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You are here: > News > Oct. 25, 2005

Wilma the Capacitor

Some thoughts on storm tracking and ties to electrical phenomenon of interest, both pertaining to electrical properties of hurricanes as well as their interaction with the electrical component of humans.

    "Energetically speaking, the vortex that forms in these storms is also a natural particle accelerator, and a massive capacitor bank. As the harmonic circuit develops, it resonates acoustically and functions as a capacitor, extracting the heat from the storm and transmitting it away. Without this electrical circuit, the storm would fail almost instantly due to the accumulation of heat from condensation of water."

-- Paul Noel (Oct. 24, 2005)

by Paul Noel and Mary-Sue Haliburton
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2005

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration color-enhanced satellite image.  Center of Hurricane Wilma is shown about 70 miles southwest of Naples, Fla., at about 3:45 a.m., Monday, Oct. 24, 2005, and moving northeast towards the southwest Florida coastline.

Tracing Wilma’s path

The hurricane acted pretty much as I indicated in my predictive article, per my observations of the weather in Huntsville, Alabama. Wilma just missed going through the Yucatan Channel without hitting land, only slightly passing over the tip of the peninsula. It was a strong Cat 3 as it passed over Florida and only declined to a Cat 2 on exiting the state. Its behavior was more like the Cat 5 it had been when it first formed. It was as if the extremely intense central core of a few miles was removed, and the remaining storm was all the stronger for it. The dry tongue was a classic.

When Wilma hit Florida it was beginning to accelerate, and it still had the massive storm surge it had piled up while passing through the area of the Yucatan Channel and going slightly ashore. This storm surge sloshed around and knocked on the north coast of Cuba, flooding the place similarly to the "No Name" storm (A.K.A "The Perfect Storm" or "The Storm of the Century") of 1993. (Ref.)

Wilma is joining up with Tropical Depression (TB) Alpha and a land-based frontal system much the same as in the 1993 storm. The only difference is that the formation is out in the Atlantic and not 300 or 400 miles west, on the Eastern Seabord itself.

During its transit of Florida, satellite photos showed that areas of the high clouds of Wilma covering more than 1/3 of the state were below -135 F. (The lowest temperature for the IR satellite chart). It was actually close in a large area to -175. Some areas exceeded that. This is what happens when you dump the arctic into the tropics. Explosions happen! The forecast of a weak Cat 1 became a strong Cat 3 due to this temperature shock.

Seismic Effects Noted

Important things for the energy community to take note of. Reports out of the region discuss the massive shaking of the area by the hurricane. (Ref.) It did damage and frightened people. This relates to the physics of tornados and hurricanes in which a definite seismic signature develops. (Ref.)

Energetically speaking, the vortex that forms in these storms is also a natural particle accelerator, and a massive capacitor bank. As the harmonic circuit develops, it resonates acoustically and functions as a capacitor, extracting the heat from the storm and transmitting it away. Without this electrical circuit, the storm would fail almost instantly due to the accumulation of heat from condensation of water.

This also corresponds to a charge in the ground. A particle accelerator requires a grounding strip. Charts are available online showing acreage of land disturbed by these violent vortices in areas where they most frequently occur. (Ref.) I live across a hill from the most frequently disturbed spot in Alabama (Ref.) Data is also available for many other locations, including at the most frequent spot in Indiana (Ref.).

An old name for a tornado is a cyclone. The town of Cyclone, Indiana is the most frequent spot.  Apparently even the first settlers knew there was something going on. This information is a definite opportunity for detection, control and even energy harvesting associated with weather. Though the effect is subtle and sometimes disputed, the moon’s gravitational pull causes “land tides” which bring a slight effect on the solid surface of the earth. (Ref) The energy may push past fracture limits on rock structure, thus sometimes triggering aftershocks from earthquakes.

Dielectric Stress

On a more personal note, some years ago I sustained a back injury due to an auto accident, which appears to have made me more sensitive to coming weather changes. In the week before these storms I start swallowing Tylenol or similar painkillers because the symptoms make it hard for me to sleep. This was not barometric because at the time there nothing of that sort had yet been detected in my area. It is electromagnetic.

Here is a clue for the detection of the process. The capacitance charge was forming that set up the storm, and it was this charge causes me pain! It is known as dielectric stress. Because this concept is outside the reductionistic-chemical paradigm that governs the drug industry, this not usually discussed by medical science. But those who work with cellular bio-electricity will understand this concept. This dielectric stress clearly affects chemical reactions and energy conversions in bodily cells, in addition to being well known to engineers for its effects on electrical systems and materials used in electronic devices.

A good indicator for scientific and commercial development is the discovery of a natural process like this. If the number of “hits” from doing a search on “dielectric stress” is any indication, the control and measurement of this process is a subject of great interest for scientists and engineers working in technology development and quality control. Many devices are available; for example, dielectric inserts can be installed into household water pipes at the intake to keep them from building up electromagnetic fields. This problem can arise because of so many houses and apartments doing grounding to the water mains instead of to true ground. (Ref).

However, managing dielectric stress on the body is “controversial” i.e. pooh-poohed by authorities. But this does not stop independent inventors from creating and offering for sale various devices which are intended to mitigate this stress, whether to make interior spaces more comfortable for sufferers (ref.), or to attach to cellphones (ref.), or to be worn on the body such as purple plates (ref.), orgonite pendants (ref.), and diodes (ref.). It is up to users to examine the data presented in support of these devices, and to decide for themselves whether to get these devices and run them through various investigations of their own, and or to use them personally. The “Harmonic Protector” (ref) did not register any activity using an “orgone meter” (ref). However, a reading taken using a sophisticated software package known as “Life Assessment” technology (ref), which is designed to analyze the balance of energies in the meridians, indicated a modest beneficial effect from this HP when it is interacting with a human body. (Ref)

Oil Industry Reprieve

Good news! The oil industry didn't get screwed up. By best reports there is a definite possibility of a considerable drop in gasoline prices in the next few weeks. Things are starting to work.

Don't hold your hopes up too much for next summer! Things still look a bit rough there. Hopefully the hard work going on will get things into better shape soon. Alarm over Wilma did cause evacuation of a few rigs but that was temporary. Since these crews were getting tired and needed rest, even a short evacuation would be a good thing for them. A few days off on shore leave will probably make them more effective in their jobs.

With the lunar cycle diverging between the solar tide and the lunar tide it would appear that things may begin to settle down for a while. With New Orleans still having weak levees, a strong winter storm will be a threat for the coming months, even after the official conclusion of the hurricane season at the end of November. All in all, things are looking up for the beleaguered city. Repairs are progressing and there is little chance of a Hurricane hitting the USA the rest of the year.

There is discussion of a TD named “Beta” forming within 7 to 10 days! I would not expect it in the Gulf of Mexico; in the Caribbean or Atlantic region formation conditions seem more conducive to new storms. If this “Beta” storm does occur, the US continental effects will be a rapid, sharp, cold blast after a strong warm-up period.

Wilma Now Aimed Northwards and Eastwards – Across the Atlantic

Very fast-moving compared to Ophelia, Wilma is already feeding increasing winds, waves and rain wind into the Maritime provinces of Canada and eastern Newfoundland (Ref.). This effect is expected to merge with a low-pressure system developing over the northeastern states, and to drive more rain into Quebec and Ontario.

As of the morning of 10/25/05, Wilma is a very strong Cat 3 over the ocean, and showing little sign of weakening. Once out of Florida, it strengthened very rapidly. This accounts for much of the coastal damage on the East Coast of Florida. Though it may weaken in colder North Atlantic water, the storm is still well within the Gulf Stream waters. The Gulf Stream is very hot into its depths, pretty much all the way to England right now.

This storm isn't over yet. Who knows exactly what it will do in the Atlantic? Outflow from the storm is already south of Greenland, and approaching Ireland! Indications of this behavior can be seen in the massive arctic blast lowering over the Mississippi River valley and shortly going to carry well into the Caribbean Sea. It is bringing frost to north and central Alabama. This has already struck farther south than was forecast with strong winds.

I claim no skill in forecasting weather over the Atlantic, and have not studied the conditions there. The conditions I see tell me that a "Heads Up" should be passed on to Ireland and England. If it follows the Gulf Stream, this storm may pay them a visit. If it does, the prospects for a North Sea storm are fairly high.

After going extra-tropical, Wilma is likely to retain Cat 1 or Cat 2 status. Forecasts made by the (American) National Weather Service have it still at Tropical Storm force not far from Ireland. The nasty weather is already starting there and seas are really rough by English standards. This is the "pre-arrival of Wilma" surf buildup effect already starting, carried by the energy of fast-moving high-amplitude waves. (Ref)

# # #


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to Paul’s earlier Wilma article

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After high electrical fields were found to be building up on my water pipes, I put in these water-pipe dielectric isolators along with a grounding plate. This mitigates electromagnetic fields in surrounding houses too. – MS Haliburton

Ref 8a

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Click on articles related to electromagnetic detection and shielding.

Ref 9 Made of dielectric material, and alleged to be based on Nicola Tesla’s theories.

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Ref 12
Test done by Andrew Michrowski, PhD, in May of 2005 using orgone meter, was not encouraging. However, the device was used to measure any activity of the HP while it sat inertly on a table, not while it was being worn. This was due to expectation that the presence of a body in contact with the pendant would give off readings that would interfere with detecting whether the orgonite device was active. However, a different way to test, measuring orgone levels in the body without and then with the pendant around the neck, was not done at that time.

Ref 13
Test done 20 Oct. 2005, courtesy of a “Life Assessment” practitioner located in Peterborough, Eastern Ontario named Jeff Piper, (705) 749-2221, <> for M. S. Haliburton.

Ref 15
Canadian weather channel.

Ref. 16,,30100-13453093,00.html

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Belated Confirmation

  • Giant Natural Particle Accelerator Above Thunderclouds - A lightning researcher at the University of Bath has discovered that during thunderstorms, giant natural particle accelerators can form 40 kilometers above the surface of the Earth. (Science Daily; April 14, 2010) 

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