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You are here: > News > Aug. 18, 2005

Late EV Gray's Nephew Wants to Resurrect Famed Free Energy Motor


Open Source Energy Network Today in Free Energy™ > Friday, August 19 (high)   (low) (7 min) - EV Gray's nephew talks; fuel cell heat and power for British homes; CERN neutrino project on target; Perdue molecular electronics; Senators see global warming up north. (OSEN)

The Gray motor was the first market-ready prototype replication of Nikola Tesla's radiant energy phenomenon. It never made it to market for reasons that his nephew described as paranoia, secrecy, and greed. He took his invention with him to the grave -- or did he?

by Sterling D. Allan
Copyright © 2005
Pure Energy Systems News Exclusive

Who is EV Gray?

Free Energy Secrets to Cold Electricity by Peter Lindemann

If you Google free energy, the first website in the results is, Peter Lindemann's site -- and it has been this way for several years. (ref)  I mention this because of Google's reputation for relevance.

In this particular case, I take exception with Google's results, inasmuch as I have been working to broaden the accepted definition of "free energy" to include all sources of energy that are free for the taking (though the devices that harness that energy are not free), including solar, wind, and in addition, the more exotic modalities such as zero point energy.  Our sister site, which is chock full of information along these lines, lags in fourth place in Google's results.

Obviously, there is something about Lindemann's relatively small website that somehow nails the "free energy" mindset as it is currently most commonly used, spurring enough cross-links to his site that it then comes up first in Google.  What is it?

Ed Gray demonstrating motor in 1977

US Patent 4,595,975 Does not specify dimensions or make-up of Gray Conversion Tube

Featured on Lindemann's site is the concept of "radiant energy" as put forth by Nikola Tesla (the king of free energy) and then later further expanded by Edwin V. Gray.  Lindemann's site showcases a book Lindemann transcribed from a lecture he gave called "The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity". 

A prominent boast in Lindemann's book is the assertion that he has figured out how EV Gray's motor worked. However, Lindemann also contradicts himself by noting that several key pieces of information are yet missing, which has so far prevented a successful replication. His appendices list Gray's patents in full.

I mention all this to document the next-to-center-stage position that EV Gray holds in the field of free energy, with Tesla at center stage.

What Gray accomplished, which has captured the imagination of so many, was to harness Tesla's radiant energy effect, enabling a mechanical device to tap into what Tesla described as the "wheelwork of nature."  Gray's devices (he built several) put out excess energy in the range of hundreds to thousands of Watts.  Investors pumped tens of millions of dollars into his operation.

When Gray died (I avoid the phrase "passed away" for reasons you will see below) it would seem that he took his secrets with him to the grave.

Meanwhile, hundreds of individuals from around the world have been attempting to recreate what Gray accomplished, mostly to no avail except when original inventiveness is present to fill in some missing pieces.  And even at that, there are still no devices available on the marketplace that incorporate this technology.  The field is on the brink of such a breakthrough, with several companies vying to be the first, but as of yet, they are all still working out bugs prior to having anything that will stand up to consumer-use needs.

Gray had that -- a prototype set refined enough to commence the production process.

My Own Involvement

I personally have been involved in three projects that are related to the Gray motor.  The first was the posting of some designs by Alan Francoeur, who is in possession of one of EV Gray's motors and has been trying to refurbish and back-engineer it.

Next came an open-source replication project by Gary Magratten (ref), whose plans I posted on our website.  While he had some preliminarily promising results, he had not yet fully proven the viability of his design.  Still, he disclosed several missing pieces to the puzzle.

The other project was the Bedini SG replication project which I founded with permission from John Bedini (who employs Peter Lindemann as an associate in his lab, which I visited).  That project has dynamically evolved and is still very active, with new replications born regularly, and improvements reported.  There are even a few claims to the "over unity" eureka -- successfully harnessing the radiant energy effect.  Despite these claims, though, I have remained skeptical as I have yet to see any one of these claims backed up by a believable report of materials, methods, and irrefutable data results.  After three months of intense effort myself at achieving this eureka, on the premise that it was "easy" if one just followed instructions, I abandoned my replication attempt out of need to survive.

So, with this background, you can imagine my delight when out of the blue yesterday, the nephew of EV Gray phoned me, wanting to talk.  I took seven pages of notes.

The Nephew Speaks

He would not give me his name, nor would he give me his phone number nor any other contact information. He says that he does not wish to be traceable at this point, This nephew supposes there are still a lot of angry investors out there. He fears that they might go after him to try to recover at least some of their losses, and says he has nothing to give them.

I suggested to him that it might help de-fuse some of that anger if those investors and their heirs knew that EV Gray’s relative wants to make good on his uncle's promises of a return -- after successfully bringing the technology to market. He said that this is his intention -- if he can get it to that stage, which is something he does wish to pursue.

He started out the conversation by making it clear that he believes in the technology -- he saw it with his own eyes on many occasions over the course of several years.  He had five of the devices secretly stowed away in the back of his store for security.  EV Gray would come around every month or so and work on one of them, and leave with a big smile on his face having made some improvement or other.  "AC power would come out one end, and DC out the other."

There was another motor that disappeared with Dorothy, EV Gray's girlfriend at the time of his death; and the nephew was wondering where it might have ended up. Having seen mention on one of my sites that one of the originals was being refurbished, Gray’s nephew was curious about whether it might be that missing model. That is why he was calling me.

In all that time, with all those opportunities, the longest he ever saw one of the motors running continuously was just two hours (not that it wouldn't run longer than that, but that this was the limit of his curiosity and interest at the time).

Because his dad was EV Gray's front man -- organizing his appearances and interfacing with the various interests involved – this nephew’s exposure was substantial, even though he wasn't directly involved himself, being 25-35 years old at the time.

He said that EV Gray was an extremely secretive, paranoid, and greedy person, all of which led to his technology going nowhere after his death.

EV Gray never told one person more than just a part of the process, so that he, himself, was the only one who ever knew completely how the technology worked.  Those involved in making components for the device only knew enough to complete one segment of the device.

He was ever on the move, usually living in campgrounds and trailers in different locations, afraid that he might be tracked down.  He had a post office box rather than a physical address.

The nephew said that his uncle turned down two massive offers that were essentially the same, one from the Israeli government, and the other from the Japanese government in league with some of the major automobile manufacturers in Japan. Both parties offered one billion dollars to be paid out over ten years, to secure the right to manufacture the technology -- as well as royalty payments on sales. "He thought he could do better than that, so he turned them down," the nephew said.

"The Japanese group was going to design a car around the device, from the ground up."

"If he wasn't so greedy, we [the family], would all be billionaires by now," the nephew said.  He wondered why his uncle never tried to manufacture the device himself.  "We offered to help him, but he was not interested."

At one point, EV Gray even tried to get President Nixon to unveil his motor. He presented his technology to a group of U.S. government and military officials and physicists at the Pentagon. They were not so receptive. After viewing the presentation, they said, "that is impossible," accused him of some kind of chicanery, and walked out. (I offer my opinion that a possible scenario is that the black-ops military already had a form of the technology, and they used this boorish response as a way to shoe Gray off their porch without cluing in the non-initiated officials in their midst.)

EV Gray Motors


The nephew said that his uncle hauled the various replications -- perhaps as many as fifteen -- to demonstrations in his forty-foot trailer. He made the frame out of nearly every material imaginable to show that this had no influence on the performance of the device. He made the motors of various shapes and configurations to help show what was and was not germane to the functionality.

The basic design consisted of a battery bank that would run the motor-generator, which would in turn charge another set of batteries, then once the input batteries got down to 85% capacity, the machine would automatically switch so that the output batteries were then on the input side.  He could allegedly do this indefinitely, with excess energy being generated all the while.  He said that the batteries would last as long on his device as they would on an automobile through continual charge/discharge cycles over time.

In the course of giving these demonstrations, EV Gray attracted 70 million dollars in investment money.  The nephew said his uncle was lavish with those funds, which was part of the reason the investors ended up turning on him -- not to mention the many grand offers for licensing that he turned down, such as the two mentioned above.

"One day Federal Marshals showed up with a horse trailer, and came into my store with a warrant to confiscate the devices that were being held in my store," the nephew explained.   "I called my uncle and my dad and they said to do as the court order requested, so I did."  Named on the court document were several investors.  This was in the "late 80's early 90's."

Not long after that, EV Gray died. 1992 was the year the nephew mentioned. The circumstances of this death are in dispute, with conspiracy theories abounding.

"The fact is, he had a hole in his skull the size of a hammer [head]", the nephew said.  He believes that his uncle's girlfriend, Dorothy, bludgeoned him with a hammer while he was sitting in front of the TV."

"The next day she had a yard sale, packed up, and left."

He referred to her as "a gold digger", perhaps implying that this mine had gone bad, so she cut out and left.

While the Feds took the five motors that were stowed away in the nephew's store, they did not take the circuit boards, "which are the key to making the motors work."  The nephew later trashed the circuit boards, so they are no longer available.  As he did not explain this action, it is hard to understand why such a crucial element of the design should have had no value in his eyes. Or it may be that he has only come to appreciate their potential value later in life, too late to reverse the earlier shortsighted act.

Where to from Here?

The nephew said he was quite astonished (he used the word "shocked") to see how much stuff was out there relating to his uncle's work. He said he hasn't had time in his life up until now to pursue anything along these lines, but that now, finally, he is interested in seeing whether he can take his uncle’s technology the distance.

While no one person might have all the knowledge necessary, he thinks that by getting a few of these earlier players together that they might be able to bring enough missing pieces together to complete the puzzle.

At this point in the conversation, I broached the possibility of getting his name and contact information.  He said that I "must keep it 100% confidential -- to the point of going to jail if it should come to that."  I was not willing to be so dramatic; I have a family to support; so I declined.

As mentioned above, he is worried that there are "probably still a lot of disgruntled investors out there who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars," and they or their descendants might want to try and get some justice any way they can.

A couple of his cousins lost their homes because of it, and would probably not be interested in any collaborative effort at this time, but he would like to at least try to get them involved.

Again, this is somewhat contradictory. While these people might be angry, the possibility of bringing this to fruition might give them a reason to bury the hatchet, at least for a while.

If his dad was a front-man and organizer for Gray, would that previous-generation name be known at least to some people and investors? Just mentioning his familial connection means this nephew would be identifiable -- unless he’s changed his name.


While in part I am glad to see this development, it seems to me that the nephew is afflicted at least to some degree with the paranoia and greed problems that his uncle had.  However, if one is suspicious of people to this extent, it will be difficult to obtain their collaboration and trust. Some caution is prudent for anyone, but there is a point in which caution becomes paralyzing, and it seems to me that this nephew is leaning too far toward the extreme of that balancing act.

Nikola Tesla wanted to give this technology to the world.  He wasn't in it for the money.  For over 100 years we have languished, trying to replicate the science our society refused in his day.  Until we also replicate his humanity, "free energy" on the scale he envisioned, will continue to evade us.

That said, if you are game for this nephew's endeavor, let me know, and the next time he contacts me -- if he contacts me again -- I'll pass on your name to him and let him decide if he wants to contact you in return.

It doesn't seem that there is is much chance of this succeeding for the reasons stated above.

Open source is the way to blow the lid off this suppressed technology.  Give the core technology away to the world -- like the Internet.  There will be many ways to make money from there, to support your needs and provide some prosperity as well, while cleaning up the planet and providing opportunities for billions of people because of the advent of very cheap energy.

If someone is of a mind to bilk billions in that process, they are of the wrong mindset, and the universe will spew them out, bringing their intentions to naught.  Case in point: EV Gray.

I've created an index page at PESWiki for a directory of resources relating to Edwin V. Gray's work. (see)  Feel free to add any links that are pertinent there, or even to add some explanations that might be missing from the body of literature.

# # #



<Email me > If/when the nephew calls me back, I can relay your message.


From: "Alan Gillette" <email >
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 3:00 PM
Subject: Edwin Gray's brother


I read your article on E.V. Gray's nephew wanting to resurrect this technology.

You also mention you may be interested in knowing what brother of E. V. Gray was a "front man" for his enterprise.

I believe that would be Renate Gray, whose name appears on a letter to Dr. Lindemann, displayed in Lindemann's book, "Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity".


Alan Gillette
Los Angeles

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Aug. 18, 2005
Last updated December 24, 2014





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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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   Second, it is violently opposed; and
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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