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You are here: > News > September 25, 2006

Top 100
REPORT: Conference on Future Energy (COFE II), 2006

Sept. 22 - 24 conference featured scholarly coverage of a wide array of new-energy technologies, including cold fusion and zero-point energy, along with more conventional – and presently attainable – tidal and solar power.

 - COFE II program (pdf) - speakers, abstracts
 - Official conference website
 - Conference DVDs (link pending)
photo by Sterling D. Allan
Chelsea Sexton, primary activist featured in Who Killed the Electric Car, addresses the conference during a question and answer session following a screening of the movie.

Jim Murray and Paul Babcock's 4790% SERPS Presentation

Ignition Secrets DVD by Aaron Murakami 

A&P Electronic Media

Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2006

WASHINGTON, DC, USA -- The second Conference on Future Energy (COFE), held on the weekend of Sept. 22 - 24 in Washington, DC, featured highly-respected leaders in the fields of cutting-edge energy research.  Their presence and presentations offered hope for feasible solutions to the grave problems that face our planet due to our dependence on fossil fuel and its negative effects on the environment.

Most all the speakers that were scheduled are either in government positions: Dennis Bushnell, Jim Dunn; University professorships: George Miley, Tania Slawecki, Ted Loder, Daniel Fraser; or have publicly trading companies: Glen Gordon, Russ George, Fabrizio Pinto, Martin Burger.

Electric Vehicles

The conference opened on Friday night with a screening of the new movie, "Who Killed the Electric Car?", which documents the crushing and shredding by GM of all but one of their nearly 1,100 EV-1 cars that should have marked a shift away from oil-dependence.  It was precisely because the very popular cars were proving to be a tipping point, that they were obliterated.  The parties identified at guilty for stomping out this new direction included the U.S. Government, and the Oil and Automobile industries.  Even the California energy commission sold out, endorsing the fuel-cell concept instead, which is years – if not decades – away from being practical. Moreover, the film points out that the hydrogen used in these cells will still be mostly derived from petroleum in the foreseeable future.

Following the screening, the key activist featured in the movie, Chelsea Sexton, addressed the conference in a lively question-and-answer session.  She said that the indicted parties have actually complimented the balanced reporting provided in the documentary.  Her activist work continues at, which features past, present, and future electric vehicles, as well as companies that specialize in converting fuel-driven vehicles into electric, and hybrids into plug-in.  Today or tomorrow she will be addressing the California energy commission, and it is probable that with her increased stature due to the movie, that they will be paying attention to her more closely this time.

Salt-Water Biomass Farming

photo by Sterling D. Allan
Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist at NASA

The opening speaker on Saturday morning was Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist at NASA, who gave a brilliant overview of the need for clean energy solutions, a time-line for implementation, and possible alternative solutions in case CO2 emissions are not curved.  He also gave a presentation on a particular biomass technology he is involved in promoting, in which certain species of prolific halophylic plants can be grown using sea water, and then converted into fuel. (Download PowerPoint Presentation excerpt.)

Bushnell's list of possible last-resort interventions included detonating super volcanoes, such as the Yellowstone Caldera, in order to provide a cooling shield from the long-lasting soot in the atmosphere.  The purpose would be give the planet’s inhabitants more time to get things straightened out. Such would be an absolute last resort and with evacuations to prevent loss of life, and would only to be done if a less drastic turn-around method has not been successful to prevent total earth ecosystem meltdown.

In a personal conversation, Bushnell told me that there is absolutely nothing to all the UFO sightings, and that there are no government conspiracies afoot.  Most conference attendees would probably vigorously disagree with him on those points.


The next speaker at the conference, George Miley, was the recipient that evening of the "Integrity in Research Award" for unique contributions to Energy Research.

Photo by Jackie Valone
Tom Valone, left, CEO of Integrity Research Institute, gives Dr. George Miley the prestigious Integrity in Research Award.

Dr. Miley spoke about dense plasma focus technology, which is one of the oldest proposed approaches to fusion power.  He has also worked some years on cold fusion and reported on that in the first COFE.  Miley is a Professor in the Department of Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  He is also Director of the Fusion Studies Laboratory.

Dr. Fabrizio Pinto

Zero Point Energy

The keynote speaker at the Saturday night banquet was Dr. Fabrizio Pinto, speaking about Zero Point Energy.  In addition to serving on numerous academic posts over the years, Pinto founded Interstellar Technologies Corp. to commercialize pending zero-point-energy applications.  A holder of multiple intellectual properties and writer of several award-winning articles in the field, Pinto gave an entertaining and educational PowerPoint presentation (nearly half a gigabyte in size) on the subject, which he considers to be the most exciting and promising business adventure on the planet today.

photo by Sterling D. Allan
Thorsten Ludwig, PhD, speaking about theoretical applications of Zero Point Energy.

Pinto humorously tutored the audience in how to get Zero Point Energy papers past reviewers, what phrases to use and what phrases not to use. For example, the term "Casimir forces" is taboo.  "Say Van der Waals instead" he advised.  When asked to what he attributes his balance of intellectual acumen and polished personality, he made reference to his ballroom dancing, his family, his boating, and other extracurricular activities that have helped him develop more rounded social skills.  Pinto made several references to the Zero Point Energy primer presentation made earlier in the day by Dr. Thorsten Ludwig, who is a regular speaker on that topic annually at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference.

photo by Sterling D. Allan
Remy C., left, who was conducting video interviews with several people at the conference, speaks with Russ George.

Cold Fusion

Russ George, of D2Fusion (ref, ref), provided a large number of solid scientific evidences in his presentation, making a strong case that cold fusion is a real phenomenon, repeatable, and feasible as an energy source.  His publicly-traded company (SLRE.ob) has received significant funding.  With the collaboration of Martin Fleischman, the company expects to have a cold-fusion heater ready for market as soon as 2007.

photo by Sterling D. Allan Scott Chubb, who is pursuing cold fusion research at the National Research Laboratory, is an editor for Infinite Energy Magazine, carrying forth the work of the late Eugene Mallove.  Chubbs made frequent comments and asked numerous questions throughout the course of the conference, adding helpful color.

George also described another passion in which he is involved, which is an extension of his work in which he has been responsible for the planting of 100,000,000 trees.  He knows how to do things on a large scale.  George compared the CO2 levels on the planet to a "shock treatment" of a swimming pool using a high dose of chlorine.  Ocean productivity is down 80%.  In order to turn this around, his company, Planktos Inc, deposits iron into the ocean, which provides the necessary nutrients for plankton, restoring the bottom of the feeding pyramid. (Ref, ref.) That environmental remediation work is being funded by the same environmental group that provided the funding for the cold fusion work.

Tidal Power

photo by Sterling D. Allan
Martin Burger says his company's technology, now ready for wide-scale implementation, is the best business opportunity that he knows of.

Martin Burger presented a talk on the work his company, Blue Energy, is doing toward harnessing tidal power.  After many years of designing turbines and building prototypes to test, the company is now beginning commercial installations.  One of their designs entails a bridge that doubles as a tidal dam.  Scotland, an area with high tidal flow and with a need for inter-island transportation, is likely to host the first installation.  This tidal generation deployment is projected to result in energy generation at a cost of as low as two cents per kilowatt-hour, which is well below any conventional energy generation pricing.

The Blue Energy company also has a 250 kW stand-alone generator that can produce at around four to six cents per kilowatt-hour.  No fish mortality has yet been discovered with any of the prototypes.  Patrick Bailey, president of the Institute for New Energy (INE), which in times past had a top energy technologies listing similar to that now being maintained by the New Energy Congress, noted that Blue Energy was cited by INE several years ago as being the most commercially ready of all the promising clean energy technologies.  "And it still is," he said.

photo by Sterling D. Allan
Jim Dunn

Hydrogen and Solar

James Dunn, who is Chief Technology Officer for the Center for Technological Commercialization, gave two presentations.  The first was an overview of all aspects of hydrogen, its advantages and disadvantages.  He has tracked the fuel cell industry very closely, and has installed a fuel cell in an airplane himself.  However, his assessment of the feasibility of fuel cells is not favorable for the near term.  It is still far too expensive to be practical.  Honda's FCX concept fuel-cell vehicle, for example, has a sticker price of Yen $100 Million (US $859,000). (Ref.)

Dunn's second presentation was a fill-in for another presenter who was not able to make it to the conference.  In this lecture, he spoke about a new solar technology that provides a silicon substitute at greater efficiencies and lower costs than silicon.

Electromagnetic Healing

Two presentations were given on the subject of using electromagnetic devices to accentuate healing processes.

photo by Sterling D. Allan
Glen Gordon, MD

Glen Gordon, MD, discussed a breakthrough understanding in EM fields transduction by paramagnetic/diamagnetic oscillators into phonons that direct protein conformational adaptive response, the iteration associated with that, and the control of cell function this previously undescribed energy/iteration system explains.  Gordon has designed a Nanosecond Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology that has been in the marketplace for several years now. (Ref, ref.)

Tania Slawecki, spoke about the wide range investigative work she is doing as assistant professor at Penn. State University.  Her team applies rigorous testing techniques to a myriad of electromagnetic therapy technology claims, to provide scientific evidence to either support or refute those claims.  She presented a wide range of scientific evidence that they have collected in this process.

Spiral Electromagnet Motor

Dr. Ted Loder spoke about various spiral magnet motor designs, including some experimentation he has pursued as well, though an over-unity design yet eludes him.  The objective of the spiral design, patterned after the Wankel engine, is to use an electromagnet to provide the kick needed at the end of the spiral to then repeat the cycle again.  No known over-unity systems have yet been achieved using such a design.  His personal account of magnets jumping out of their glued positions and glomming together was quite humorous.

photo by Sterling D. Allan
Thomas Valone
, CEO of Integrity Research Institute, which hosted this conference, looks on.  Valone was Master of Ceremonies for the conference.

Other Energy Technologies

On Saturday afternoon, Tom Valone, PhD, who organized the conference, provided some polemic about present energy boondoggles, and gave an overview of various promising alternative technologies.  Two thirds of the energy transferred via the present grid, for example, is wasted.  Wireless transmission, originally introduced by Nikola Tesla, is a feasible alternative that should be pursued.  (Ref.)  In addition to some of the technologies being featured in the conference, Valone cited the work of Godin and Roschin as being among the most promising.

Having to leave for the airport, I was not able to attend the last three presentations on Sunday.  Pal Asija spoke about intellectual property strategy for emerging technologies.  John Thomas, Jr. gave insights into the operation of Professor Searl's technology, and other "inverse gravity vehicle" technologies.  Prof. Daniel Fraser spoke about near-surface geothermal energy.

Exhibits and Poster Session

photo by Sterling D. Allan
Patrick Bailey, PhD.

Sunday, after a lunch that was provided by the Integrity Research Institute, each of the groups with tables in the exhibit hall were given five minutes to present. 

An oral chelator health product was discussed, along with information about heavy metal poisoning extant in the Western world today, such as through murcury in dental fillings.  The company, Science Formulas, Inc, which provided significant funding for the conference, also has a heavy metal detection device they have developed, and which they will be introducing to the medical field.

Patrick Bailey reviewed the present status of the Institute for New Energy, announcing that now that other entities are filling the news and directory and classification roles he once provided with the INE, he is now focusing his attention on matching significant funding with significant technologies.

photo by Sterling D. Allan
Eddie Sines, formerly with NRL, explains his concept to Richard Leshuk of the Technology Transfer Society.

Eddie Sines of Potomac Energy LLC gave a very brief overview of his patent and patent-pending technology that proposes to use superconductors and photons to extract kinetic electrical energy from static magnetic energy by opening and closing the superconductivity, imposing flux in a solid state arrangement.  Sines needs around US $50,000 to complete a proof-of-concept prototype, and thinks he could be to market within a year of that.  The high-energy density could make this the most affordable and clean energy technology available.

Michael Riversong spoke briefly about TeslaTech, which is essentially the continuation of the International Tesla Society founded by Steve Elswick.  They hold an annual conference, the last few of which have been in Salt Lake City.  Riversong also mentioned that he has commenced a Tesla Academy, in which he will be teaching brief courses about Tesla Technology.

photo by Sterling D. Allan
Jeane Manning, author of The Coming Energy Revolutions, attended the conference.

Stoyan Sargoytchev, PhD, introduced his theoretical work on the zero point energy. He has authored a book titled Basic Structures of Matter: Supergravitational Unified Theory.

I gave a brief overview of the New Energy Congress, whose purpose is to review various energy technology claims and weigh them against a set of fixed criteria, including renewable, clean, affordable, reliable, credible, and safe.  The idea is to showcase those technologies that hold the greatest promise for resolving the worlds energy problems.  During my overview, I drew the attention of the audience to the NEC members who were present at the conference: Tom Valone, Steve Kaplan, Joel Garbon, Patrick Bailey, Eddie Sines, Todd Hathaway, Michael Riversong, and myself.

photo by Sterling D. Allan
Joel Garbon, left, President of the New Energy Movement, converses with Steve Kaplan, Vice-President and Executive Director of NEM.

Joel Garbon gave a quick overview of the New Energy Movement (NEM), a non-profit (501c3), whose purpose, in addition to providing support for cutting-edge energy technology, is to convey awareness of the most promising technology to the mainstream public, so that support for the technology can increase, and its implementation can be expedited.  NEM co-sponsored this Conference on Future Energy, and is an officially recognized tax-free fund-receiving arm (independent) of the New Energy Congress.


photo from back cover of their book
Dr. Henry and Erika Monteith

Erika Monteith provided keyboard music in the evenings during social time.  She was so accurate and natural in her playing that the instrument sounded like a professional pre-recorded band.  To watch her play was reminiscent of a one-(wo)man-band, yet the music flowed so smoothly that one would never guess that her hands were racing so quickly about the keyboard.  Her profession includes teaching the therapeutic value of music.

She and her mathematical metaphysician husband, Dr. Henry Monteith, who has known Tom Valone for years, are co-authors of a book titled Soulmate Cosmological Action, which is not only a grand unified theory, but seeks to tie together everything, including science and spirituality.  The primary concept is that of duality and oneness of a male and female component in all things.

photo by Sterling D. Allan
Michael Riversong, playing his harp at his table featuring TeslaTech magazines and conference tapes.

Michael Riversong, considering himself the "Bard of Free Energy", provided relaxing harp music during many of the conference breaks.

Finally, as a bulwark in the entire operation, Tom Valone's wife, Jackie, was the matron of the conference, providing smiles, hugs, and intelligent support.


The entire conference was videotaped, with one camera trained on the speaker, and another on the PowerPoint presentation screen.  DVDs are available.

# # #


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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Sept. 25, 2006
Last updated December 24, 2014





"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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