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You are here: > News > Dec. 10, 2005

Man-made Cyclone Used for Clearing Smog

Reader cites mainstream press coverage of a man-made cyclone reported in 1997.  Evidence of weather modification capability not generally acknowledged.

Pure Energy Systems News
Edited by Mary-Sue Haliburton

Responding to

  • Weather Modification a Long-Established, Though Secretive, Reality - New legislation not designed to foster pleasant or productive weather, but planned as tool of weaponized weather control, already well tested and in use since 1976. Amateur and hostile weather-makers alike likely to lose their technology to the military. (PESN; Sept. 6, 2005)

Weather Modification Use: Reported in 1997

Greetings to Mary-Sue Haliburton from a reader in New South Wales, Australia.

I have just read with interest your recent article on weather modification and understand the serious implications following from the misuse of such power recently and in the future. You may possibly already have archived articles that have been published in mainstream media newspapers or an outlet as prominent as the BBC's website in the U.K.... If not, here’s an example.

Petronas twin towers
Grey smoke smothers the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur
Image Source

Some historical evidence of an actual weather modification that's been used is on record to back up the speculation. I have been following this topic for a few years and recently I
came across a suggestion to search on the following headline "Malaysia to Battle Smog With Cyclones" which I did. The following title appears in scores of sites. ["NEWS BRIEF: "Malaysia to Battle Smog With Cyclones", by Chen May Yee, Staff Reporter of the Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, November 13, 1997, page A19."]

It contained the following revelation; "The plan calls for the use of new Russian technology to create cyclones -- the giant storms also known as typhoons and hurricanes -- to cause torrential rains, washing the smoke out of the air."

Now I have not been able to provide a URL for this item on the Wall Street Journal website itself, and my local library certainly doesn't have any copies of back issues of any of their publications archived for me to check the above mentioned article. However, the full article is archived at many respectable websites to confirm its accuracy.

What I did find after quite a bit of archive searching at the BBC's website on the same subject, around the same date, is most definitely corroboration of the WSJ's article (Ref 1). I have copied the links and the news articles below. The use of the words "machine" and "equipment" to describe the technology is understandable I think, but in two follow-up items (Ref. 2, 3) only six days after the first (which was on the same day as the WSJ's), I was surprised to find no mention of the Russian technology at all, even though the result was delivered as promised. Malaysia isn't mentioned either, but considering that Indonesia is adjacent to Malaysia, and Singapore is really only a city of around 4 million in the middle of the target area, one may wonder at the omission.

Your article gives me plenty of reason to think why the cause of the smog-washing rain could not be spelled out, nor any connection drawn with the Russian technology in the weather report. I do hope you can utilize the following as it does at least point out that weather control has been used, and reported on msm at that.

Regards from a correspondent in Australia

# # #


Ref 1:
Thursday, November 13, 1997 Published at 20:21 GMT

World: Far East
Malaysia tries artificial rain to beat haze

Malaysia is to try to generate rain using Russian equipment, in an attempt to clear the haze which has covered parts of south-east Asia for the past two months.

The Russian machinery has still to be tested, but the Malaysian authorities say it creates high winds, which then produce clouds and rainfall. They say they're confident the artificial cyclones won't damage property or the environment.

Russia has agreed to supply the equipment on the understanding that it will only be paid if rain comes.

From the newsroom of the BBC World Service

Ref 2
Wednesday, November 19, 1997 Published at 11:58 GMT

World: Far East
Indonesian airports open as haze clears

Indonesian officials say all the country's airports are open for the first time in four months because heavy rain is dispersing the haze which has been blanketing the country.

They say the rain is also putting out fires on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra which caused the smog.

The fires, mainly started by farmers clearing land for plantation, led to a haze which covered large areas of south-east Asia, and prompted warnings of serious damage to the environment and to people's health.

Officials in Singapore say they believe the haze has also cleared over their country.

From the newsroom of the BBC World Service

Ref 3
And later on the same day was this article;
Wednesday, November 19, 1997 Published at 19:46 GMT

Haze clears over south-east Asia

The haze is clearing - but it could be back next year

Heavy monsoon rains over south-east Asia have begun to disperse the thick haze which has blanketed the region for the last four months.

All of Indonesia's airports are now open and for the first time in weeks the skies over Singapore are blue.

Satellite pictures of the area show that the huge forest fires on the Indonesian islands of Borneo and Sumatra, which caused most of the smog, have been largely extinguished.

The fires were lit by logging and plantation companies to clear the land for cultivation. The pollution made tens of thousands of people ill, as well as damaging the environment and the tourist industry.

But Indonesia may not yet have seen the last of the haze. Reports suggest that it is likely to be back again next year because the government has failed to stop the companies from using fire to clear the land.

Editorial Postscript

I wish to express thanks and appreciation to this correspondent for diligent observation and research into an actual use of weather-modification technology that was confirmed in the mainstream media. Though declining credit for supplying these links, this contributor describes continuing to watch the skies daily and being fascinated, as is another family member living in about 250 km to the east. He usually observes a few hours later the march of the same weather patterns across the continent. The email concludes, “We are living in interesting times indeed.”

Even if the Russian technology had been applied, this would not be reported. Since meteorologists still do not see these technologies as either valid or relevant, rain putting out fires and clearing smog would be a simple “weather story” to them. All weather, once it has occurred, is routinely attributed to “Mother Nature” even if it is highly anomalous, and even if technology was actually reported to be involved, as in this case. (I wonder if the Russians were ever paid for this successful use of their system.)

It is interesting that the two “weather reports” suggest slightly different causes of the forest fires. One article blames farmers clearing land “for plantation” – an odd use of the word. One would expect this to read “for planting” – unless of course these farmers were not acting independently but were indeed doing this under contract (or coercion) to set up a large-scale operation benefiting corporate shareholders. Yet the use of “farmers” implies that it’s just those ignorant peasants with their traditional methods causing ecosystem damage.

The other report (Ref 3) explicitly states that “logging and plantation companies” were clearing the land, suggesting a corporate agenda to establish large-scale mechanistic farming on the Western model. Thus the fires would not be due to local ignorance but to mega-economic planning and activity – without regard for ecosystems or human health consequences.

Which of these contradictory implications was true would have been hard for BBC readers to determine at the time. By now, eight years later, it would be possible to see who owns the area that had been burned-over forest; whether little independent farmers or large plantations will confirm who set the fires and why.

-- Mary-Sue Haliburton

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