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You are here: > News > April 14, 2006

Modified Joe Cell Extracts Aetheric Energy to Charge Water

Device charges water electrically and magnetically.  Sets off Geiger counter when the aetheric energy beings to flow.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Originally written July 28, 2002, this article had been made available on a limited basis to a few individuals. It describes a modified Joe cell technology that was called AquaMEGA. Vernon Roth is presently continuing this technology.

At night, when the upper cabinet is open for viewing, you can see deep blue lights along with and as bright as white lights streaking in from the top and up from the bottom of the bottle of water. These can't be seen except when it is quite dark.  It's like something out of science fiction.  The above image from another context gives you an idea.

The device that creates this aetheric/magnetic water "came to" the inventor in a dream six years ago.  It took him three days to build this device. It was actually initially intended to be a Tesla-like electrical generator that pulls energy from the aether.

As the inventor pulled together the various components of the device, he needed a resistor.  Being the resourceful guy that he is, he pulled out a glass of water and used that for the resistor.

To his amazement, the water took on magnetic and electrical-like properties.  He has used the device for that serendipitous purpose ever since.

Soon after getting the device built, it ceased running for quite some time.  It took him another three months to figure out how the machine worked and to get it to run yet again.

Even so, the machine has a "personality" all its own.  Sometimes, if someone comes into the premises who has highly negative emotions, the machine ceases to work.  People who are "sensitive" to "energies" get an unusual sensation when the machine is operating.

The inventor knows now that he needs to shield the machine so as to protect people from some of the nuclear particles that are emitted while it is in operation.  For the first two or three years, the inventor used to remark, "The machine is killing me, and the water is keeping me alive."

After the machine has been off for a while, when it is turned on, it takes about half a minute or so before the aetheric energies begin flowing.  Until they flow, the machine generates ozone.  Once the aetheric energies begin flowing, the adjoining Geiger counter immediately shows a strong reading from the alpha particles being emitted.  This transition takes place and is observable with no additional flipping of switches.  I was amazed to see it.

People in the vicinity are now protected by a cabinet that has water between two layers of aluminum casing. To achieve this shielding cabinet, the inventor adapted an incubator from a University science department.

The machine is in the bottom portion of the cabinet, and the bottles of water to be charged are situated in the upper cabinet.

The first piece of equipment in the device is a motor. He used a 3 horse-power motor simply because that is what was available at the time. He thinks a 1/2 or 1/3-horse-power motor would do the trick.

That first motor turns another motor which he adapted, and which is one of the proprietary components of the device. It entails a reconfiguration of the magnets and the coils so as to be able to pull in the aetheric energy.

Next in line is a Joe Cell.  For that, he took a motorcycle battery shell and adapted it (also proprietary) to the purpose specific to his device.   From there, a larger cable is run a few times around a hollow coil.  This "chokes" the aetheric energy so it doesn't burn up the device once the aetheric energies begin to flow.  That cable then runs outside the lower chamber of the cabinet and then into the upper chamber where it is connected to a metallic rod with a conical end that can be raised and lowered into position to within 1/4 to 1/2 inche above the water that is to be "charged."

At night, when the upper cabinet is open for viewing, you can see deep blue lights along with and as bright as white lights streaking in from the top and up from the bottom of the bottle of water. These can't be seen except when it is quite dark.  It's like something out of science fiction.

The inventor said that the aetheric energy is very slow compared to electricity that flows near the speed of light.  Judging from timing how long it takes the aetheric energy to run through his set-up, he estimates that the aetheric energy he is tapping flows at around 2-3 feet per second.

At some point, he plans to return to the task of adapting this incoming energy for use in our power grid.  It may be as simple as connecting it to a bank of capacitors and then running that through an inverter to convert that DC power into usable AC.

Eventually, through a smooth transition, he would like to see the AC power grid replaced by this more natural form of energy that is in harmony with life, not antithetical to it, as AC energy is.  The power grid that crisscrosses the land actually blocks the natural aetheric flows of energy through the earth; and when it gets to a critical point, surpassing the earths ability to buffer, we will see some fantastic calamities result.

He recommends that all AC wiring be run through the floors (then up to the outlets) and not through the walls, as is usually the case in construction.

Speaking of electricity, the power company has paid him a visit twice, wondering why he is only using $20.00 of electricity per month, even though he has a shop in his garage with heavy equipment.  They've checked his meter to make sure it is working right.  It is.

There was one time when he was developing the device that something very unusual happened regarding triggering breaker switches. One day, when he turned the device on, the power went out. He went to check the fuse box in his home, but none of the breakers were tripped. He then noticed down the road that the breaker on the power pole was tripped. The power company had to come out and re-set it.

There's something going on there that we do not fully understand yet.

To hold the cord going into the machine is a sensation in itself.  People call it the "fuzzy caterpillar."

Then there are the vortex storms he has over his house.  He's lost nearly 1/3 of the shingles on his roof to micro-bursts from storms centered over his house, complete with lightning.

One time he had a bunch of boxes in a fenced area prepared to burn them.  One of these storms came along, and the next morning the boxes were arranged in a circle around his house.

Another time, his friend was standing at the sink washing dishes, some 20 feet away from the machine.  When the machine cycled through one of its phases, suddenly she was no longer standing in front of the sink, but was standing outside in a field.  She saw people walking in the distance, and houses in the distance.  Then the machine cycled through the next phase and instantly she was standing at the sink once again.  My impression was that she was not moved through space but through time somehow.

These are amazing times in which we live.
# # #

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Vernon Roth is presently (2006) producing this water.  His website is .  He may be reached at 719-783-0310.

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  • Shocker Bottle -- Arc from Water - Arc comes off the top of the magnetic water (distilled); evidence at your fingertips of aetheric science not accounted for by present models of physics. [reprint from Feb. 3, 2004]

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan April 14, 2006
Was originally composed and posted Feb. 3, 2002
Last updated December 24, 2014





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