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You are here: > News > May 1, 2005

James McCanney Announces Plans to Replicate Tesla's Tower

Having written a book on the subject, he now intends to build a full-scale version of this tower that he says will both tap into free energy and disseminate it wirelessly.  Counter points asserts that Tesla and subsequent researchers miniaturized the tower down to a much more workable size, and that reconstruction of the Tower would only be an exercise in nostalgia -- Tesla himself had moved beyond it.

(See: McCanney's belated response below.)

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2005

James M. McCanney, M.S.

Author of Atlantis to Tesla, and frequent talk-show radio guest on subjects such as Planet X and earth changes, James McCanney, announced on April 28, 2005 that he has "completed the preliminary plans to build a full-scale Tesla tower."

McCanney, a self-described "rebel" astrophysicist from Cornell University, points out that the universe and our solar system are highly electrical in nature, and that Tesla had figured out how to tap into that energy that surrounds us, and then convey it for practical use by mankind -- free, through the air.

At least part of the fruits of Tesla's work are attested to in the fact that today's alternating current, central to today's electrical grid, is his invention.  He also contributed significantly to the development of radio (some still argue that he deserves credit as the first, not Marconi).  Tesla once demonstrated the wireless conveyance of electricity at the 1893 Worlds Fair, lighting Chicago's Columbian Exposition.

Wardenclyffe tower with dome frame.
Completed in 1904.

The Wardenclyffe tower, also called a "magnifying transmitter," was meant to be the start of a global system for wireless telecommunications and a national (and later global) system of towers broadcasting power to users wirelessly in a manner like radio. Instead of supplying electricity through a current grid system, users would simply "receive" power through antennas on their roofs.  The source of energy was alleged to come from the Earth's electromagnetic fields.  The energy flux of a turning planet could be magnified and converted to electrical power.

The tower was scrapped for metal to be used in WWII. Today, its principles are implemented by HAARP, which is used for weather modification, and was recently bought by the Carlyle Group (Bush connections) from the U.S. Govt.

Construction on the Wardenclyffe tower began in 1900 on Long Island, New York. Famous architect, Stanford White, designed the non-technical skeleton, which is what most photographs convey.   Rising 187 feet, with a steel shaft running 120 feet into the ground, the tower was topped with a 55-ton, 68-foot diameter metal dome.

In 1905, the project was abandoned per the withdrawal of support by JP Morgan.  A world bent on war and mistrust would not have it.  The tower would not only be capable of power transmission for peaceful uses, but also had destructive applications.  "The art is already so far developed that the great destructive effects can be produced at any point on the globe, defined beforehand with great accuracy," Tesla wrote. (ref)  Some allege that the Tunguska explosion of June 30th, 1908 may have been caused by Nikola Tesla.  "The explosion, estimated to be equivalent to 10-15 megatons of TNT, flattened 500,000 acres of pine forest near the Stony Tunguska River in central Siberia. Whole herds of reindeer were destroyed. Several nomadic villages were reported to have vanished. The explosion was heard over a radius of 620 miles." (ref)

Is the world ready for this technology now?

McCanney seems to think so.

"I was going to do it silently.  However, with the people following me these days there is no such thing, so I am just going to do it in full view of everyone," he declares on his site.

In his book Atlantis to Tesla, McCanney purports that the ancient science of Atlantis and Tesla have been rediscovered, along with the source of unlimited electrical power.  It also discusses the secret societies that McCanney says have come to control the governments of the world, and how they have come to exert control over the dissemination of power, when that power could be attained freely from the electrical universe.

In a section called "Nicola Tesla's Tower..." on his very large home page, McCanney asserts: "My theoretical work has rediscovered the principles of the Tesla tower and unlimited free electrical power from the ionosphere, as printed in my book Atlantis to Tesla."

He asserts that "the military built such a tower last July (only a few short weeks after the release of my Atlantis to Tesla book on the July 7, 2003 Coast to Coast program) near Kanata* Canada; and when they tapped into the ionosphere (the idiots did not put any control electronics on their tower) the surge blew out the north east electric power grid corridor."

In his Coast to Coast AM interview, McCanney said that the Atlanteans had achieved a high level of technology before their end, including a spacecraft that used a series of glass tubes as part of its propulsion system. He also spoke about a huge statue of Poseidon in Atlantis that had an antenna on the top of it for collecting energy, not dissimilar to Tesla technology. (ref)

McCanney says that one must read his first book in order to understand the second, Atlantis to Tesla.  The first is titled: Planet-X: Comets & Earth Changes: A Scientific Treatise on the Effects of a new large Planet or Comet arriving in our Solar System and Expect Earth Weather and Earth Changes.  He says one has to understand the science of an electrical Solar System.  "You won't understand the electrical fields that [Tesla] was tapping into to produce unlimited electrical energy out of the atmosphere unless you go back to the source of that energy, the Sun."

"Our Sun emits hundreds, if not thousands, of times more energy in the form of electrical energy than it does in the form of light energy." (ref)

On the "Opening Statement" page of his website, he says, "the original and well thought out work of my past decades are contained only on my home page," not elsewhere on the internet where he says scores of "copycat", "non-scientists" post plagiarized versions of his work.

A website about "Planet X and the Pole Shift" points out that McCanney tends to come from a point of view that everyone who doesn't agree with him is a government disinformation agent, while those who agree but don't cite him are plagiarists.  They also point out that "Mr. McCanney often calls himself 'Professor McCanney' although his own biography only shows that he was an introductory lecturer at Cornell University for 2 years in 1979-80. No where does Mr. McCanney show that he earned the title Professor." (ref)

McCanney did not respond to an email request for an interview to answer questions such as how this Tesla Tower project would be funded, and how he intends to keep it from being used for destructive applications.  His toll-free book order phone line rang without answer.

While the thought of building Tesla's Tower seems noble enough, the question of who builds it and why is an important one.

# # #

See Counter-Point below.  Asserts that Tesla and subsequent researchers had miniaturized the tower down to a much more workable size, and that reconstruction of the Tower would only be an exercise in nostalgia -- Tesla himself had moved beyond it.

- Ken Rasmussen alerted us to this development.



  • Atlantis To Tesla—The Kobrin Connection: The Science Of Atlantis And Tesla Are Rediscovered, Giving A Unique, Untold View Of Life On The Lost Continent, Ancient Spacecraft Design, Unlimited Electrical Power, And The Secret Societies.
    • Intended as part two of a two-part book, with part one being Planet X, Comets & Earth Changes.
    • The phone number for ordering the two-book set is: 800-289-2891. The mail-order address is: JMCC, P.O. Box 58, Navarre, MN 55392.
  • Kolbrin Bible - How to get a copy - "It's something that is held tightly within small groups, and basically handed down within families." -- McCanney


  • email: <jmcc{at} >
  • book order line: 800-289-289

Counter Points

by Mary-Sue Haliburton, Ontario, PESN

Tesla Achieved Tower Miniaturization

From: Mary-Sue
Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2005 12:11 PM

I have some major problems with this article. The author refers to the Wardenclyffe tower as broadcasting "electricity", as if that were the same as "Radiant" Energy.

As Gerry Vassilatos explains in his book Secrets of Cold War Technology, what Tesla was proposing to broadcast was Radiant Energy, which is of a different order from electricity. The "gross" electrons are stripped away, and the higher form of energy is harnessed. This is "aetheric" energy, which is mind-elevating and growth-enhancing. In his demonstrations, Tesla would stand in a discharge of this radiant energy, or have it cross through his body without ill effect, instead of being electrocuted as would have happened if he'd been using electricity. Unlike ordinary electricity, Radiant/Aetheric energy is non-destructive of life.

What scuttled the Wardenclyffe tower was Tesla's attempt to get funding from J.P. Morgan. At the time, Morgan was busy taking over the medicinal profession and its schools in order to force the unpopular, toxic but highly profitable allopathic system onto an unwilling society, while simultaneously trying to eliminate the practice of non-toxic herbal, chiropractic and homeopathic approaches. When he found out that the Radiant Energy Tesla was going to broadcast would improve everyone's health, he put a stop to it. His business plan required a sickly population. Tesla was probably not aware of the extent of the Morgan-Rockefeller plans to control but not to cure disease as a means of garnering greater profit and political power.

References for this:

Considering all these things, it is hard to tell whether James McCanney really knows what he's proposing to do! Maybe we should get Eric Dollard to write a commentary. Meanwhile, there's an online summary of the historical events here:


The Magnifying Transmitter
"The closest Tesla came to a world wide industrial application of his Radiant Energy dream was the construction of his huge Magnifying Transmitter at Shoreham, Long Island, a site which he named Wardenclyffe. ...Marconi was fast locking up the market and Morgan, ever the aggressor, wanted a share of the market. When Tesla told him that the transmitter could transmit 'intelligence' to the world, Morgan assumed that he meant ordinary radio communications, but Tesla was not referring to ordinary radio transmissions. He was talking about something much bigger, but avoided revealing all to Morgan during this early phase of the Wardenclyffe project. …"

Morgan & Westinghouse
"Morgan had already orchestrated circumstances in Tesla’s life in order to force Tesla to be dependent on him for financial backing. ... Morgan was powerful enough to black list Tesla among the Eastern Establishment elites that previously had hobnobbed and feted with Tesla as if he was one of their own."

"In 1914, Tesla was deeply in debt and signed over the deed of Wardenclyffe Station to pay off years of back rent due to the owners of the New Yorker Hotel where he was living (he occupied two penthouse suites in the hotel). In 1917, the hotel owners had the tower demolished and its parts sold for salvage. Despite the loss of Wardenclyffe, Tesla continued to refine his understanding of Radiant Energy and miniaturize the equipment needed to produce it. He eventually was able to reduce the equipment down to the size of a suit case."

No "tower" is needed, other than as an exercise in nostalgia. Eric Dollard has worked on this for a long time and appears to have replicated the radiant energy and the small size, yet refrains from grandstanding and bombast.  He just works away quietly as one would expect of a dedicated scientist. Please see: (several low-cost publications listed)

Video demonstrations by this exceptional scientist are available online. See:

(scroll down to the following excerpt)

Eric Dollard Videos
"Eric Dollard is the only man known to be able to accurately reproduce many of Tesla's experiments with Radiant energy and wireless transmissions because he understands that conventional electrical theory only includes half of the story. The typical Hertizian, electro magnetic field of Transverse Waves is the gross by-product of a much more powerful, but hidden, energy envelope which is manifested as Longitudinal, standing waves in a scalar nodal matrix, not propagated in the up and down, ocean wave fashion as seen in transverse waves. Eric Dollard is the most knowledgeable authority on Tesla technology that I've ever encountered. " [two video titles are offered]

List of links and related books.

Secrets of Cold War Technology: Project Haarp and Beyond by Gerry Vassilatos. 

Other references by and to this author:

  • Borderlands has also published a new edition of:
    The Cosmic Pulse of Life: the Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs, by Trevor J. Constable.
    This truly revolutionary book explains the use of "orgone" energy – which, if I understand both sources correctly, may be the same as "radiant" energy – in both the “UFO” ships and in the pulsating, etheric life-forms that operate in our atmosphere. Though they cannot be seen with our limited human eyes, they are visible on military radar (leading to pursuits by fighter aircraft carrying heat-seeking weapons) and on infrared film. Constable’s pioneering photography has now been independently replicated by two other teams of researchers.

* * * *

More Credible References

From: Mary-Sue
Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2005 3:47 PM

Warning bells go off in my mind every time an author claims that everyone ELSE is committing plagiarism! Seems like a pot calling the kettle black in this case. There are no attributions in his article... nor on his website as far as I’ve looked at it. (Not much is text, and some of that is misspelled, which doesn’t inspire me to listen to the audio material.)

For authoritative scientific data about the electrical universe theory, please see the articles by and about astronomers and cosmologists such as Wallace Thornhill, Ralph Juergens, Anthony Peratt, and the late Hannes Alfven, who originated and developed the idea. Over several decades, these men bore the brunt of criticism from indignant colleagues for having the temerity to question the gravitational model:

I have the Vassilatos book and recommend it – despite how much he despises editors! This book gives a lot more detail and accurate history, carefully defines aetheric energy and how it differs from electricity, and explains why Tesla left AC current and ordinary electricity behind in his later years. I have not finished reading this densely-packed text yet, but so far have found the effort worthwhile. Every page is like a whole chapter in other books.


* * * *

Kanata Canada?

From: Mary-Sue Haliburton
Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2005 1:44 PM

RE the following paragraph:

"[McCanney] asserts that "the military built such a tower last July (only a few short weeks after the release of my Atlantis to Teslabook on the July 7, 2003 Coast to Coast program) near Kanata Canada; and when they tapped into the ionosphere (the idiots did not put any control electronics on their tower) the surge blew out the north east electric power-grid corridor."

It is difficult to make sense of this reference to a "Kanata Canada". Do a Google map search and you'll get only some hotels listed (with a marker in Winnipeg) but not a map for any city by that name. The only town which did have that name -- i.e. Kanata, Ontario -- was, over the objections of its citizens, forcibly amalgamated into Ottawa in 2000, though the name still works as a postal address. I have not seen, or heard of, any towers being built there -- other than the usual red and white cell-phone/microwave transmitter towers bristling with drums and dishes -- of which I have noted several new ones in that suburb recently. By relating this alleged Wardenclyffe-type tower construction chronologically to his publication date, McCanney appears to imply that his book’s appearance somehow influenced events. However, such a tower was actually built (somewhere) at all, it would have had to be planned a few years ahead for the materials, land, and rights to be acquired, contractors hired, etc. Purely coincidental, nothing to do with McCanney.

NB: "Kanata" is actually an aboriginal word which meant either "our village" or "this place". But the first Europeans to reach the St. Lawrence River, ignorant of the native language, thought their hosts were referring to the entire land mass. "Kanata" is an archaic spelling which evolved into "Canada".

McCanney Response

Before reading this response, you might want to review quickly the information that McCanney has at this time on his site on the subject (search "Tesla") (back-up copy here), which is quite close to what it was back when we composed this story.

You sure missed the boat

From: jmcc com
Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 9:13 AM
Subject: note on article about "Tesla Tower"

Dear Allen

I just saw the article about me building a tesla tower to TRANSMIT ENERGY

WOW ... you sure missed the boat on that one as i have never said anything about that

also at the end you refer to BIO as the CIA sponsored disinformation site which is total lies and misinformation ... seems your intent here was to misinform and not to inform ... there is so much misinformation in your article i really have to ask you to take it down

if people want information on what i am doing they can go to my site where the real information is located

also my real bio page is as follows 

not the trash you refer to ... a "bio" written by someone who has never met me nor do they know anything about me at all ... i cannot believe you refer to that an not my real bio

am not sure who sue halliburton is but she also misses tons of real issues and substitutes with misleading information ... like her disertation on kanata ... anyone who is anyone knows there is an underground base there staffed by british and american interests ... also a tower can be erected and removed in less than an hour with current technology ... this ain't the cave ages ... where did you get this woman to present as some kind of "expert"

sorry ... i like a lot of stuff on your page but this article is really out in left field ... that is why i do not post on any one else's site and i tell people specifically for this very reason that if they want to know what i am doing or what i said to go to my page only ... people that follow my work know that so when they see something like this they take it with a grain of salt

jim mccanney

* * * *


From: Sterling D. Allan
Sent: Saturday, November 26, 2005 3:43 PM
Subject: Re: note on article about "Tesla Tower"

Hi James,

I thought the tower Tesla was building was to transmit power.

You are planning on replicating the tower, right?

Where on your site do you discuss this? It would be nice if we had a link to a page just on this subject.

Please note that I did try to reach you at the time I composed that story, and my inquiries were not returned.



* * * *

From: jmcc com
Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2005 8:42 PM
Subject: Re: note on article about "Tesla Tower"

We not sure where you get your information but it is wayyyy off base. I emailed Matthew in the states so you may want to get together with him regarding that email and NO the original tower was not to transmit power. That is a cheap cover story. So where did he get the power to transmit? Mr. McCanney only reports on his own page and has repeatedly stated that transmitting power like you suggest is a bad idea. We are not interested in educating you. Please take down your article as it is total misinformation. Sorry for being short in this email but we are very busy now and I am in a hurry to get this brief message out.

Thank you

Mary (email screener for Mr. McCanney)

See also

Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Apr. 13, 2005
Last updated December 24, 2014





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