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You are here: > News > July 25, 2006

'Cold Fusion' Session at Navy Conference

A free public breakout session on low energy nuclear reactions (aka cold fusion) will be featured at the Navy Science and Technology Conference Aug. 2 in Washington, DC

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WASHINGTON, D.C., USA -- From July 31 to August. 3, the National Defense Industrial Association and the Office of Naval Research will co-host the 2006 Naval Science & Technology Partnership Conference at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C.

On Aug. 2, the conference will feature a panel of experts discussing "Industry Perspectives on Future Energy Solutions," with representatives from a wide spectrum of industries and topics including Biobased Synthetic Fuel, Solar Electric Power, Fusion, Wind Energy, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions,
and Ocean Energy.

Panel member Dr. Frank Gordon, head of the Navigation and Applied Sciences Department at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) center in San Diego, California., will discuss his SPAWAR group's developments in low energy nuclear reaction research, historically known as "cold fusion."

"Our approach is to understand the nature of the reactions that are occurring to validate that nuclear processes are involved," Gordon said. "We believe the aggregation of our experimental results, up to and including the research we will discuss here, offers compelling evidence that nuclear reactions are occurring."

In the afternoon, the SPAWAR group will be hosting two identical one-hour breakout sessions to review and discuss their research progress. The Navy has made special arrangements for the low energy nuclear reactions breakout session so that the public may attend free. Participants are instructed to follow the signs at the Marriott for the "LENR Breakout Session."

An exhibit booth will feature a hands-on viewing station displaying samples of the SPAWAR groups' nuclear evidence: CR-39 chips with etchings of charged particle tracks from their electrochemical experiments.

The New Energy Institute will display highlights from several documentary video recordings of the subject and its history at the exhibit booth.

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