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The following is a back-up copy of

as of June 2, 2006

See story to which this is attached.

         Exclusive report

More Inventor Lives Threatened
Somebody Who's Really Rich, Doesn't Want Cheap Energy Anywhere

Any moron who scoffs at conspiracies will live in their own imaginary disneyland until loaded guns are shoved in THEIR face.  Criminals are everywhere and they get more done when they unite with other criminals to accomplish their evil deeds. THIS folks is what a conspiracy is. 
ANYONE who denies this is an accomplice to their acts.

Warning to all skeptics.  If you continue to rant your "conspiracy kook" rhetoric any further, YOU will be added to the suspect list for contributing to this crime and possibly earlier ones.

The culprits, as of this writing have not yet been apprehended or brought to justice.  I ask sympathetic readers to review what I know and pass on any serious leads you may have to me. leroy (at)  But, the threat shoved in our face behind Mac 10's and Glocks was against ANYONE WORKING ON THE HYDROGEN ON DEMAND TECHNOLOGY, also known as free energy or zero point.

  • On May 16, 2006 those guns were LITERALLY pointed in the face of my friends and associates. 
  • A month earlier, the guns were pointed in the face of Bill Williams, working on a similar technology.
  • A year earlier Eugene Mallove was beaten to death in a cruder fashion of intimidation.
  • In the 90's an associate working with Dennis Lee was murdered while Dennis was confronting corrupt attorney generals obviously on the payola from somebody who doesn't want any form of cheap energy accessible by the public.
Stan Meyer is dead as of March 1998.  He had only shortly before promoted his working technology to the British Royal Navy and the US Pentagon.  Anyone who worked closely with him claims his death was by poisoning. No suspects were ever identified or pursued.

Andrija (Henry) Puharich died in January 1995. His spontaneous hydrogen from water technology pre-dated Meyer's.  He fell down a flight of stairs while as a house guest of a chemical fortune heir.  Unlike Stan though, Puharich had a checkered past with many potential enemies high in government. Even I am uncertain which category he falls into. He was directly involved in the actual MKultra program run by the CIA back in the 60's. You fill in the blanks on that one, I don't wish to touch it.

Neocon status quo kooks want to believe these events either didn't really occur or they claim mountains were made from mole hills.  They quote FAULTY theories of physics as if God Himself had written them as laws.  Ignoring the fact that in some principles, a hundred year old physics book was correct, but current editions have perpetuated intentionally inserted errors since for one sole purpose:  keep monopoly power over energy in the hands of those who demand control over society as a whole.  Who challenges academics with degrees?  We should.  Because those degrees were obtained by sucking up to the financial powers who gave them the grants to "create" their phony dogma.

The assumptions

Friends and associates are quick to offer knee jerk reactions and blame big oil.  Stan Meyer himself stated in the now popular, but hidden for 10 year documentary that he was offered $1 billion by Arab Oil interests to abandon the project. ( 15:00 minute point on video)  Many think it was Arab Oil that later murdered him due to this remark.


Nasty as big oil is, I honestly find NO HISTORICAL RECORD of any big oil interest stooping to murder.  As vicious as John D. Rockefeller was, he used sneaky attorneys, corrupt politicians, and outright bribery to accomplish his goals, but I can't find anywhere in history that he actually murdered anyone, either directly or by contract.  But anyone who has read the exhaustive research by G. Ed Griffin in "The Creature From Jekkyl Island" realizes that when it comes to murder, nobody specializes in that like central bankers and those who literally worship money. Need I quote Christian scripture which warned "the LOVE of money is the root of all evil? ( I Timothy 6:10 ) The first US Presidential assassination attempt was against Andrew Jackson.  His enemies?  Central bankers. Nobody worships money like those who have a monopoly to print it.

The Facts
Answers to an amazing number of questions can be found on Google or Yahoo if you only know what search word to use.  I have inserted dates as best I can identify in the color BROWN to help establish a time line of events. Purple text is a direct quote from someone else's web site. Bold Highlight is my emphasis.

All central banking, all commodities markets, all currency markets are indirectly controlled from London.  Wall Street is not run from the US.  Margin call stock trades are financed through brokerage firms who borrow all their money from the Federal Reserve, which has been controlled by British investors since its inception in 1913.  So it can be argued and proven that even New York's Wall Street is puppeteered from London.

ALL governments in the WORLD are controlled by the whims of international central bankers.  Anyone who challenges this stranglehold risks finding a sudden upsurge of riots, staged terrorism and other crimes in their country, until of course the leader caves in to banker's demands and the terrorism miraculously goes away overnight.

Basic formula for banking:  kiss the feet of your largest depositors; treat your smallest depositors like cow pies.  Who are the largest depositors to central banks?  Governments and Oil.

Anyone attempting to do business with Russia learns quickly that former communist government officials migrate directly from government into Russian business, commonly known as the Russian Mafia, which told to me by most everyone I've ever met who attempted business there, found that they appear to run ALL business from Russia and many of its former territories.  Learn the name of a company seldom or never mentioned in the West: Rosoboronexport.  That is the Russian Walmart if you want bullets, bombs, tanks, missiles, machine guns, or fighter jets.  They may even have porno in the back room if you ask.  Hmmmm, I wonder who is paying the rent for Gorbachev's fancy offices in San Francisco?  But that's another topic.  Well, maybe not.  Gorbachev spoke in Thousand Oaks California on April 4, 2006.  That is geographically right between the Ronald Reagan Library in Moorpark California and where my team associate was accosted by the 4 thugs with guns only about a month later.  So how big is a typical business with Rosoboronexport? Listen to the video clip linked from picture at right.   And also see who other typical customers are  

Now look at a policy change inside Russia that occured in 2002.  It looks like Rosoboronexport now oversees ALL technology exports.
Quoted taken from
Posted 11/8/2002
..."It was one of the key events in reforming the entire system of military-technical cooperation between Russia and foreign states aimed at enhancing its efficiency," said a Rosoboronexport representative. "In this way the President's vertical of control over the system of military-technical cooperation was strengthened, an efficient tool for implementing the principle of state monopoly in this sphere created, conditions for unjustified competition regarding Russian special exporters on external markets were eliminated."...

I set out to trace leads to find out who hates me enough to try to kill me, then I ran into a "Terry Thomas" look alike convention.

How many people in the West know that Tony Blair, out of concern for his country's needs of natural gas to stay warm on cold British nights has struck a deal with Russia to run a natural gas pipeline across the Baltic Sea, Germany and the Netherlands over to England?  Well, they did.  Some aspects are to be completed in 2006 and it is to be operational in 2009.

Quotes taken from:

14:23  - 27th Jun [Friday], 2003
Russia, UK sign North Europe gas pipe cooperation memorandum

LONDON - Russian Energy Minister Igor Yusufov and U.K. Minister of State for Energy, e-Commerce and Postal Services Stephen Timms signed Thursday a memorandum of cooperation on the proposed U.S. $5.7 billion North European gas pipeline, ITAR-TASS reported.

The memorandum was signed in the framework of an international energy conference in London, which was opened by British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin is on the state visit to the U.K.

The memorandum confirms the U.K.'s, the world's third-largest gas consumer, interest in Russian gas supplies and, according to Russian gas giant Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller, opens new vistas to expand Russian-U.K. cooperation in the gas sector.

This year Gazprom plans to export 1 billion cubic meters of gas to the U.K. against 730 million cubic meters in 2002, Miller said.

According to the U.K.'s long-term energy policy, the country is expected to become a net importer of gas by 2006 and of oil in 2010.

"So our relationship with Russia is not simply an ordinary commercial relationship, it is going to be of fundamental strategic importance to this country," Blair said.

Putin said that the construction of the pipeline will secure stable gas supplies to the U.K.

He also said that the implementation of the project "may create favorable conditions for the efficient and competitive development of the European economy as a whole."
The 3,000-kilometer North European pipeline is expected to pass through Russia's Vologda and Leningrad Regions, along the Baltic Sea floor, across Germany and the Netherlands and along the North Sea floor to the U.K.

The pipeline is also expected to have branches leading to Finland and Sweden.

The pipeline's annual capacity is projected at 19-30 billion cubic meters, while the pipeline is expected to work at full capacity from 2009.

British elitists hang out at the same country clubs.  I have to refer to a strange dialogue that I reported on 11/16/2004.  Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic fame and now Virgin Galactic was on the Comedy Channel's "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" where he alluded to the ability to run engines on water. 

Quote taken from
... Meanwhile in Russia, the state export company Rosoboronexport, which is run by the Defence Ministry, has the conflicting dual role of both licensing arms exports and promoting them. Nor is it unusual to see senior ministers and royalty in the UK case, promoting sales. ...

Quote taken from
Http://  Dec 22, 2005
Blair's wife earned £210,000 from BCCI
Cherie Blair, the lawyer wife of the British prime minister, Tony Blair, earned 210,000 pounds (310,500 euros, 368,500 dollars) for legal work on the collapse of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, the Legal Services Commission revealed Tuesday. The commission—the government body in charge of administering legal aid—released the figure in response to a Freedom of Information request from London's Evening Standard newspaper. Blair, who uses her maiden name of Cherie Booth in a professional capacity, was part of a 31-strong legal team representing 450 BCCI employees and their spouses who claimed unpaid salaries and repayment of loans following the collapse in 1991.

Now that we see who Tony Blair (and wife) do business with, let's look at a specific business deal that he is now involved with.  I first learned of it from a questionable British tabloid back in September 2005.  That is WHY I never made a big issue of it on my Energy Web Site.  I doubted it myself. The headline they ran said "H 2 OIL! Blair plans WATER-fuelled cars" But just using Google to search, I now find this next report, which judging by the URL is a government owned public information site.

Quoted from
Posted at:
Publish date:
sometime 2004


Innovative alternative fuel company secures financing and sets up shop in the UK with help of British givernment.

A pioneering company, which has developed technology that extracts hydrogen from water, today announced that is has been established as a UK company.  UK Trade & Investment's Global Entrepreneurs Programme (GEP) assisted OM Energy Ltd in establishing it as a British company to develop its innovative Electro Hydrogen Generator (EHG) in the UK.

"The successful creation of OM Energy Ltd as a UK company represents UK Trade & Investment's steadfast commitment to help develop global entrepreneurship based on exceptional intellectual property," said Ian Pearson, UK Minister of State for Trade.  "I believe the company will benefit greatly from establishing its base in the UK, from which it can grow and penetrate the global marketplace."

GEP has also helped OM Energy successfully secure initial private financing from a small syndicate of private technology and energy investors in the US and overseas.  The financing will support the establishment of OM Energy in the UK and be used for the assembly of version four of the OM Energy prototype prior to the commercial phase.

The technology is a hydrogen-from-water generating process that helps solve many of the hydrogen creation and storage problems faced today and in the fast approaching "hydrogen economy."  It is the hydrogen that could be mixed with petrol to make a more cost effective and environmentally friendly fuel.  Water is made from two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom, and this process efficiently separates the H from the O.  The technology, if commercially successful, could in future help fuel cars using tap water and could even help ships power themselves using seawater.

In addition to supporting the company's migration and introduction to financing sources, GEP assisted OM Energy with the evaluation of the technology and the transfer of the core patent to the protective environment of a UK company.  GEP will also help build and enhance its management team through a network of "Dealmakers," who are serial entrepreneurs with technology and global business experience.

"OM Energy's cutting-edge technology promises to contribute significantly to the hydrogen technology development," said Eric Van Der Kleij, the Dealmaker responsible for the OM Energy relationship, and one of the UK's government's leading dealmakers.  "We are very pleased that the company decided to develop its technology and establish its business in the UK."

Although OM Energy developed their patent and core technology in Russia, the company's management felt they needed a strategically viable location to globally protect and expand their intellectual property and business.  GEP advised OM Energy on the benefits of establishing in the UK, and the company has cited GEP's strategic counsel and networking support as the key catalysts to identifying funding sources and migrating to the UK.  The company has already filed the worldwide patents for the core EHG technology and is now poised to assemble version four of the EHG prototype in the UK.

Now that we learn of a name "Eric Van Der Kleij",  we do a quick search and come up with this.

Quoted from
Http://  (Posting date unsure)

Mr. van der Kleij works with the Global Entrepreneurs program run by U.K. Trade & Investment, a government organization that provides support services for companies engaged in foreign trade and foreign businesses looking to invest in the U.K. The program aims to attract expatriates and foreign nationals to set up businesses in the U.K. As a dealmaker, Mr. van der Kleij contacts entrepreneurs and acts as their guide, helping them gain fast-track entry into the country and gain access to research services, a network of contacts, service providers and grant opportunities

July 2005 Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco California announces they have allocated $1 Billion to invest in renewable energy.  Working with hydrogen on demand research myself, I contacted them.  Several months go by.  Every time I call, the department handling this program has appointed a new manager.  Explaining I had a technology to generate hydrogen more efficiently than conventional electrolysis I wanted to know what mode of capitalization Wells Fargo had intended to use with this announced billion dollars. Did they want additional collateral?  Did they want to buy stock? Did they want to participate in a govenment backed program I discovered with USDA?  I never got a direct answer. 

But on February 2, 2006  the then and maybe still current director: Barry Neal, told me on the phone they would only invest in proven technologies like wind.  They had no intent to capitalize R&D of any new technology.

On February 20, 2006 George Bush chooses a strange set of words as he speaks at Johnson Controls in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
"Our nation is on the threshold of some new energy technologies that I think will startle the American people. ...the American people will be amazed at how far our technology has advanced"

April 6, 2006 an inventor working on a technique nicknamed the "Joe Cell" is confronted on the side of the road by a late model SUV and 2 thugs with guns and an enormous amount of personal information about himself and loved ones.  He had been stalked for quite some time.  His life is threatened and that of his loved ones if he does not stop work on his invention immediately.  Terrified, he did not even tell friends until several days later when he was directly confronted by friends as to why he was acting so strange.

April 7, 2006 Wells Fargo announces they finally invested $11 million of the $1 billion intended for renewable energy.  Where did they invest? In a mutual fund: Carlyle/Riverstone Renewable Energy Infrastructure Fund I, L.P.   Funny thing, who are the 3 largest stockholders of Carlyle Group?
The answer in order of largest percentage owned. (source: Al Martin)
  1. The Queen of England
  2. Bush Family
  3. Bin Laden Family

About May 10, 2006 a video report goes out.  Three strange characteristics should be noted about this one of a kind TV "news" story.
  1. It ONLY airs on Fox TV network
  2. It talks about something alternative energy people have known about for 15 years or more, but the reporter acts like it is new
  3. The reporter IMPLIES it can run vehicles, although the inventor oddly still mixes it with gasoline.
Is the public being pre-conditioned to eventually accept hydrogen on demand technology? Rupert Murdoch owns News Corp, which owns Fox TV.  Let's search "Murdoch, Blair, and Rosoboronexport"

Quote from
NANRI is headed by Sergei Zheleznyak, who is also head of outdoor advertising major News Outdoor Russia, which is part of Rupert Murdoch's media giant, News Corp

In the world
Patarkatsishvili sold third part of his TV channel to Rupert Murdock
(May,1, 2006)
To remind, since recently Badri Patarkatsishvili is the personal owner of the Russian publishing house "Kommersant". This February Boris Berezovsky made a decision to sell all his shares, including the publishing house to Patarkatsishvili who is his old business partner.
Patarkatsishvili sold third part of his TV channel to Rupert Murdock
About 30 % of the Georgian TV channel "Imedi"
owned by the businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili, was sold to head of the American News Corporation Rupert Murdock
. The agreement on sale was signed by Patarkatsishvili and Murdock on Saturday, "Gazeta.Ru" informs.

Quote from
Wednesday April 16, 2003:
Let us recall that Tony Blair, ..., went to meet Rupert Murdoch in Australia, obtaining a media support in ... two campaigns of 1997 and 2001 ...was re-elected.

...Murdock did not support Blair from any winsome, lovelorn belief that he was the best man for the job. We still do not know what Murdock got from Blair, but we can be sure it was costly. ... Posted by: jim on May 9, 2006 at 7:50 PM

... The Sun is owned by Rupert Murdoch. In preparation for the 1997 election victory, Tony Blair, leader of New Labour was careful to court Rupert Murdock, whose support he believes he needs in the election. One way of gaining Murdoch support is to propose more lenient legislation than the Conservatives on cross-media ownership, which is indeed the position New Labour has adopted.

Numerous other British chat room postings and news stories revealed Rupert Murdoch has been aggressively involved in acquiring TV channels and Satellite channels in MANY countries, notably Great Britain and former USSR province Georgia. Favors get exchanged when a billionaire and a politician want something from each other.  So we now have to ask who and what did Murdoch and Blair run into in Russia and Georgia while chasing other business?   The key people involved in OM Energy Ltd.?  I wonder who the stockholders are?   But more than that, I wonder who determines MARKETING STRATEGY if the firm was rooted originally in Russia?  Does ANY mafia believe in competition?

I'll play dumb and say perhaps Blair and Murdoch are just a nice politician and an aggressive broadcaster.  But from the evidence I have presented, I have to ask:  who are they working with?

May 9, 2006 
I learned about a Russian scientist Ph. M. Kanarev who had released data from his research with hydrogen generation on the internet. It had been posted quite earlier, but this is when I first became aware of it, and posted it as news.  Another energy website, FreeEnergyNews posted more information about him.  I made a comment to the webmaster at that site about Kanarev's research showing very similar performance claims to the process I had been working with.

May 15, 2006  I finally contacted a prospective investor who had e-mail trouble reaching me earlier.  He had been trying to reach me since November 2005, (no thanks to Yahoo e-mail).  This party mentioned he heard Tony Blair was looking into hydrogen generations systems.

May 16, 2006  Unknown to me, my associate faces a violent confrontation with 4 young to middle aged white males in black suits driving a late model black Lincoln Town Car. Shoving Glocks and Mac tens in his face at a rural intersection, they told him extensive details about his family and threatened lives of him, family and all associates if he didn't stop work on the process immediately and NEVER go to the authorities.  (boy isn't that original?)  My associate, now scared for his own life and that of family complied.  But similar to Bill Williams' case, when happy people start acting silent and paranoid, friends get suspicious.

In the good old days, big business bullies offered lots of money to buy somebody out and eliminate the competition.  Reference Stan Meyer's claim of a billion dollars from Arab oil.  But to date, NOBODY has offered my company a dime for our "yet bench top" technology.  BUT somebody HAS threatened to KILL US.  Would any skeptic out there care to explain that to me?   I had been in discussion with several pre-screened, suitable investors, who were waiting on us to fix a final detail before showing them a live demonstration.  Enormous amounts of personal information thrown in our face behind the guns proved to me NONE of the prospective investors had anything to do with the violence we experienced. These thugs knew things I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW. Their boss has digital cell phone tapping technology at the very least.  Other details were probably obtained by wire tapping neighbors and friend's phones too.  For any of my previous business contacts reading this, please excuse the delay.  Our lives have been directly threatened if we were to complete the item we were intending to demonstrate for you.  All progress is stopped.

Given the nature of oil or banking history, who do you think paid these hired gunmen to do the dirty work?  I would appreciate some solid leads.  I have to admit, oil has become intertwined with both banking and government over the years, so unofficial policies may have changed.

And I have to make my own counter offer:

Mathew 10:28


Return to CommuteFasterEnergy





"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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