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You are here: > News > April 14, 2006

Shocker Bottle -- Arc from Water

Arc comes off the top of the magnetic water (distilled); evidence at your fingertips of aetheric science not accounted for by present models of physics.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Originally published Feb. 3, 2004.  Slightly modified.

Author demonstrates how as your finger approaches the top surface of the charged water, an electrical shock will arc up from the water to your finger just before you touch it.

Let it sit for a while (e.g. an hour), and it will do it again.

Perhaps you thought water could not carry an electrical charge. Well, it turns out that a device that a friend of mine invented has characteristics of extracting aetheric energy from the vast sea of energy that surrounds us and is able to charge water with both an electrical and magnetic charge.

We're not talking about water as a conductor. We're talking about water having been charged and then dissipating that charge in the form of an arc to your finger. It's as if the water in this changed form serves as a sort of battery.

You may even hear the arc. The arc has stretched as far as nearly 1/2 inch [100,000 volts per inch of arc], but usually is in the range of 1/4 inch or so, which is around 8,000 to 10,000 volts (very low amps). It is that strong when it first comes off the machine that charges the water. But by the time the bottle of water gets to you through the mail, it won't be that strong, though you will definitely feel it. Guaranteed. It will feel almost like touching an electric fence.

If you are with other people, have the first person hold the open "shocker bottle" in one hand, then hold hands with the next person, forming a circle with all who want to participate in the demonstration. The last person in the chain then puts their finger into the bottle. ZAP. Everyone will feel it.

[I participated in a circle of about thirty people doing this at the ExtraOrdinary Technology conference in Salt Lake City in July, 2005, in which every one in the circle felt a strong jolt when the person from one end of the circle of people put his finger into the bottle being held by a person at the other end of the circle, completing the circuit.]

For the best effect, do the demonstration with everyone holding hands the first time around, right after you've gotten your "shocker bottle" in the mail, and no one has yet put a finger into it.

Each time you do it, the water discharges a bit. If you try again immediately (within a minute), with no time for the bottle to sit between discharges, the arc will be significantly reduced, possibly to the point where you won't even feel it. But it will still regenerate if you let it sit for a while.

Avoid putting your finger actually into the water, as this has the effect of discharging the water's capacity to regenerate, so as to diminish the strength of the arc next time around and henceforth. Just let your finger approach the top of the water, and then pull it back as soon as you feel the arc (quite natural to do so, actually). Doing this will let you get the most shocks from the bottle (show all your friends).

What usually happens is the shock causes your body involuntarily to jerk the bottle of water you are holding, causing it to splash onto your finger, creating this discharging effect on the water. For that reason, it might be best just to set the bottle down and lower your finger slowly into its neck.

If you submerge your finger into the water, the shock effect will go away altogether right after that. But if you then let the bottle sit for a while (e.g. an hour), you will get a small arc off the top again.

I just tried a shocker bottle I've had for three months, and I thought I had pretty well gotten all the shock out of it, but it still delivered a little zap. I took one all the way to Johannesburg, and it still delivered a good wallop. A second bottle went with me from Utah to Johannesburg and then to New York, where my friend Chris Horianopolous and his friend John were able to feel the arc off the top. They loved it.

My friend charges the water inside a regular plastic bottle, caps the bottle, packs it in bubble wrap, and ships it by standard courier services.

Before you do anything else, try measuring the magnetic field emanating from the water by setting the bottle on top of a Gauss meter. Expect to get a reading of somewhere around 1 to 1.5 Gauss. The earth's baseline Gauss is 0.4. Take a regular bottle of water, and you will get a reading of 0.4 which means that there has been no increase or decrease from baseline.

Now try this. Shake the shocker bottle, and then measure the Gauss. It will be like normal water (0.4) right after you shake it, but as the magnetic fields in the water begin to align again, the Gauss reading will climb to between 1 and 1.5 Gauss. You can actually watch the reading on the meter climb.

Drink the water, and see what happens to the magnetic field of your body. (Yes, you can drink it. In fact, people are reporting amazing health benefits from drinking the water on a regular basis. Minerals such as gold, silver, palladium, or coral calcium are added to the water to boost their healing effect.)

Take a Kirlian photograph of your fingers before you drink the water, and then again about 5-10 minutes after you've drunk the water. The regions around your fingertips touching the surface of the lens will develop much brighter after you drink the water.

My friend also has developed a process of adding minerals to the water in a minute crystalline form. Though he is presently having an AA test run to see if it is actually monatomic, he will not be advertising that if it is confirmed, as the word is as loaded with connotations like the word "cure" when it comes to FDA regulations.

A typical colloidal silver solution measures around 12 ppm.  My friend's silver solution measures around 80 ppm. I was in his home when he showed the meter go up to 120 ppm. If you have a device that can measure such things, go ahead and test this water (if you didn't order the distilled only version). You can expect a reading of around 80 ppm.

When the water is being charged, the machine/process emits alpha, beta, and gamma particles as well as ozone. Physicists and chemists ought to be drooling over this one to find out what is happening on the molecular and atomic level.

Unfortunately, my friend is very reluctant to entertain people who are wanting to find out about his device. He is into this for the health benefits that people are realizing from drinking the water, and he doesn't want to be distracted from that mission that he has been pursuing for six years now. Furthermore, he values his life and wants to continue unabated, so he is very low-key about things like this.

I should mention that the regular 2 liter bottles that we sell have been run through a "discharge" cycle that keeps the magnetic properties intact while mostly eliminating the electrical phenomenon. These bottles will still sometimes deliver a little shock, but it is nothing compared to a shocker bottle that hasn't been run through that cycle.

For now, you'll just have to be satisfied playing with the end product -- the water.

That is unless you are someone I know very well, and then I might be able to arrange a meeting for you with my friend.

My friend agreed to let me do this special promotion because I convinced him that it would introduce the product to many people who could benefit from it. He is not interested in flash-bang sensationalism.

With so many scams circulating among the free energy crowd because of the potential money involved in the trillion-dollar market, I thought it would be nice for people to have a hands-on demonstration that there really is something going on that defies present models of physics.

# # #

Related Resource

Vernon Roth is presently (2006) producing this water.  His website is .  He may be reached at 719-783-0310.

Shock in the Shower - Story of how a shampoo company accidentally created a Leyden jar via the ink impregnation process on their bottles, leading to a shock for their customers; and how they solved it. (ESD Journal; 1997)


I'm Building One

Hi Sterling,

Just a head-s up...I'm building a machine that will hopefully replicate the shocker bottle. I will gladly let anyone know the details of it as I don't keep these things secret.

I will say though, I have experimented with these bottles quite a bit and I have found that most of the charge (90%) resides in the plastic bottle itself -- strange capacitor effect. I have been shocked by a refilled (with tap water) bottle that sat empty for 3 months in the recycle bin!

Still cool as hell. I"m hopefully going to be able to duplicate the effect in a month or so when I get some more time to experiment....

-- Andy Graham <andydidge {at} >
(April 14, 2006 8:05 AM)

* * * *

Water Does Not Take On Electrical Charge

On February 12, 2011 9:26 PM MST, James Goss wrote:

Hello Sterling,

Your article on the shocker bottle that produces charged water may be misleading. 

The water does not take on an electrical charge at all. Instead, it acts as one plate of a capacitor, and the plastic becomes the dielectric. Charge can be applied to the bottle by several methods, and as you said it will stay charged for a very long time. A two liter bottle can carry a lethal charge if charged to its maximum capacity, about 200,000 volts. The plastic can also be charged without water inside. I discovered this about 25 years back. 

Seeing a bottle of innocent water producing an electrical discharge makes the observer naturally believe it’s the water that’s charged. The discharge from the bottle is always in reference to the outside of the bottle, you must be touching the outside with one hand when an arc is drawn from the water with the other hand. The water is one plate of a capacitor and your hand on the outside of the bottle becomes the other plate. 

Even though it appears to be some unknown forces charging the bottle, which defies models of physics, it’s not. I used this charged water bottle demonstration in all my high voltage shows for business and industry, when I was teaching electrical and electronics at a local college. I would be glad to explain the details. I’ll probably publish an article on how the technique is accomplished in the near future.

* * * *

Oh Yes It Does

On February 13, 2011 at 5:10pm PM MST, Vernon Roth wrote:

Hi Sterling,
Just received this email and wanted to reply. 
Richard Feynman once said that Science is like trying to figure out the rules of chess by simply watching a silent game. So, rules one may deduce from watching a few moves will often be superseded by moves and attacks later in the game. 
The same goes for science. Some people will watch one game or set of moves and form a conclusion while others will form another set of conclusions. The true test is when each set of conclusions is tested in a real world scenario. 
Just seeing a bottle shock a person could lead an informed mind to certain conclusions. But there are other parameters not on display in that simple demonstration. 
It is quite easy to make a plastic bottle hold an electrical charge. It is quite another to make it hold a charge that lasts more than a year. A simple water capacitor will hold a charge that will knock a man on his back, but there will be no healing effects from either the shock or the water itself. 
And no water capacitor will enable the water itself to hold a charge after the water is poured into another container. The spark of life water is able to do that if one is very careful. 
No plastic bottle capacitor is going to hold a magnetic field either, but the Spark of life water does. It even imbues the drinker with a stronger internal magnetic field; something no simple capacitor will do. It also recharges over time. It also has has an Aetheric field that can be measured with the right equipment. 
Some of the greatest scientific minds on the planet have tried to reproduce the Spark Water, --in its entirety--, and have been unsuccessful. Aside from the technological aspects, which vary from Tesla to Grey to Riech, there is a very interesting consciousness aspect that must be acknowledged as well.
I do not have all the rules of the chess game, and anyone who says they do should not be believed. The rules I have deduced hold true in many instances inside and outside the realm conventional science. Free energy itself would seem to fly in the face of many 'rules' but later in the game we see that it fits with reality.
In sincere hope that we can find the true rules of the game,
Peace, Out

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See also

Page posted by Sterling D. Allan April 14, 2006
Was originally composed and posted Feb. 3, 2002
Last updated December 24, 2014





"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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