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You are here: > News > Sept. 2, 2005

Gulf Oil Disruption Likely to Cripple U.S. and World Economy

The damage done to the Gulf oil and gas infrastructure is tremendous. Gas is in short supply in the region, further hampering restorative efforts. Snowball effect of rupturing this aorta of U.S. commerce is likely to be felt worldwide. Implementing alternatives to oil long overdue.

by Paul Noel
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2005

Weather Bombed!!!

I have just been looking at the pictures of the oil rigs in Mobile Bay. Remember that is a protected place compared to off shore. This was also at the far eastern edge of the storm. The rigs are smashed to trash. They are balled up ready for cutting torches. They look like aluminum foil balled up.

Hurricane Katrina spent 18 hours grinding Petronius into oblivion as a category 5 storm wheeling a turn of the storm over the area such that it got the maximum force of the storm. This was 175 mph winds with seas in excess of 100 feet. Petronius represented production of 5.5 million barrels of oil a day and something close to 25% of US Natural Gas supplies. In addition to this the storm took out nearly equal production facilities in the Western Gulf of Mexico. The losses in Mobile Bay may be up to 400 Billion standard cubic feet of Natural Gas this next 12 month. Petronius is larger.

The refineries which produce 45% of US refined products are flooded between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Their crews are if they are alive either trapped in New Orleans or refugees far away in places like my home of Huntsville, Alabama. I have yet to hear the status of Yellowhammer the big Shell plant in South Mobile County. I do know that the area suffered a 28 foot storm surge. The pictures I do see from the area leave me worried about its status.

There is little or no gasoline for sale in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida and several other states. The repair of the roads, pipelines and refineries and rigs involved here demands the factories in this area operate and full tilt. They cannot operate unless their people get gasoline to go to work. Within a week we are going to see starvation in the region. Don't worry too much for me. I was prepared a lot for this. I have my food supply well into the future.

The loss of the Natural Gas supply will be most serious. Natural Gas is used for peak loading of the power grid. This is about 30% of our national power generation now. (Mostly Gone!) We are in real trouble.

The President of the US is sleeping, unaware of the magnitude of the calamity that has happened. Inside info from the US Army Corps of Engineers reveals a damage area of nearly total destruction of 90,000 square miles. The permanently homeless here number about 7 million. The permanently unemployed are about 3 million. This situation is risking the collapse of the world economy. It is possible that those of us who lived through Katrina are the best off. I lived through it in North Alabama. We have wide spread damage but mostly minor here. On a "Fat Triangle extending essentially from Morgan City, La to Escambia County Florida, to a point about 100 miles south of Florence Alabama is nearly totally wiped out. Of course there are areas within this region which are OK, but in general the damage is very bad.

The duration of the problems here will be years.

The energy issues here represent a "World Wide Famine." This situation has endangered the survival of nearly one billion persons in the rest of the world. World War is almost certain to follow this.

As you can see from a previous posted article to your site from me, I warned of the seriousness of the situation before it happened. I cannot stress how important Alternative Energy Developments are to the country and to mankind. We cannot continue to risk our lives and fortunes on such a system as we now have.

In addition to this, New Orleans has been sinking for years. The rebuilding of the city is an insanity. Surely we need to help all we can the relocation of the residents. I praise your intuitive to help in this matter.

The reasons for New Orleans to be sinking are 3. [1] A city set on the muck of the Mississippi river will sink as it compresses water out of the muck. [2] Without re-supply of muck the city is certain to sink and the US Army Corps of Engineers has stopped flooding so well that this is occurring. [3] The single most important reason for this sinking is the Oil and Gas industry is withdrawing enough water, brine and oil/gas from the region that the whole region is sinking.

[Moreover, the levees are not solid but consist of dirt, sand and gravel. They are likely to fail more extensively as the ground beneath becomes re-saturated in the flooding.]

# # #

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Unnecessary dependence on oil

by Mary-Sue Haliburton, PES Network Editor
Friday, September 02, 2005 11:51 AM

All the scare talk about shortages and famine depends on perpetuating the errors of 20th-century thermodynamics. Therefore, we have to abandon the obsolete and self-defeating type of energy grid we have been using. The electricity would keep flowing from the "vacuum" (the universal source) if our systems weren't designed to choke it off.

Tom Bearden has been trying for years to get this story out. Maybe now it's time to start listening? Can't these electrical power plants be modified to reflect the principles he explains, and NOT shut off the source charge so that fuel has to be burned to keep re-starting the process?

According to Bearden there's no shortage of energy, just a shortage of intellectual rigor in the field of electrodynamics, and in the practical imagination to apply the long-overdue corrections to the basic principles. We need to circulate this information to civic and state authorities responsible for power supply and economic management.

Bush has even admitted, at least to a foreign audience, that being dependent on foreign oil is a security problem. In this audio clip he actually advocated diversifying the energy system away from this dependence. (Ref.)

The spin placed on this interview by the mass media in the U.S. was to underline his statement that bowing to Kyoto would wreck the U.S. economy. (Ref.) However, as it now appears, using this as an excuse for refusing to implement alternative technologies will result in wrecking the economy in a different and perhaps more total manner.

I hope that Mr. Bearden would be willing to write a short and specific proposal describing how power plants could be modified to undo the errors of the past and eliminate this need to guzzle fuel in order to produce electricity.


# # #


A link to an MP3 clip from this interview is on the introduction page of Bearden's website, Click on the hypertext link that is a quote from the interview: “We have got to diversify away from fossil fuels.......oil from the Middle East is a National Security problem.”  A typical example of news “spin” emphasizing the aspect of Bush’s comments that are most favorable to the oil industry.


We Pay the Power Company for a Sumo-Wrestling Match Inside Its Generators

We pay the power company to engage in a giant and continuous Sumo wrestling match inside its own generators, and to always lose that wrestling match. Our universities proudly keep training our engineers to specifically design our power systems that way, so they proudly keep building them that way. And the power meter stays on the houses and factories, the gas pump meter stays on the gas pump, and we keep burning train loads of coal and oil from fleets of tankers to maintain this mess.

We've been wasting all that fuel and all that money for the whole past century.

* * *

The electrodynamicists repeat that deceptive little Lorentz integration trick to this very day, in all the texts and all the papers {53 }. As a result, most electrical engineers and even many electrical physicists have thoroughly confused electrical energy and energy flow with electrical energy dissipation and the flow of that dissipation energy component. A confusion in electrical engineering exists between EM work and EM energy, and every leading sophomore physics book shows this confusion. One cannot "draw power" from a generator, e.g. Power is the rate of doing work, and work is the change of energy form, so power is the rate at which the form of energy is being changed. A priori, that can only occur in the component where the form of the energy is actually being changed. The energy pouring from a generator's terminals has absolutely no "power" until it is intercepted and diverged or changed in form.

* * *

On the other hand, Heaviside pointed out that the diverged (Poynting) component was only a small component of the energy flow { [58] }. However, Heaviside could not explain what was producing such a startlingly large flow of energy from the terminals of the battery or generator. He thus spoke cautiously [30] in terms of the "angles" the two components—diverged and nondiverged—made with some reference direction {58 }. The Lorentz "solution" to the problem—just ignore all that extra nondiverged energy flow—matched the fundamental instrumental measurements in the dissipating circuit. So today all the texts and engineers calculate "the energy flow" as just that feeble little Poynting fraction of it caught by our circuits and dissipated in them { [59] }. That's a non sequitur of first magnitude which—inexplicably!—continues to be perpetuated throughout electrodynamics, and particularly throughout electrical engineering.

The electrodynamicists actually calculate only a small component of the total energy flow already extracted—by the source dipole in our circuits—from the vacuum, and do not recognize the actual vacuum source for the energy that powers every electrical circuit. They continue to mistake the part for the whole, and continue to eliminate the active vacuum from their discipline, nearly half a century after the discovery of the interaction of the vacuum with that source dipole and the dipole's broken symmetry in it. Literally hundreds of texts and technical books, and thousands of scientific papers, contain these glaring foundations error. It is ironical that not a single electrical engineering department in the United States teaches how an electromagnetic circuit is actually powered.

* * * *

Wildly inaccurate, sensationalist

by Gary Vesperman
Friday, September 02, 2005 9:22 PM
Subject: Paul Noel's article is inaccurate

I don't believe Paul Noel's article "Gulf Oil Disruption Likely to Cripple U.S. and World Economy" is accurate. Wildly inaccurate, sensationalist articles damage the credibility of your energy newsletter.

Follow-up Coverage

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan September 2, 2005
Last updated December 24, 2014





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