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You are here: > News > July 12, 2006

News Coverage of Nikola Tesla's 150th Birthday

Stories from around the world by various news agencies, celebrating one of the most brilliant scientists who ever lived. Celebrated as the father of the 20th century, with his AC power and radio, he is also the father of free energy -- a probable foundation of the 21st century.

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Preface comments by Sterling D. Allan

On July 10, 1856, Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia.

Coming to the U.S. as a young adult, he made his mark on the world not just as the "inventor of the 20th century," bringing AC power and radio, but is recognized by many as the "father of free energy".  The later is yet to be fully realized in daily application; but once implemented is likely to carry the 21st century as fundamentally as AC power and radio carried the 20th.

Tesla was so ahead of his time that his own generation marginalized him, usually relegating the strange fellow to footnotes rather than headlines of history texts.

Now, one hundred and fifty years later, his legacy is beginning to emerge into mainstream awareness and appreciation.  The following is a historic snapshot of various News Agencies' coverage of the 150th anniversary of his birth.

As of July 12, 2006, at 9:00 am MST, there were 163 stories from around the world about Nikola Tesla logged by Google News.  A good number of those are due to the new electric car company by that name in Silicon Valley. (Ref.)  The following stories pertain to the anniversary.

News Coverage

Electrical pioneer Tesla honoured
Budapest Business Journal, Hungary - Jul 12, 2006
... A pioneer in the days when electricity was changing everyday life, Nikola Tesla patented more than 700 inventions including wireless communication, remote ...
Nikolas Tesla's 'Black Magic' Touring Car
EV World, Nebraska - Jul 12, 2006
In the summer of 1931, Nikola Tesla , the inventor of alternating current and some 1200 other US patents, along with his nephew Peter Savo, installed a box on ...
Pupovac holds talks with Kosovo Serbs
KOSOVAREPORT - Jul 12, 2006
... SNV), Milorad Pupovac, on Tuesday held talks with a delegation of Kosovo Serbs visiting Croatia on the occasion of the 150th anniversary Nikola Tesla's birth. ...
Handsome Family portrait Inventor Nikola Tesla serves as ..., IN - Jul 11, 2006
... Sparks left the dog in her neighbor's yard, finding inspiration for many of the songs in the life story of late 19th/early 20th century inventor Nikola Tesla. ...

Croats, Serbs unite to hail Tesla's genius
Reuters - Jul 10, 2006
SMILJAN, Croatia (Reuters) - Croats and Serbs united on Monday in celebrating late scientist Nikola Tesla, hailing him as a symbol of ethnic tolerance badly ...
Electrical pioneer Tesla honoured BBC News
Croatian, Serbian officials mark Tesla 150th anniversary
In Balkans, sparks still fly on Tesla anniversary Buffalo News
Independent - all 12 related »
After years of neglect, Nikola Tesla is "in" in Croatia, Michigan - Jul 8, 2006
Croatia is feting the 150th birthday of its "greatest son" Nikola Tesla, one of the most eminent pioneers of electrical power. But ...

National bank issues Tesla coins
B92, Serbia and Montenegro - 7 hours ago
... Coins with Nikola Tesla’s image worth 20 dinars will be in circulation parallel with the existing coins depicting the St Sava temple, issued in 2003. ...
Remembering 'the man who lit the world'
Concord Monitor, NH - Jul 10, 2006
oday marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla, a once-famous man who changed the way humans live and work. Though ...
The Way We Were column
Toronto Sun, Canada - 13 hours ago
By MIKE FILEY. The Toronto Telegram published on this day in 1936 contained a fascinating interview with Nikola Tesla on his 80th birthday. ...
Tesla celebrated today
B92, Serbia and Montenegro - Jul 10, 2006
... Aleksandar Pantelić, from the Niagara municipality, said that Niagara Falls is the best place possible to erect a monument for Nikola Tesla. ...
Tesla, electricity pioneer, is symbol of division and ...
San Diego Union Tribune, United States - Jul 8, 2006
SMILJAN, Croatia – The world knows Nikola Tesla as a pioneer of electrical power. But in his native Balkans, he is a symbol of ethnic strife. ...
Honour for Croatia's forgotten son
Scotsman, United Kingdom - Jul 7, 2006
AFTER many years of neglecting his legacy, Croatia is this month fêting the 150th birthday of its "greatest son", Nikola Tesla - one of the most eminent ...
Tesla's theories remain current
Toronto Star,  Canada - Jul 9, 2006
Today marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla, who grew famous in the late 1800s for his public battles with inventor Thomas Edison during the ...

Toronto Star
Fuelling debate
Toronto Star,  Canada - Jul 9, 2006
... Tesla is named after Nikola Tesla, the Croatian-born Serb who invented alternating current and other electricity-related innovations. ...
Tesla belongs to all of humankind
B92, Serbia and Montenegro - Jun 29, 2006
ZAGREB -- Stjepan Mesić said that Nikola Tesla belongs to everyone and that his origin and nationality should not be argued over. ...
Lighting up the world -- again
Globe and Mail, Canada - Jul 1, 2006
Nikola Tesla harnessed the alternating current, invented radio technology and patented 700 inventions, including the wireless remote control and spark plugs. ...

Borneo Bulletin
Electricity generates buzz at OGDC
Borneo Bulletin, Brunei Darussalam - Jun 27, 2006
... OGDC now focuses on Nikola Tesla, regarded as one of the most important inventors in the late 19th and early 20th century. He is ...

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Carnegie Mellon University unveils bust of great inventor Tesla
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA - Jun 20, 2006
... The perhaps unexpected answer is Nikola Tesla -- the father of electricity, inventor of the radio, and guy whose discoveries led to computers and robotics. ...

Other Coverage

  • Croatia Marks 150th Anniversary of Inventor's Birth - Croatia marked Monday the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla, one of the pioneers of modern electrical engineering, who won fame in the United States as one of the world's greatest inventors. (PhysOrg; July 11)
  • Tesla born 150 years ago - 10 July 2006 marks what would be the 150th birthday of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. For those who could make it, Tesla is immortalized as a statue at Niagara, New York depicting the master of lighting; a Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia; and he is featured on the Serbian 100 dinar banknote. For those who cannot reach such exotic locales, later this year a movie by Christopher Nolan (who really should be working on a follow up to "Batman Begins") will depict David Bowie as the good Mr Tesla. Tesla invented radio and alternating current, set the world's record for man-made lightning and could make the pigeons of Central Park do his bidding. (; July 11)

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