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You are here: > News > Feb. 6, 2006

EV Gray's magic motor technology did not die with his passing

Four family members have stepped forward to talk about their late father's technology and its present status. If the right offer is presented, they say they might be able to bring the technology forward, functioning.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News Exclusive
Copyright © 2006

Bronze statue of Nikola Tesla at Niagara Falls.
(Photo courtesy Frank Germano)

The Father of Free Energy

The name Nikola Tesla is revered with awe probably above all other names in the field of free energy research.  In addition to his monumental work in bringing AC power and radio to the world, his experimentation with what is often referred to as "radiant energy" has captured the imagination of millions worldwide over the past century.  Legend has it that Tesla had devised means by which energy could be extracted from what in layman's terms would appear to be the air around us, similar to the transmission of unseen radio waves.  The explanation is more complex in scientific terminology, and is the subject of endless research and theoretical work, as well as of speculation.

This energy is typically referred to as "free energy" because, like solar, wind, geothermal, and other such technologies, it is free for the taking and inexhaustible, thought the devices that tap into that energy are not free. Because the energy could not be monetized from a central authority, financial politics kicked in, and Tesla was marginalized along with the phrase "free energy."

Ed Gray demonstrating motor in 1977

The Protιgι

Enter Edwin Vincent Gray, Sr. (1935 - 1992). 

If you Google free energy, the first website to come up is Peter Lindemann's  It has been this way for several years.
(Ref.) (I would know, since I own  Lindemann's site features a videotaped lecture he gave and a book that was transcribed from that lecture, called The Secret of Cold Electricity, which discusses the work of Tesla, and the follow-up work of EV Gray.  The fact that the Internet community has perpetually voted for this site by linking to it, making it the ultimate destination for a search on "free energy" is noteworthy.

EV Gray is probably the most well-known inventor to have replicated and improved upon Tesla's work in this area.  He brought forth a series of extensively tested and proven prototypes in preparation for market.  In the process, he was courted by the Israeli and Japanese governments, each of which, at different times, offered one billion dollars to be paid over ten years, as well as offering royalty payments on sales, to secure the right to manufacture his electromagnetic motor. EV Gray thought he could do better than that, so he turned them down. A daughter says he preferred to have the technology come from the United States. Ford approached him about putting his motor in their cars. A prototype vehicle was built for them with the motor in it.

Millions upon millions of dollars were invested, hundreds, if not thousands of people witnessed the motor in operation.

Yet the motor never arrived in the marketplace.  Instead, EV Gray died under suspicious circumstances in 1992. To this day, the cause of death is still mired in controversy.  Explanations ranging from conspiratorial "men in black" to a disenchanted girlfriend bludgeoning him with a hammer.  The girlfriend, Dorothy, held a yard sale the next day, then fled, taking with her the motor prototypes as well as some family possessions.

Left still simmering since the time of his death is a long list of angry investors who were growing irate from continued delays in realizing a return on their often sizeable investments. Also in the mix is the original family’s being dislodged as a new woman, Renata, comes into EV Gray's life. Then secretary Dorothy becomes more than a secretary, nearly amounting to marriage were it not for Gray's cold feet, leaving her at the altar, after which they were live-in friends.  "Though my father was a brilliant inventor, he was not all that hot of a guy in his personal life," commented one of the children.  In addition to neglecting his children, "he was gifted in lying."

One of the sons was run out of a town in Nebraska because of the reputation of his father, who was viewed as a charlatan by the community where he had come through on a tour of churches, which was how he was raising funds for a time.  Yet the son maintains that while his father's methods were problematic, the technology was legitimate.

Gordian Knot

EV Gray did not compose a blueprint with complete instructions of how to build and operate the motor. He intentionally did not convey to any one person all of the information necessary to build and operate the motor. Rather, he split the information among various people.

His untimely death left an emotional and intellectual mess.

That has not kept hundreds of people from trying their best to fill in the missing pieces in a wide array of spin-off attempts to repeat what EV Gray accomplished in his technology. Some allege to achieved the same, or similar effects. None of these spin-offs or variants has arrived in the marketplace, unless camouflaged merely as a very efficient system, downplaying the actual capability.

It turns out, however, that there are among the 11 children of EV Gray, those who think that they might have among them the informational ingredients adequate to take the technology all the way.  What has been lacking is the right combination of financing and protection.

As recent as 2001, a group from the World Trade Center in New York were in negotiations with a member of the family.  The WTC group was offering $1 million up front for each of the siblings, but the siblings wanted royalties in addition.  That was the stage negotiations had reached when the WTC group lost their lives on Sept. 11 in the demolition of the towers.

There have been other attempts to resurrect the technology, raising the hopes of the family that the motor might finally see the light of day, as well as that they might personally see some of the financial benefit that they have been anticipating for so long.  Yet as each attempt peters out, a fatigue sets in to go yet another round with some new possible approach.  Just two weeks ago, a man who was working with the family to revive the technology disappeared.  He's not answering the phone or responding to email.

Four Siblings

Because of PES Network coverage of EV Gray (e.g. this story; and this index), four of the eleven children of EV Gray have now contacted us since August, 2005.  All of them want to see the technology go forward.  All of them saw the motor in operation many times and are certain of its credibility and of its potential to change the energy landscape of the planet.  All of them seem to think that there is enough information available among them to piece things together and pick up where their father left off.

Some of them are willing to open source the technology.  Others are set against that and want to see the family get the financial benefit that they deserve.

There does seem to be a willingness among them to see that those who invested in the technology get a return on their investment, should the technology finally go to market.  Such an assurance would go a long way to de-fusing the danger they would otherwise face from the yet-angry investors, some of which include the mob back East. (This factor alone would probably close off going the open source route.)

One of the Siblings, Dr. James Gray, is willing to serve as a public contact point for a possible reunion of those who have been involved with the technology, to help piece things back together.  The youngest sister thinks that all the key information is housed within the circle of the siblings and their close associates.  She also states that any of the prototypes located at various places around the world could be retrieved to the family, with the right attorney.  She is also confident that the technology is not in jeopardy of being lost by the death of someone else, but that her father had mechanisms in place to perpetuate the technology despite the death of key personnel.

Reunion Time

Perhaps the first reunion should be of the siblings, to mutually decide how they are going to proceed -- and to compare notes about the circumstances of the death of their father, to bring closure there.

For example, a photograph of the body in the coffin did not show any penetration through the skull, nor evidence of bludgeoning.  However, penetration is not necessary for a hammer to the head being lethal, and could explain the bruise on his head.  The emotional scars should probably be addressed before they embark on the business aspects.

There were 32 grandchildren at the time of EV Grays death in 1992, and half of the siblings had not yet started families at that time.  Perhaps some of the grandchildren will want to be included in the reunion for this purpose of resuming the technology.

Most of the siblings have a copy of an 8-hour video tape regarding the technology and its documentation, including footage from an Idaho television station filming a prototype that was being tested for NASA.

"We are the real thing" she said.

The first obstacle will be to get the funds to get the family together with a mediator.  Next will be to come together amicably.  "I don't want to be involved in it if it is going to be filled with hostilities," said the second oldest son.  Then will come the process of piecing the technology back together.  And then, finally, bringing it to market.

Many miles to go.

# # #


  • Phone call to Dr. James A. Gray, Sr.; Feb. 4, 2006
  • Phone call from youngest daughter, Feb. 2, 6, 2006.
  • Email correspondence with Dr. James A. Gray, Sr.; Jan. 23, 24, 2006
  • Email correspondence with Donna (Gray), the oldest daughter; Jan. 20, Feb. 6 2006
  • Phone call from "nephew" of EV Gray, Aug. 18, 2005
    • Late EV Gray's Nephew Wants to Resurrect Famed Free Energy Motor - The Gray motor was the first market-ready prototype replication of Nikola Tesla's radiant energy phenomenon. It never made it to market for reasons that his nephew described as paranoia, secrecy, and greed. He took his invention with him to the grave -- or did he? (PESN; Aug. 18, 2005)


These email addresses are set up to shield the actual email addresses, but they do forward directly to the individual, without intervention by PES Network.

Dr. James A. Gray, Sr. <email >

Youngest Gray daughter <email >

Sterling D. Allan, PES Network

Correspondence Excerpts

With minor editing of spelling, etc.

In response to "Late EV Gray's Nephew Wants to Resurrect Famed Free Energy Motor" (PESN; Aug. 18, 2005)

* * * *

Set the Record Straight

From: Donna Gallion
To: Sterling D. Allan
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2006 4:28 PM
Subject: RE: PES Network Inc., Executive Director contact

Mr. Sterling,

Just in case HE ["nephew"] contacts you back, let him know he needs to get his information correct! I have a hunch who it may be and he is not his nephew. Mr. Gray has 7 children from his first wife Geraldine and two with his 2nd wife Renate. He died in Sparks NV, not Riverside and nor was his brother his "front-man". [...]

Mr. Gray had a vivid imagination and in many ways was a genius in his time. He was very cautious as to not show all his cards at one time and for good reason. The only thing this so-called nephew has gotten right is Mr. Gray left nothing behind but his technology which he had scattered around the world. [...]

Another clarification, Dorothy was not his girl-friend, but his personal assistant at the time of his death, and was close with him for years. It so states that in the police report at the time of his death.

This nephew also stated that if Mr. Gray hadn't been so greedy, his family would be billionaires by now. Greedy? Because he didn't wish to sell to Japan? Because he'd have rather kept in the United States? That and his paranoia combined led to his dilemma of not completing his dream. Nothing more...............

So Mr. Sterling, if you would be so kind to relay this to his nephew for me, let him know his daughter would be more then happy to help him get his facts straight!

Donna Gallion'
(Ed V Gray' s daughter!!!)

* * * *

Re. Dorothy

From: Donna Gallion
To: Sterling D. Allan
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 7:58 AM
Subject: RE: EV Gray -- clarifications

Hi Sterling,


As for Dorothy, she was hid girl-friend part of the time. They actually planned to marry and dad got cold feet and left her at the alter. From that point on they were not involved in a relationship, but Dorothy was always there for him and was a very good friend to him. He was blessed in that respect. [...]

* * * *


From: Donna Gallion
To: Sterling D. Allan
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 10:16 AM
Subject: RE: EV Gray -- clarifications

Hi Sterling,

In getting back to you in coordinating a reunion of those who might be able to piece together the technology that has been lost with father's passing. I really knew nothing about his technology, only of his excitement over it, as he worked mainly with my brothers. I can however give you my one brothers email, so as you can get in contact with him regarding this matter. I will leave that up to you. And yes, feel free to post my rebuttal, only do not give my email address out. [...]

I did not find it offensive about Dorothy, there's no denial to it. Just giving you the facts................

Any other questions, feel free to write me.


* * * *

Gamut of Information Accuracy

From: Dr. James A. Gray, Sr.
To: Sterling D. Allan
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 2:10 PM
Subject: Fw: EV Gray -- clarifications

Hello to you Sterling Allan,

[...] What you know about my father's work really depends upon whom and/or where you acquire your information. I've read many pieces written of my father over the past several years. Approximately, 50% of what I read about his personal life is true, about 30% is simply mislead information do to a lack of facts. This doesn't really disturb me, though I often wonder what was that individual's motivation. Then, I figure most of the remaining 20% who write and/or offer-up info regarding my father are . . . well, simply put, they're angry with/at my father! Quite frankly, I can and do understand why! [...]

[...] My prayer is that all we say is to be utilized for the good, to accomplish perhaps what my father's original goal was: "Alterative Energy" for the common good of humanity! I will agree that my father had a very negative side to his nature, however, I cannot see the benefit of furthering this element.

And so, if your interests are to set-the-record-right (clichι as it may be), and attempt to corral and tap people and information from the past in an effort to "recreate" my father's patented devise . . . I may be interested to know how I can help. One more thing. You must have an open mind and an understanding heart when it comes to the feelings of myself and family (brothers and sisters)! What folks don't seem to realize is that my family has been through emotional battles like few ever even dream of in a life-time!

Sincerely submitted for your perusal and response,

Dr. James A. Gray, Sr.

* * * *

Who Did What

From: Dr. James A. Gray, Sr.
To: Sterling D. Allan
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 2:04 PM
Subject: Re: EV Gray -- clarifications


[...] In the beginning years of the EMA project, I had been involved with my father at the level of making engineering drawings of parts. The original casing and the bars and planes. As it was indicated to you from another source, this project was job-shopped out to various vendors, then assembled in my father's body shop (Van Nuys, CA) . . . at first. The assembly work was done by a few inner-circle members. I was not one. In fact, as this project began to move into the "investors" arena and money started to flow (per say), the first family were pushed aside . . . no longer allowed any forwarding information. At least not for some time to come. This had a lot to do with my father's new relationship with Renata. At this point, a 2nd family was in the making. My early involvement was due to the fact that I was a mechanical engineer, and I helped him on my off time. [...]

[...] As far as being greedy, that's inaccurate too! We were all (1st family) close to our father and mother and shared in our father's enthusiasm and excitement as he began this project . . . long before Renata's appearance and involvement. My father used to share with us what his motor could do in the scheme of world-wide reduction of natural energy elements (coal, oil, etc). Again, our ousting was sudden and extremely painful! And so I ask of you to not think harshly of my family. None of us have/had illusion of grandeur.

[...] After our father's untimely death, the only persons who were privileged to my father's possessions, including his: motor drawings, parts, prototypes, and other inventions were my brother Ed Jr. and Dorothy McKellips. The rest of the family saw Dad at his funeral in Riverside, California, then all things pertinent to his life and inventions disappeared! Up to this time, it is my understanding that my brother Ed worked for my father in an extended capacity (long-distance). Also, prior to his death, brother Mark was involved to a point. He and Ed traveled for/with Dad on occasions (business trips?). I, nor David, Donna, or Geralyn ever did have any business connections. My sister Judy was the only family member with my father on a continual basis till the end of his life.

In conclusion, as far as future rewards stemming from his main invention (EMA @ the time) for his first family, Dad told us that we should all be taken care of financially.

[...] As you may now see, my family still hurt. They aren't bitter and greedy. With this said, I'll attempt to help if I can.

You see, though my father's academic status never exceeded the 8th grade, he was an excellent body-n-fender repairman. Add to this the fact that he was brilliant at designing and creating in the automobile world! [...]

Remember, when all this motor business really started to dig in, we were all in our early/late teens. [...]

My father had a viable dream for humanity in the beginning, even though it has been improperly executed. Unlike any other time in history, the world needs this machine!

James . . .

PS: Your "caller" did not have his facts correct regarding my father's manner of death. I have the proof! [...] I have "official" copies of both the: "Sparks Police Report" & the "County Coroner's Report." My father was not bludgeoned to death, nor was there any hole bashed into his skull. However, his death is still "unsolved" case . . . it was determined that he died as a result of a massive coronary which was induced by "fright". The fright was a result of several unidentified persons banging and rattling the large windows at office/living environment. He did have a bruise on the front-corner of his head . . . cause is assumed to be from a fall. [...]

PPS: Sterling, if we are still in concert of ideologies, I believe I'll help if I can. Certainly I'm willing to try. [...]

* * * *

Mountain of Information

From: *** [Youngest Daughter, from second marriage]
To: 'Sterling D. Allan'
Sent: Friday, February 03, 2006 11:54 AM
Subject: RE: EV Gray nephew mentioned at

At this point, I am not giving out anything. I explained to you yesterday that there is a mountain of information within this family. I've been out reading your's and Lindeman's information - don't know where he got some of his info but it had me laughing this morning. It's so far off base [...]. As I told you yesterday, this family is willing to sell what all those who have tried for years to figure out; but it will only come at the right price. If you have that at your disposal or have the right person/company that does, then you know how to reach me. I am willing to talk to you but I won't provide you with any written documentation without consulting with my lawyer first.

* * * *

Eleven Children

From: [youngest daughter]
Sent: Monday, February 06, 2006 9:03 AM
Subject: RE: DRAFT: EV Gray tech story

There are 7 from his first marriage, 3 from his marriage with my mom - my mom had a son from someone else that my dad adopted and the two he adopted from his first marriage that were actually his brothers kids. So there are 12 of us.

* * * *

From: Donna Gallion
Sent: Monday, February 06, 2006 9:18 AM;  11:56 AM;  12:30 PM

I did forget about Rick and do believe dad adopted him.

There are 7 children in the original family and then my mother's sister's son George, who was legally raised by my parents, which make 8 Then there were the 2, April & Patrick dad had with Renata and dad then adopted her son Rick, which makes 11 in all. I notice Aprils "12", but don not know of the any 12th one. Perhaps she miscounted? But there are only 11 siblings.

First family: Edwin Jr, James, Judy, David, Mark, Geralyn, and myself. (7) George, Jr was legally raised by Dad & mom as well, which now makes 8. Then came the second family, April, Patrick and adopted half-brother Rick, which makes 11.

* * * *

Why all the interest now?

From: Donna Gallion
Sent: Monday, February 06, 2006 9:18 AM
Subject: FW: DRAFT: EV Gray tech story

Could you tell me why all the interest in this now? Seems this comes up every 2 years or so. ????

* * * *

Sterling Replies:

Perhaps you can think of it as labor in birth. The contractions come separated, but in regular and increasing rhythm, to help push the baby out.

The mother would not be able to handle it if the contractions came all at once without letting up.

I guess this is good and bad news. Good new in that it means the ultimate goal is getting closer. Bad news inasmuch as it may imply that this particular contraction wont necessarily result in birth.

* * * *

Not Much Help for Technical Details

Responding to an email that said:

I built this ion tube with 3 grid and I use a micro wave transformer of 2000 volts with capacitor of .88 uf . What is the best to make the pulse of the low voltage ? tyratron? What length le over shoot spark gap? If you take donation I will send you some ! thx for all

From: Dr. James A. Gray, Sr. 
Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2006 6:02 PM
Subject: My prototype

Hello Sterling,

If this e-mail is indicative of a possible deluge of technical questions regarding Dad's motor, then I am afraid I'll be of no help. For starters I have already informed you of my vast lack of knowledge of the "EMA" program other than the initial casing drawings . . . and, the numerous times in which I saw it up-and-running!

Also, your question attempting to ascertain whether or not Dad's motor may have been a "fraud", N-O! Your question was basically, "did I think that my father could have perpetuated a type of deception: wires running from the machine and along the floor to a hidden device behind a wall, curtain or screen." Or, perhaps some sort of "remote control device" . . . of sorts! Well . . . .

I can understand why you might ask such a question, with so many past disgruntled investors still lurking in the shadows, demanding to be recompensed by Edwin V. Gray's offspring, however, let me turn this around on you.

There were hundreds of people in that auditorium, maybe even as much as a thousand, investors, potential buyers, family, friends, etc, now think about this . . . some of those folks were pretty savvy (engineers, physicist, electrical/electronic specialist from all over this globe), don't you think that at least one of these sharp-shooters would have noticed and questioned any wires coming from the display cart? The "premier" took place in a large "rotunda room", and as you can see, there is no wall/partition/curtain behind it. And as far as the concept of a "remote control" device manipulating the accelerator from some hidden area, if you will research such devices to that time-line (the 70's), that kind of technology wasn't available to the general public . . . in fact, even NASA had to depend on their astronauts to manipulate "onboard" switches in their manned space flights. On the other hand, even if there had been a crude system for remotely controlling Dad's motor (which there were not) . . . the machine still went through "ITS" paces as presented to the audience! Let's get away from any further consideration of the "EMA" being a fraud! Cause that hound just won't hunt! If your line of questions about the motor and family are to postulate a "fraud", then you are wasting your time, my time and the family's time.

One more element of interest, it appears that those who could conceivably be of constructive assistance to the reconstruction of the EMA, simply put . . . W O N ' T WITHOUT SOME LAWFUL PLAN TO PROTECT THE FAMILY'S INTEREST! You see, we didn't go looking for the misery that came to us via people like [D.R.] and [R.V.], they brought it to us. Thus, this offer to reassemble and/or recreate Dad's motor is the 3rd time in less than 4 years! Everyone wants the technology, but no one wants to enter into an honest and meaningful dialogue with/for the Gray family. And as a family unit, this "invention" has caused us all emotional pain and suffering, from within and from without! We don't really care to open this up again in the same manner as before. Oddly enough, it seems as though all who are interested in what knowledge that may still remain within the confines of our family system . . .don't want to share in the fruits (remunerations) of Dad's technology with the family.

Sincerely, Dr. James A. Gray, Sr.

See also

Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Feb. 25, 2006
Last updated December 24, 2014





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