scared of the big oil cartels, because here in the townships, there is no CIA/FBI/MEN IN BLACK agents, because here there is only misery and bad smell. Nothing interesting for them.

So here we can produce in mass THE DEVICE that will light a lamp from ZPE, and sell it to those that can buy it, and to those that are willing to offer it to the needy. Some townships are composed of hundreds thousands persons, small cities.

This business men can invest to make plants to produce this apparatus, if it is easy, not dangerous, cheap and without exotic technology involved. (A small plant could produce 100 units per day, 30.000 per year. A larger production would be in the hundreds thousands units per year per factory; already a good job, and this multiplied per ten countries, we will supply already millions units.)

They have no lab or scientists to work on the diagrams that are in my computer, but they can ‘find’ money to make a plant, they have good will and good heart, and strong determination to take their share in the modern world, the comfortable world, to improve the life of their people, their relatives.

I’m sure I’m already too long, so I’ll go strait to the goal:

I call all the genius inventors that know how to harvest ZPE to send me their diagram of the simplest, cheapest and smallest device to light a standard lamp, bulb or neon, for free, from ZPE, and for a long time without maintenance.

It must be ready to build (at 100%, no testing needed please) and made of ‘simple’ parts that are easy and cheap to buy. It must be in a ‘ready to use’ form, without danger or complicated starting.

I know that it is possible and that it exists, because it’s demonstrated on the websites of Mr. John BEDINI, Mr. Bruce PERREAULT, Mr. Thomas BEARDEN, Mr. Jean Louis NAUDIN, Mr. Harold ASPDEN, and many others.

But there is so many technologies that I don’t know which one is the easiest to built and use. I’m lossed.

There is almost 170 names in the compilation that I prepare about ZPE, scientists, professors, top level persons, genius or simple men or women, and they all know or knew how to change the life of my friends, the needy.

So please, dear inventor that has the solution, dear John, dear Bruce, dear Harold, dear Thomas, send me (send us) the best diagram that you have for the simplest device to build that will light just a lamp (around 40W).

The second step will be to run a fan, a small water pump (100W), and the third, of course the ideal will be 1,5 kw to run an heater or a cooker… and change life of millions of families, all around the world, this world, the one we are in, now.

But if you want, give us just for a lamp first, and after, if your are satisfied with the results of our efforts, you can give us for the second and third step, if you have.

Of course I can take engagement to give your name to the device, calling it by the name you desire, and even giving you a percentage of the sells; like 3% or 5% … I’ll promise to do my best to fulfill your will if it’s reasonable. I can also keep your name secret if you want to stay anonymous like me.

For practical aspect:

After confirmation of the technology and its easiness to build and use, I’ll start to settle factories in at list 5 countries during the first year, both in Asia and Africa, and even more if the technology is given totally free.

If you want royalties on the sells I’ll keep production under control to be able to collect your share, but if you want nothing at all and give it all just from your heart, I’ll send it to dozens of other friends that I have in so poor countries, and they will themselves start their own factories, and in that case I can not guaranty that you’ll get your royalties; but it will be the most effective way to change the life of the majority of humans, that are the poor, during your life time, without being blocked by the bad guys.

I have also the project to sell the device on internet, for the rich world, through an anonymous offshore company. I think it’s possible, and I’ll try, with a share for you if you want. I’m not scared to die, because I’m sure anyway I’ll have to die one day !

So many years I want to help them, may be God choose now to do it.

Hope we success and reduce some peoples’ suffering.

Best regards to all readers of good intention,


PS: If you want to stay anonymous, or because you’re under survey, and that’s why I didn’t sent you a particular letter, even if I have you e-mail address, just put the files in your pendrive and go to a cybercafe, Open an anonymous e-mail account to send me the necessary. Or ask to a best friend to do it.

And tell me the details about the name you want to give to the device, and if you want royalties, share in a company or anything else.

(This message is for public release, copyleft for a better world, feel free to relay and reproduce it on your website.)

# # #

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Nov. 18, 2006
Last updated December 24, 2014





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