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You are here: > News > Oct. 26, 2005

Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Energy From the Vacuum

Paul Noel responds to wide criticism of his "Wilma the Capacitor" story by the Slashdot crowd.

by Paul Noel
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2005

Transient Luminous Events (TLEs) occure in the Earth's upper atmosphere accompanied by thunderstorms in the lower atmosphere. The events are known as blue jets, sprites and elves.
Credits: Danish Space Research Institute

To the critics of my article that made their comments in Slashdot's site, I say thanks for your attention. Maybe some of you will get brave and try to prove me wrong rather than just make argument. When you do, somewhere on the trail, we may come to more fully understand these events. What must be understood is just how poorly these events are understood. This may seem strange for the pasting some of you shot at me, but I am most interested in good science. Good science is more interested in fact than the politically correct opinions of today. That means you say thanks for criticism….

To those who might have noted a bit more and been supportive, thanks. But keep on looking at reality. What I say doesn't matter except if it gets people thinking. Do remember I didn’t attempt to write a technical document. It was more like a news report.

For those who think I don't know what is going on regards these storms, I am so far into the edge of understanding them, I probably do sound crazy. This comes from the point of view of having observed this stuff for a long time. My observations of tornados and their associated phenomena extend from the 1960’s. It grew more intense and deliberate in the early 1970’s. Early on when I heard strange stories from tornado events, I thought these people were crazy. After actually observing them myself, I have concluded that most reports are probably less crazy than the reality. The physics is pretty strange. Hurricanes are very much related to this because tornados generally occur associated with continental storms, that are minus the name “Hurricanes” very much the same type of storm. Hurricanes also contain lots of tornados. It is all one set of physics.

When the massive outbreak of April 3 of 1974 occurred I was watching and taking notes. I was there! In the two days prior to this outbreak, the wind blew warm and strong at up to 50 mph from the south, southwest. It had rained early on April 1 and the ground was soaked across the eastern USA with something close to 3 inches of rain in many areas. There was some tornado activity on the 1^st . As the evening of the 3^rd drew on tornado warnings were followed by massive tornados. I witnessed from a distance 2 of these super cell storms for about 45 minutes total. My location gave me an exceptional view most of the time. At that time I witnessed large volumes of air glowing with Cerenkov radiation. (Ref) These were several cubic miles in volume. This is referenced in the movie “Twister” where they talk about “going green.” The events are related. The technical advisors from NASA (6 persons) to the movie were witnesses of the same event. I also took notes. K. Vonnegut (Troy NY) published these notes in a scientific report on the event.

Later that evening as another series of thunderstorms passed through, the people without power knew to evacuate as tornados arrived, because “The air turned green.” The NASA movie advisors were witnesses of this latter event.

This event led me to look into the physics at a very deep level. What I found was most interesting. The predecessor to the US Department of Agriculture’s Soil Conservation Service had published their annual report in 1910. It just happened to be in the local Public Library. I doubt the book even exists any more. In that report a discussion of drought, and soil erosion by various means led to a section on rain impact erosion and similar topics. It was noted in the report that the wind blowing over wetland at over 12.5 mph would aspirate microscopic droplets of water out of the land. These droplets were highly charged on their surfaces at the maximum for water. This is the belt on a Van De Graff generator running that I had watched the previous 2 days to the tornados.

Now I had the charge generator for an atom smasher. I had to find a collector and a grounding stripe. The charge collector was fairly obvious. Thunderstorms associated with such events are just alive with electrostatic discharges. Finding the ground collector was a bit obvious. It turns out more difficult to find. It is actually quite deep in the earth. I will skip the details here but this is why tornados frequently repeat nearly exact paths.

I will digress here to a personal value for this. In the area where I live it is the most frequent tornado location in the state. You might think I am a bit crazy to live there. But because I knew this behavior I located outside of their paths and I don’t get hurt. The people only 2 miles away have been hit 3 times since I built a house in the area. There is real practical value to knowing how these things work. This also tends to confirm the conclusions. This for example shows up in the fact that the 4^th district Madison County Shed (Alabama) has been removed by tornados 3 times I know of. It will be again.

I needed to find a vacuum bottle adequate to contain the cyclotron. That I had witnessed in a tornado. The vacuum of a tornado at fairly strong level is more than adequate. That pretty much puts together the structure. It doesn’t give enough energy to drive the engine.

The energy involved in such events is simply beyond belief. I could go extensively in this but I think people would lose interest. The storm I watched in 1974 expended energy equal to about a quarter of a year’s sunlight on the planet. This sort of energy discharge is fairly well documented at many external sources. To provide an example, lightning discharges associated with such storms are well documented to represent energy well in excess of any solar thermal source. Annual lighting discharges are well in excess of any heat energy input to the planet. This is not unique to the earth. The same is true on several other planets. Hurricanes frequently are on this scale of discharge.

A lot more study and I learned that these events had a direct relationship, though at the time I learned it was not known how, to the behavior of the sun. I deduced that this was related to the solar storms and CME events. I passed this all on to K. Vonnegut in 1975 and he told me plainly that I was crazy.

In 1995 I talked extensively with NASA researchers on this issue because they were researching “Red Sprites” and “Blue Jets.” They had run out their physics. I walked in and told them how this stuff worked. I apologize because there probably is not record that gives me any credit but I was the one who told NASA how the weather machine worked. When I made my report I was told, “This is what K. Vonnegut (Troy NY) is telling us.” I looked at them and said, “That is what I told him in 1975 and he told me I was crazy.” So the Slashdot people who thought I was crazy are not new. I figure about 2015 these guys will be bragging about the new discovery, that I found in 1975. So respectfully, have fun, you are in great company.

This gets very deep and I have skipped a lot. The fun part here is that SOHO (Ref) a NASA project to study the solar wind has much to do with this. It is pretty well making the links I had made by my observations long ago. That is why I referenced the solar activity related to the Hurricanes.

When talking to the NASA researchers they asked me how I could figure this all out. I reported to them that while they had balanced their physical reactions, they had not balanced the energy side. This is what I pointed out in the post regards a Hurricane extinguishing itself if it were not for this deep space physics and energy from the void stuff.

It is all pretty simple to begin with. A hurricane or other massive storm is powered by the boiling of a massive amount of water. That water proceeds into the upper atmosphere where the water condenses. If this water were to fall back towards the earth, the process would reverse itself. NO RAIN would fall. What is more the upper atmosphere would get very hot very fast if rain did fall. The process of condensation recovers the heat of vaporization. Unless a means of extracting this energy is found the storm does not even form. The means is not enough, relative to the cold air coming in. The volume of cold air required to operate Wilma would have been the whole hemisphere’s air. The amount of energy being hauled away is simply too massive.

This energy is radiated into space and interacts with the orbital mechanics of the earth. This is the stuff that affects the orbits of satellites and such and is highly influenced by solar activity. The process is similar to that which allows a voltage to be stepped up in an electrical capacitor diode circuit that doubles each cycle of an AC circuit. It allows massive energy to be transmitted without conduction. It is how when you charge one side of a capacitor, the other side gets the opposite charge when the dielectric is nearly totally resistive of electricity. This is the process of dielectric transmission of energy.

So the simple answer is that there is lots of energy in the vacuum. NASA has looked at using it by tether technology. This is the energy that sometimes blows out our earthbound communications or power grids. Using it is another matter. It is most definitely there.

Another set of observations by closer eyewitnesses to tornados than myself let me to another discovery. Frequently tornados levitate things. This isn’t wind. They simply negate gravity. This explains a lot of very weird stuff that happens around these storms. Yes things just float around and move away. This is consistent with many observations at the business end of large particle accelerators. The difference here is by orders of magnitude. This may be as much as 14 or more orders of magnitude more energy. Yes there is research going on into this and it works. Man just hasn’t scaled it up to the big stuff yet.

Well now that the Slashdot people have had fun at my expense, I hope one or two of them will start looking around and helping rather than just saying what cannot be done.

So thanks again guys. At least you looked.

# # #

Part II

Response to comment posted at Slashdot

I would advise Mr. Noel that the "green" is definitely not from Cerenkov radiation. I refer him to this, which explains how the sky's blue color is not due to Cerenkov emission (which peaks in the blue-UV region). Cerenkov is very well understood. If Mr. Noel feels strongly that the "green" arises from New Physics, then it cannot be Cerenkov, a phenomenon explained by classical electromagnetism.

He may also find this green thunderstorm investigation of interest.

Thursday, October 27, 2005 6:57 AM
by Paul Noel

Well the article he sites may have some fact behind it, but is definitely not what was observed here.  ( I appreciate the electromagnetic side of the events a great deal) The radiation from this storm in the second  1974 event was brighter than noon day sun and occurred at 11pm.  It was observed by thousands of people. It was terrifying to many of these people.  The earlier event may have been influenced some by sunlight as it was late afternoon but the angles are wrong.  The colors observed are most frequently green but I have also seen yellow, blue and reddish late at night.

One event not related to the 1974 events, which I saw I was driving down the road and saw a strong lightning strike associated with a tornadic event.  The sky air turned green. This is a sustained glow. I would suspect that the green is probably what gets out of the cloud with the more intense stuff buried in the cloud.  This is very bright, blindingly bright and not some soft green as indicated by the author of the article.   Also Tornado research tends to be full of guys who refute the eyewitnesses because they are so sure the people didn't see what they saw.  I said this stuff gets pretty strange.  I have also observed very large ball lightning quite close up.  It is spectacular and will shake one up.   (In many ways)

The reason I report it to be Cerenkov radiation is, it looks like it.  It is like the bright eerie glow from a radiation cooling pond.   I have witnessed the more blue version of this associated with an intense ball lighting strike.  It is pretty scary.  The probability here is that the electromagnetic discharges here are causing fusion or transmutation of elements and a particle discharge.   I would suspect that we are seeing a sustained version of events similar to cold fusion in some cases.  Of course with many patients in the field of cold fusion existing and a lot of research going on, "It still doesn't exist."  (Sorry for being a bit terse but does exist) All such events do have strong electromagnetic events associated with them.  This is why you get an EMP pulse from an atomic bomb.  Tornadoes have been known for decades to be very strong Microwave transmitters on TV Channel 2.  I would assume on other frequencies as well.  The green or other colors is a typical doubling down or fluorescence process seen in optics.  This is where you use a higher frequency to drive a lower one.  This is also related to the production of C14 from N14 and other sources will note it as well.

I have not proposed that this is any new physics.  It isn't.  It is absolutely simple physics associated with well known principals.   The problem is that people see it as something new.   Van De Graff Generators are not new.  They are the very classical base of nuclear physics research.  Ionization of water is not new. (not pH) People tend to think it isn't there.  You can see it when you wash a car and see the beads of water skimming over the surface not joining up with the already wet surface. There is all sorts of data coming in.  The "Red Sprites" and "Blue Jets" are not new physics, NASA just recently observed them.  Pilots had been told for years that they were crazy when they reported them. In the 1930's to the present when pilots reported strange glows associated with thunderstorms, suddenly the best educated and professional men, were relegated to the list of nuts and denigrated.  It took NASA filming this and even in the case of the 1974 tornado event, it was home movies by these government types before glows associated with these storms could be accepted to exist. Even then it was heckled.  It doesn't surprise me the hecklers are out.  They never went in.

If you collapse a capacitor charge as massive as in a thunderstorm, it is going to kick around a lot of matter at a high speed.  The same kick is going to go down.  Blasting a ton or more of matter at fractional speeds of light into the atmosphere is going to kick off atomic reactions.  This is how nuclear physics research does the job only bigger.

I suppose it blurs the margins of electromagnetics and nuclear physics.  When the nuclear physics guys talk about electron voltage, it is exactly the same thing lay people call color.  The electromagnetic guys call it frequency.  The optics guys call it wave number or wave length.  (All the same.)  The issue here is that the transmission is doing the action.  Understanding this simple nomenclature difference gets rid of the walls.  It also says that nuclear reactions can be controlled by light energy (EM) of the right frequency set.  Since extremely strong DC currents and have an infinite set of harmonics, I would say it is pretty much simple to infer that we have the easy street to nuclear reactions here.  This is the basis of "cold fusion"  If anyone working in cold fusion is interested, add a strong magnetic field to your work and see what happens.  A rare earth magnet Halbach array should be pretty useful here. It will align the reaction process.

My father worked communications technology for long distance transmission cables and radio in the days before computers and then he helped development of the early computers.  One transmission cable between Spokane Wa., and Seattle Wa., had a potential voltage develop on it from what I am talking about of 150,00 volts per inch.  The current if allowed to flow would have burned out the cable.  It was thousands of amperes.  This cable was not connected to any devices to power it at the time.  These currents associate with earthquakes and solar events.

Where I learned of dielectric transmission of energy was from his radio work in Alaska.  These were large military transmitters with huge oil filled capacitors in very remote locations.  He was warned about working with them to always carefully discharge these before working on them as they contained lethal charges.  He was warned that even if one had been known to have been discharged the previous day, it should be discharged again due to temperature changes.  A working capacitor might be 90 F.  Discharging it and then letting it cool to -20 F or -30 F would regenerate the charge to lethal levels, due to changes in plate distances with the contraction of the matter.

This was a working example of the dielectric cooling mechanism in a thunderstorm.  The reason the capacitor would be at 90 F in operation is the reverse of this dielectric process.  There was no heater.  The process works both directions in that it imports and exports heat.  This is a known mechanism and what cools a thundercloud.  It is also why rain or hail usually are preceded by intense lightning discharges from such storms.  The reason lesser rain storms don't make such storm events is that they are discharging through leakage and don't get breakdown.  Raindrop noise data clarifies that this process occurs at all levels in the storm.  (subscription only) will report on what NASA found on Red Sprites.  This was in 1997.  I had talked with them on the topic in 1995.   This is provided for dating of events only.  Many open articles exist now.  

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