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You are here: > News > June 22, 2006

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NEC Announces Substitute Presentation for Joe Cell Seminar

Due to the lack of a validation of Peter Stevens' claims to run a vehicle on a Joe Cell with fuel line disconnected, substitute presentations on clean fuel conversions and the Proell effect are now planned for the July 30 seminar in Salt Lake City.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2006

Tai Robinson with his clean-fuel converted Tacoma, setting a world altitude record for a hydrogen vehicle.

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA -- The New Energy Congress (NEC) has announced an alternate presentation to be held in Salt Lake City Miller Free Enterprise Center on the afternoon of July 30. The two topics to be covered will be clean fuel conversions and a thermodynamic effect whereby energy can be harnessed from ambient heat.  The presentations follow immediately after the ExtraOrdinary Technology conference to be held at this same location. (Ref.)

These two presentations have been arranged in place of a previously-scheduled workshop on building a Joe cell, installing it on a vehicle, and running the vehicle on the Joe cell only, with the vehicle's fuel line disconnected.

The formerly-scheduled event, which was to have featured Peter Stevens, has been suspended due to a lack of validation of his claim after more than two months time. (Ref) Stevens had alleged that over the last 15 years he was involved in the installation of some 30 to 40 Joe cells on vehicles in which the fuel line was disconnected; and that he was presently in touch with at least fifteen of their owners.  None of those individuals have come forward to demonstrate their vehicle, and Stevens has been unable to successfully fit a Joe cell to a test engine. (Ref.)  Furthermore, of an estimated one hundred independent researchers no one following the instructions given by Stevens and others has been able to replicate the 100% Joe-cell effect (0% gas/diesel).

There is one known exception, and that is that Bill Williams, who claimed to have been able to run his Ford pick-up truck with fuel line disconnected, operating only via the Joe cell. He attributed this achievement in part to advice given by Stevens. However, within two weeks of Williams' announcement in the first part of April, he said that he was approached by two unidentified individuals who threatened him with dire consequences unless he ceased his work on alternative energy.  (Ref.)

Williams says that achieving this mode on his vehicle was very difficult, and that once achieved, it was highly unstable and not safe. (Ref.)  Many of the researchers seeking to replicate this effect appear to remain optimistic though they realize that it is an elusive quest. (Ref.)

The NEC understands that some hesitation is understandable considering the stories that circulate about threats made against individuals involved in revolutionary energy advancements (ref.), though it seems unlikely that none of those individuals would be trusting enough to allow assessment by a group that is clearly supportive of alternative energy (ref).

The NEC has said that if Stevens can validate his technology it will welcome him to present, and that the invitation remains open. Meanwhile, NEC has scheduled these two presentations to take Stevens' place on July 30 in Salt Lake City.

Refund requests will be honored for those who have purchased tickets for the Joe Cell Seminar with the idea of seeing Peter Stevens.

Clean Fuel Conversions

Beginning at 12:30 pm, the first presentation will feature New Energy Congress member Tai Robinson, who is a widely recognized expert in converting vehicles to run on clean fuels. He has been converting vehicles professionally for several years. Several vehicles of his own that run on clean fuels will be on hand at the presentation.

Not only do these vehicles run far more cleanly (95% improvement in emissions), but also the fuel is much less expensive (half to a forth the cost), he says. Even after calculating the installation costs, which are presently quite high, a net pocketbook savings results. Robinson has been lobbying various legislative bodies to enact incentives, which would make these conversions much more affordable and thus more accessible to Americans.

Robinson's workshop will discuss seven cleaner, safer, local fuels available all across the U.S. today for less than the price of gasoline or diesel. His company's American Fuel Vehicles (AFV) program includes H2, CNG, LPG, ethanol, biodiesel, SVO (Straight Veggie Oil) and solar electric.

His Tacoma truck, which he turned into a multi-fuel vehicle capable of burning hydrogen, methane, ethanol or gasoline, will be available for demonstration. In times past he configured his truck with a hydrogen-boosting system that allowed it to run on a baseline fuel such as gasoline or ethanol. By delivering a small amount of hydrogen from the on-board, high pressure storage tanks, his system increases combustion of the baseline fuel to provide more horsepower while increasing MPG and lowering emissions.

Robinson also will be presenting a slide show.

While viewing solar-derived hydrogen as being at the top of the fuel hierarchy pyramid, Robinson says that "utilizing multiple fuel sources today allows consumers to choose the least expensive fuel for their transportation requirements". Propane, or LPG is a local fuel he also supports, because it is slightly cleaner than gasoline and increases combustion of dirty diesel and biodiesel. "Bio fuels such as E85 ethanol and B100 biodiesel are great because they are cleaner and local which supports our economy while strengthening our national security."

Robinson says compressed natural gas (CNG), or methane, is the least expensive fuel around the country. In Utah, CNG is about 1/4 the price of finite, toxic gasoline. Being similar to hydrogen, methane can both be stored in the same fuel tank. In this way, CNG is paving the highway to H2. Solar hydrogen is available today for less than half the cost of gasoline. Although non-renewable hydrogen is available, it costs from two to up to fifty times more than gasoline, when made from finite sources.  Robinson says it makes no sense to utilize hydrogen produced in this manner.

Proell Effect Demonstration

Following Tai Robinson's presentation will be a demonstration by New Energy Congress member, Ken Rauen, an expert on the subject of harnessing ambient environmental heat energy. 

Rauen was awarded U.S. patent 6,698,200 (March 4, 2004) for his super-Carnot heat engine proposal.  He recently demonstrated a proof of concept of a portion of this design
at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Pacific Division annual meeting last week in San Diego. Within that conference was a symposium on the Second Law of Thermodynamics which was attended by 25 to 30 people from around the world, mostly university physics professors. Half of the symposium attendees attended Rauen's demonstration, and all of them seemed impressed with the demo and the explanation of the science behind it.

Image:Ken Rauen Proell effect booth 600.jpg

"This is a Maxwell's Demon, a quasi-spontaneous separation of heat, caused by a perturbation of the system that creates an alternate state of equilibrium with no energy input," says Rauen.  "The measurements I made that indicate it will run on its own once engineering issues are addressed."

His demonstration involves a test chamber made out of PVC pipe, steel wool, valves, thermocouples, and magnets for mechanical coupling to the enclosed displacer piston for moving the piston from outside the pipe. The chamber is connected to a computer peripheral data acquisition system and a regulated power supply (for heating one end of the chamber). The data acquisition module is controlled by a laptop computer.

Rauen will repeat this demonstration in Salt Lake City, and will also discuss implications and applications of this Proell effect. He is able to bring the physics down to the level of those who understand basic technology such as solar cells and steam engines.

About Tai Robinson and Intergalactic Hydrogen

Robinson has driven all over the country without using any gasoline. His truck is the first vehicle to cross the country using compressed hydrogen for fuel, and it lead Denis Weaver's Drive to Survive to make history. His truck has received a gold medal for emissions from the Michelin Challenge Bibendum. (Ref, photo) The truck also set the altitude record for driving on hydrogen over Imogene pass near Telluride, Colorado.

Since then, he has joined forces with his father, Fred Robinson, to create Intergalactic Hydrogen, a vehicle-integration, fuel-system upgrade, and technology-advancement enterprise. Intergalactic offers cleaner fuel vehicles to fleets and retail customers.

Tai Robinson now teaches government officials, business owners, fleet operators and students at primary schools and in universities about the benefits of cleaner fuels.  He was awarded an honorary PhD in hydrogen transportation from the American Hydrogen Association.

Intergalactic Hydrogen provides MADE-IN-USA renewable-energy products, and cleaner fuel options, that work with today's infrastructure and beyond. They build multi-fuel, hydrogen, methane, propane, electric, biodiesel and ethanol automobiles, appliances and infrastructure. They promote the clean fuel revolution through educational workshops and engineering consultation.

About Ken Rauen

Involved in the field of frontier-physics alternative energy for several years, Rauen was the Laboratory Manager and a Research Scientist at New Energy Research Laboratory in Bow, New Hampshire. He worked primarily with cold fusion and replicated Roger Stringham's sonofusion, a distant cousin to Taleyharkan's deuterated acetone ultrasonic cavitation at ORNL.

Rauen worked closely with the late Eugene Mallove in a laboratory a few months before Mallove, who had championed scold fusion, was murdered. More recently, Rauen was involved in a research group in Palo Alto working on the Papp Engine. Rauen's primary area of investigation has been in advanced thermodynamics.

# # #


Reserve your tickets early.  Seating is limited.

$50.00 USD

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