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You are here: > News > Feb. 17, 2006

Gravitomatic Introduces Method for Obtaining Heat from Gravity

An insight based on the principle of resonance leads to a new original application for the mysterious force of gravity.  Present solid state prototypes claimed to run at around 250% efficiency.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News -- Exclusive Interview
Copyright © 2006

Image Credit: NOAA > NGDC > Land Geophysics

CHATSWORTH, CALIFORNIA, USA -- Gravitomatic, Inc. announced Monday that they have devised a technology that generates heat from the energy of Earth's gravitational field.

A press release from the company called it "the new energy source for humanity.
  Cars, trucks, ships which do not need refueling, cleaner air in our cities and many, many more things, are becoming reality thanks to our discovery."

From Prototype to Commercial

Inventor and CEO, Gene Tomilko, expects that within three years the company will have the first commercially available gravitational electric power plant.  And in four to five years, the first commercial car engine powered by gravity.  Eventually, he envisions a 100 megawatt power plant on the commercial level.

A professional in the field of utility-scale energy would probably say Gene's time scale is unrealistic, and that such a schedule would be strenuous even for a mainstream, well-seasoned technology.

Gene said that although a pre-production prototype can be ready within a year, it could take a couple more years after that to sell the concept to parties capable of taking the technology the distance.

He is presently building his eleventh prototype. Over the past five years he has been testing the previous ten versions. Each test run lasts half an hour to an hour. He estimates that with 100 to 120 tests in all, he has logged a total of about 60 to 70 hours of testing during that period.

Gene can't run the test much longer than an hour because the prototypes are made of plastic and cannot tolerate the heat.  He uses plastic for ease of construction and testing, as is appropriate for prototyping.  He will be going to steel on the thirteenth prototype.

The twelfth prototype, which is now on the drawing board, should be completed in a couple of weeks or so.  This is the prototype he will be allowing for inspection by interested parties.  The earlier prototypes are too revealing, so he will not be displaying them.

We plan to send a representative from the New Energy Congress to go inspect his technology once this twelfth prototype is completed.

More Energy Out Than Put In

For the amount of electricity put into the device to set up the resonance, Gene says that there is more heat coming out than can be accounted for by traditional physics.  In a closed system, a perfect conversion of input electricity to output heat would represent an efficiency of 100%.

The Math
440 watts in 30 minutes is 220 W.h (Watt-hours)
220 W.h = 189 kcal
(1 kWh = 860 kcal))
189 / 20(kg) = 9.5 C°
(1 liter water = 1 kg water)
Observed temperature rise was 24C°
24 / 9.5 = ~250%

In Gene's experimental set-up, there is an input electrical current of about 4 amps and 110 volts, or 440 Watts in all.  The amount of heat generated on the output is enough to heat 20 liters of water 24 ΊC in thirty minutes (+/- 4 ΊC depending on room temperature).  This represents an efficiency of around 250%.  This means that excess energy is coming into the system from outside the system.  Gene said that the excess energy is coming from gravitational energy, as designed.

Once the technique is perfected, Gene anticipates an optimal efficiency of 3:1, getting three times more heat out than the amount of energy that was put into the system.  Some of that excess will be required to cycle back into the system to enable it to self-run.

The question, as with any other device that harnesses energy free for the taking, is how much the device will cost, how reliable it will be, how safe it will be, how much servicing it will require, how it will effect the environment.  Gene would like to think that his technology will provide usable energy at a cost substantially lower than what we presently pay for grid electricity, but he is still too deep in the research and development stage to be able to give any solid numbers.

How it Works

To explain how the system works, Gene draws an analogy to an experiment that is well known in the physics community. If you hang up a loose spring and place a speaker under it, the spring will begin to wobble when a certain tone is emitted by the speakers. Similarly, if you open the cover on a piano and sing a note loudly while holding down the sustain pedal, when your vocal output stops, the piano string of that same pitch continues vibrating with its own timbre. (Though this effect is still present with the piano cover closed, the transference works more fully without an impediment that muffles the sound.)

"It's the same with gravity", he says.  It's just a matter of coming up with a structure to resonate with gravity.

Upon hearing that, a physicist is likely to let out a guffaw, inasmuch as the nature of gravity is still largely a mystery even in the scientific community.  It is the subject of endless theorizing and speculation.  Gene's discovery, if borne out, could answer a large number of questions that have plagued scientists, and would probably be deserving of a Nobel Prize.

Gene is not yet ready to divulge the particulars of how he accomplishes this, but some of that information will be included in the patent that he is preparing.  Until such intellectual protections are in place, he is not inclined to open the technology to many independent investigations.

The Birthing of the Theory

Gene said that the theory behind his technology came from his studies of mainly ancient knowledge such as from ancient Egypt, Vedic texts of old India, and old Russian legends. These sources speak of a power from the Earth that interacts with all living beings and actually provides some power to them.

Gene gives the example of a high fever.  The body's normal temperature is 36.6 ΊC.  The difference of 3.4 ΊC present in a high fever of 39 ΊC represents enough energy to boil four cups of water from room temperature.  "Where did the body draw that energy?" he asks.  (Ref.)  "From gravitational fields", comes his answer.  "Everything living draws from it," he said.  "It is the most elemental force in nature.  All other forces are derivatives of the gravitational force."

Pondering on these concepts, Gene set out to discover a method of harnessing that energy.

Other Applications Include Anti-Gravity

The spin-off applications and ramifications of this technology are far-reaching.  "Once you learn how to capture the kinetic energy of molecules, you can do anti-gravity," he said, also revealing more about the mechanism involved.

There are also likely to be a myriad of health applications, not only for humans, but for animals and plants.  I speculate that the intuitive interactivity between these species through phenomena such as ESP could be better understood or possibly even proven through this technology.


Gravitomatic, Inc. is accepting inquiries about licensing the technology.  Those parties who are interested in licensing will be able to view the prototypes in operation.  Gene said that he has been overwhelmed with licensing inquiries since their press release went out Monday.  Most have been from Europe and Asia.

# # #


  • Phone interview with Gene Tomilko, inventor, CEO; Feb. 16, 2006, with editorial feedback on story draft by email.
  • MarketWire Press Release Feb. 13, 2006. (Also published at Yahoo Biz)
  • - company website under construction as of the time of this writing



Gene Tomilko, CEO <email >
Gravitomatic, Inc.
PO Box 5357 Chatsworth, CA 91313-5357  
Phone: (818) 206-8115

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Feb. 16, 2006
Last updated December 24, 2014





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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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   Second, it is violently opposed; and
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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When you're two steps ahead,
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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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