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You are here: > News > Oct. 4, 2005

Site Secured for 1 MW Solar Power Plant

Within the next six months, International Automated Systems Inc (IAUS) plans to  complete four arrays of 25 lenses each that focus the sun's heat on a proprietary turbine system. Claims their power plant will be competitive with fossil-based power. Several hundred Megawatts installation next.  Biomass applications of turbine also progressing.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News - Exclusive
Copyright © 2005

Solar panels resemble magnifying glass lenses.  Approximately 1/8-inch thick, resilient material, withstands strong winds.

SALEM, UTAH, USA -- International Automated Systems Inc. (OTCBB: IAUS) has secured a site for its first 1 Megawatt solar power plant. Once in operation, the company hopes to expand beyond several hundred Megawatts.

The site, zoned for solar, is in the high southern desert of California near Barstow.

According to IAUS Public Relations Representative, Randy Johnson, construction will begin soon, with completion expected within six months.

We ran a story in August about IAUS and their unique solar design that features lenses that focus the sun's heat onto a highly efficient proprietary turbine system.

According to Johnson, the one-megawatt plant will be composed of four dishes with 25 hexagon-shaped lenses each, arrayed in three rows of eight that are staggered to accommodate the hexagon shape. To fill out the middle row, so that its ends are flush with the top and bottom rows, one lens will be split into two halves, which fit into those four-sided spaces. Each hexagon-shaped lens will be 22 feet in diameter, and will focus enough energy to generate around 10 kW. Overall height of the dish will be approximately 60 feet, and its length will be around 125 feet.

Mechanical Engineering Layout of production design; courtesy IAUS.
Click for larger image with labels.

The four dishes and the turbine housing will sit on around four acres.  The turbine assembly, with generator has a footprint of about ten feet by ten feet.  Then there is the condenser system as well, to complete the closed-loop circulation of the water through the system, which serves in heat transfer.

Comparison to Stirling Solar

The IAUS system is similar in several regards to Stirling Energy Systems' set-up, which is also targeting grid power applications, and is scheduled to be installed in Southern California.

Johnson points out several differences between the two.  The IAUS system has roughly the same efficiency as the Stirling Solar system in converting the sun's energy into usable power, but IAUS expects their system to be less expensive.

The IAUS system is rated to handle a wind load of 90 mph, while the Stirling Solar system is rated for 50 mph bursts.  Both systems require take-down in the case of severe storms.

Also, the Stirling Solar design requires their proprietary Stirling engine on every dish, whereas with the IAUS system, the heat collected by each dish is transferred to water which is piped to a central location where the turbine is situated.

Other Applications of the Turbine

IAUS Turbine has far more thermal
applications than just solar thermal.

IAUS is using their proprietary turbine system for many applications besides just converting solar heat into electricity.  They are pursing a number of biomass opportunities whereby they will convert waste wood into methanol, heat, and electricity.

Presently they have a contract to use the waste wood left over from a forest wood-pulp harvesting operation.  They are also looking to secure a supply of wood that come as a result of natural disasters such as hurricanes, because of downed trees and broken limbs.

Mobile Turbine Unit

The company is building a mobile turbine unit system that can be hauled behind a semi truck. They plan to use this both for demonstrations and for transport of a turbine to a point of sale or for temporary uses.

# # #


  • Phone interview with Randy Johnson, Public Relations Representative, Oct. 4, 2005
  • - Company website
  • Press release at Yahoo Biz, Sept. 29, 2005
  • A New Concentration for US Commercial-scale Solar Power - Peterborough,NH,USA
    ... been unveiled from Stirling Energy Systems and Solargenix, and this week came a new announcement from Utah-based International Automated Systems (IAUS), which ... 


International Automated Systems Inc., Salem
Randy Johnson, 801-423-8132

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Page posted by SDA October 1, 2005
Last updated December 24, 2014





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