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You are here: > News > Feb. 28, 2006

Kids Build Soybean-Fueled Sports Car

High school kids (including drop-outs) design car that can go from zero to 60 in four seconds and get more than 50 miles to the gallon on soy bean oil.

Click here
for CBS News coverage
(See link to video on right side of page)

West Philadelphia High School
West Philadelphia High School

Preface Comment

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Feb. 30, 2006

I spoke this morning by phone with Simon Hauger who is the director of the West Philadelphia High School auto program.

He said that his students have been working on this car for a couple of years, and that they ran it in the Tour de Sol and won their division in May 2005. The 50 mpg mileage was well documented there.

They were then able to enter the car into the Philadelphia Car Show, where the car was the star of the show.

The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a feature, which CBS News then noticed and came to the school to run the feature which they aired a week ago.

Hauger said that the camera crews were there for an entire day and took four hours of footage.

"You never know what they will select to include in their three minutes of air time," he said.

The coverage had generated a lot of favorable media interest.

The question that gets asked over and over, he said, was "Why aren't the major automobile manufacturers doing this?"

"It kind of begs the question," he said.  "This is all off-the-shelf stuff.  These kids are not geniuses, and look at what they have been able to come up with on a shoestring budget."

What's under the hood is a VW turbo diesel in the back, and an AC propulsion electric motor in the front.

They're still working out some issues with the hybrid aspect of the car, and did not use that in winning the Tour de Sol.

In other words, the technology exists in presently-manufactured automobiles to achieve these kinds of efficiencies and power.  Why aren't the major automobile companies doing this as a matter of course?

Maybe they should take Hauger's course.

# # #

Noteworthy Input at Slashdot

The Slashdot community commentary on this development makes quite a few interesting points worth note. 

  • The high school kids have a website and picture/video gallery. The kids didn't build the car from scratch; it is a kit car based on a Honda Accord chassis. It uses a 1.9L VW TDi (Turbo Direct Injection) diesel (200hp) engine as its main power source driving the rear wheels, and has a 200hp electric motor attached to the front wheels. The electric motor is driven by a bank of ultracapacitors, so it has excellent power for short bursts of acceleration, but when not accelerating the vehicle is powered solely by the turbocharged diesel, so the mileage figure is the same as what you would get if it was not a hybrid (actually it would probably be better, especially since it doesn't do regenerative braking AFAIK). (Spy Hunter)
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer has a much more thorough article here. They've also got a flash presentation with exploded diagrams of the structure of the car.
  • They bought a K-1 Kit car and modified it to run a 1.9L VW biodiesel engine for the back tires and electric for the front. It's called "The Hybrid Attack" and it won the hybrid and alternative fuel category in the 2005 Tour de Sol. (thetaco84)
  • The price of biodiesel is quite a bit higher than diesel, though in Europe government subsidies of biodiesel, and taxes on diesel make it actually a cheaper option for consumers. 
  • The cost on the environment as well as the food supply of growing large quantities of soy for fuel needs to be taken into consideration.  Legumes are routinely rotated in fields to replenish the soil from other crops.
  • The VW Turbo Diesel engine being used by the students is inherently efficient.  The efficiencies they are seeing are being seen elsewhere, taking other factors into consideration.
  • The automobile industry must make their cars safe, which adds to weight, and thus reduced mileage.
  • The auto industry also has emissions regulations to grapple with (though I have a hard time imagining that a car running so efficiently would have emissions issues).


Kids Build Soybean Fueled Sports Car

Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Tuesday February 28, @10:36PM
from the why-give-up-a-cash-cow dept.
Sterling D. Allan writes "High school students from West Philadelphia High School have designed a sports car that can go from zero to 60 in four seconds and get more than 50 miles to the gallon on soy bean oil. CBS News reports that this unlikely car was the star last week at the Philadelphia Auto Show. Once again, are we seeing the fabled instance of revolutionary technology coming not from the big corporations, but from some unlikely garage. Maybe these guys will open source their design."

Originating Comment

by Leslie R. Pastor, New Energy Congress
(Feb. 28, 2006)

Have you ever seen the movie “Finding Forester”  starring Sean Connery and Rob Brown?   I love it when he says, “Punch the Keys,” referring to his 16 year old ‘literary’ prodigy, who is just beginning to be tutored by the famous Forester who was ‘found’ when Jamal Wallace attempted to rob Forester’s apartment in the run down slum neighborhood of New York.  Forester takes a shine to Wallace, reading his writings, making corrective and instructive commentary on the young prodigy’s ‘intuitive and pronounced’ writing ability.  Forester’s relationship with Wallace develops into a fruitful exchange of ideas and goals of ultimate accomplishment, where both tutor and teacher are well rewarded.

This brings to mind a recent CBS News program showing how stereotyped kids, who were deemed to be unable to do anything, or anything good or useful for that matter, absolutely astounded the modern industrial manufacturing world of production engineering.  They built a car that runs on soybeans, as a bio-diesel fuel.  And not just any car, a modern sports car, any avid racing entrepreneur would be proud of.  It can go from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds, and it gets 50 mpg.  Simply astounding.  High School Drop-Outs can do what Detroit can’t. 


# # #


The story 


Kids Build Soybean Fueled Car - High School ‘Drop-Outs’ Build Soybean Bio-diesel Car From Scratch - That Go From Zero to 60 in 4 Seconds - at 50 mpg. (CBS News; Feb 21, 2006)

The little hybrid engine that could - W. Phila. High's team will display its award-winning car at the auto show. (Philadelphia Inquirer; Feb. 5, 2006)



by Leslie R. Pastor


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Let's Circulate the Plans

From: Michael Anderson <email >
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 8:15 PM
Subject: Soybean-Fueled Sports Car

Dear Mr. Pastor,
I just read your article about the soybean fueled car. This is very exciting! What do you know about duplicating the mechanics of this vehicle? This planet is in dire need of vehicles like this so I would like a blueprint so to speak to spread this to mechanics and others around the World to make something happen. It is very apparent that neither Detroit or Washington are going to do anything in this area so "we the people" have got to move forward without them. I look forward to your reply.
All the Best,

See also

Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Feb. 28, 2006
Last updated December 24, 2014





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