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You are here: > News > Oct. 21, 2005

Wilma the Super Storm and Energy from the Vacuum

Reflections on the dynamics of this record-breaking hurricane, principles of physics and atmosphere, and ramifications for unlimited energy from the vacuum of space.

by Paul Noel
Pure Energy Systems News - Exclusive
Copyright © 2005

Storm Tracking

I know it may seem strange to be watching something happening in North Alabama in order to understand a hurricane in the area south of the Yucatan Channel, but this is useful in predicting its behavior. I am just watching my weather closely for its indications. Typically if the wind is from the south, a hurricane is moving directly towards me.

Source: NOAA

You can see that for at least the next 24 hours I am seeing a true south- bearing wind blowing in North Alabama, then reversal to a north wind is expected. This north wind will be the "dry tongue" of the storm passing over me. I read this to mean that the storm is going to track nearly due north at least for the next 24 hours. Then as the wind shifts from the north, the storm will shift to the east of me. This storm may make the Yucatan channel dead on.

Storm Surge Mechanism

Of course the current forecasts show it going directly into Mexico for a time. (Who knows?) My guess for now is due north for 24 hours or so. At the current rate, it should move about 200 nautical miles (nm) or so in that time frame. This is very slow for a hurricane. It is piling up an astronomical storm surge. The pile of water under this storm is probably close to the largest on record. The mass here is probably a mound of water something like 30 feet high and covering an ellipse about 200 by 500 miles or more. That weighs a lot. Moving it around is going to break a lot of things. Whoever gets hit is going to hurt. Moving this much water in the narrow Yucatan Channel is going to be spectacular.

Source: NOAA / Reuters

Oct. 19 NOAA satellite image shows Hurricane Wilma over the northwestern Caribbean Sea.  Note small size of eye.

Licked by a Cold “Dry Tongue”

A "dry tongue" is part of what a hurricane is. It is a short circuit between the polar jet and the subtropical jet, allowing arctic air to jump over the mid section of the country and fall directly into the eye of the hurricane – causing the equal of a combustion-chamber function over the hot water. (Fuel is hot, adding cold is like feeding in the Oxygen) A strong dry tongue is required to feed a strong storm. A stable dry tongue allows the powerful "Outflow" the weathermen talk about. Under a strong north wind, which is typically very dry, the Midwest (Misssouri, Arkansas area) is expecting frosts in about 3 days.

Dropping a cold blast of this strength into the hot water north of Cuba and West of Florida is like dropping a thousand hydrogen bombs. This is close to the scenario that set off the "Perfect Storm," also known as the "no name storm." I haven't seen much about this in the tropical storm discussions. This is like merging a winter storm with a hurricane. I have no idea exactly what is going to happen, but it could really mess up the east coast of the USA if this happens. If it is aimed wrong, it could put the storm out, like a switching off a light.

If you are curious, this is identical to the turbulence discussions you have had on vehicle combustion, and on airflow over vehicles. There is no difference at all. It is the same physics.

Regards to the issue of the "dry tongue" strength, at issue is an absolute temperature (degrees Kelvin) ratio between the hot and the cold. My understanding is that the upper-level temperatures driving this frost are close to (a VERY deep cold –175 F) and the temperature of the water in the region is approaching (90 F) in terms of a drive for a storm, this is about the limit in physics. This is rather like dropping liquid oxygen into a fire.

Lunar Tidal Force Effect on Atmosphere

This relates to the tidal force note I reported. The lunar tidal force takes several days after the moon gets closest to the earth (perigee) and goes full – i.e. is opposite to the sun – to develop its full effects. The lunar pull on the atmosphere causes thickening of the tropical atmosphere by several miles, and thinning of the arctic one, also by several miles. The result is that a massive wad of cold air migrates south. (Ref.)

Take note that 1 to 2 weeks after a strong lunar tidal interaction combined with a solar tide (Full Moon), we got Katrina and Rita. One of the reasons for the 3 super storms this year was the close context of the lunar and solar tides in the time frame. This also drove the sea tides to bring lots of hot water in onto the land.

In addition to the tidal effects, at a time which is normally quiet in the solar cycle it has kicked off some extraordinary solar flares. While the mechanisms are not yet fully understood, these flares are definitely setting off the massive hurricanes. This is related to the cosmic particle emissions of the sun and the earth's magnetic field interaction. A "short circuit" is created for the draining of heat energy into space via a capacitant discharge into the orbital mechanics around the earth. The timing of such solar events usually precedes its terrestrial consequences by about 1 to 2 weeks, showing up several days after the discharge hits the magnetic field regions of the earth. Both Hurricanes Rita and Katrina were associated with this and the current storm is as well.

Short Circuit: Electrical Exchange into Space

For those interested in the issues of potential "Weather Control" and the more “exotic” alternative energy generation theories, the physics are similar. This is very much related to the Zero Point Energy (ZPE) and to the issues of Tesla's energy theories. It gets very much into the area of how the whole universe works. It gets into stellar physics real fast.

For those not so schooled in the issues, a starter course would be to note that the Hurricane is boiling off millions of tons of water into the atmosphere and then essentially quick freezing it. In this tropical location, condensation be transferring all this heat into hot air, but this time the air is actually extremely cold. In order for this cold to exist even for a moment in this region of rapid condensation – which is the Heat Recovery Phase – the storm has to be pumping this energy off into space either as hot air (which it is not) or by electromagnetic means. The electromagnetic freeze "ray" is beaming the energy away fast. The amount here is equal the detonation of a 20 megaton Hydrogen bomb every few minutes. To strip the planet of this much heat this fast requires an ionic short circuit into deep space.

If this hasn't confused you, then you are well on your way to understanding hurricanes and similar storms. It also removes any doubt that there is plenty of energy around to be used. This is the fast trip into the wild and wooly side of physics that is not popular with the tired old heads that dominate the field. (Don't bother those guys! They are mean and they don't take evidence well. This stuff upsets them a lot.) It may be further evidence confirming the theory that the sun and planets interact electrically. (Ref.)

Geologic Effects

Curiously this links up with the geologic side of the planet as well. Remember that all energy transfers go two ways. Yes, there is a relationship – though it isn't well understood – between the recent earthquakes and these storms. In the energy circulation on this planet, and its interactions with the space surrounding earth, they are all connected.

This report should get the Alternative Energy guys’ juices flowing. There is lots of energy out there. We have no shortage. We just don't know how to use it right now. Nature is dropping us a hint, if we have the wit to grasp the implications.

Imagine being able to tap into a small fraction of the energy flowing around this storm. Even an hour's energy from this storm would drive the USA for a long time.

# # #

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