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You are here: > News > April 7, 2005

PROTELF = Proton - Electron Fusion

Sub-excited Neutron Production and subsequent energy release by stimulated K-electron capture.  Paper regarding the Vallee Synergetic Generator.


From: <Adrian Akau >
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 7:55 PM
Subject: Article on Professor Vallιe's theory
Dear Sterling,

I wrote this article about the work of Professor Vallιe to be used for your web-site, should you choose to put it on. Please note the diagrams in the attachment. The translation from French to English was done today, April 6 by Professor Quesnel, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Catholic University of Petropolis, R.J. Brazil.

Best regards,

Adrian Akau
Pahala, Hawaii
Refer to attached ppt document:
- Principle Scheme
- Fields Alignment
- Electron Stopped
- Fusion of Electron with Nucleus
- Atomic State Changed
- Energy Contribution


Article about the work of Professor Vallιe

By Adrian Akau


       Translation of diagram wording by Professor Quesnel

"The Synergetic effect has been fully confirmed in June 1973 during the Tokamak incident at the CEN-FAR (Centre d'Essai Nuclιaire de Fontenay Aux Roses, Nuclear Tests Facilities of Fontenay Aux Roses in France)...During this incident the Tokamak chamber was destroyed by 6 Mev b radiation produced only with 5 volts at 300.000 A." (JL Naudin)

The theory is important because it provides us with a means of producing nuclear energy without requiring high temperatures.

In almost all cases where a nucleus gives off an electron, it is also found that the nucleus may also undergo a competing opposite process called electron capture. This article is concerned with electron capture by the nucleus of an atom.

The electron capture activity involves the absorption of an electron by a proton in the nucleus. This fusion procedure forms the nucleus of the next lower element. The new element is unstable and has a short life. It quickly discharges a beta particle and then becomes the original element. The process draws energy from very short waves in space.

I the process below, 3.79 keV represents the binding kinetic energy of an electron in the K-electron shell of mon-atomic hydrogen. A gamma ray of 3.79 keV causes it to stop and fall to the proton in the nucleus. Let us look at an example:

proton + electron + 3.79 keV gamma ray = sub-excited neutron + neutrino

Please note that the type of neutrino Professor Vallee is talking about corresponds to the electron but has no charge.

JL Naudin is presently conducting experiments for the purpose of testing Professor Vallee's theory by using a device called the Vallee Synergetic Generator (VSG). The main material used is a pure carbon rod which acts as a pump or converter. If he is successful, this could lead to a low temperature fusion reactor.

The system works:
a) the electron from the Carbon fuses with one of its protons to make a lower element
b) the artificial Boron nucleus is out of resonance with the surrounding energy in the space. Carbon is regenerated in the process.

JL Naudin states the required conditions:
1. The fields of the electrons and the nucleus of the carbon atoms must be aligned by the use of a co-linear E-field and B-field.
2. The energy of the external photon (gamma) is used to absorb kinetic energy of the electron.
3. The electrons stopped by the photon may then be attracted by the carbon nucleus.
4. A nuclear reaction is started: the Carbon is transmuted into radioactive Boron (decay rate of 20ms)
5. Energy waves contained in the vacuum surrounding the nucleus are trapped by the nucleus of the radioactive Boron and then the Boron is transmuted back into Carbon accompanied by a strong energy pulse of 13 Mev.

"The basic assumption of the Synergetic theory is that everything is electromagnetic, that energy is in electromagnetic form and more precisely in the form of waves, of a multitude of waves being propagated in all directions. The frequency of these waves (10^15 GHz) is too high to detect. The stability of matter is explained by Synergetic theory as a resonance of the nuclei of the atoms which form any matter with vacuum energy. Radioactivity which is proof of the instability of atoms may be explained as a 'bad resonance'." (JL. Naudin-March 6, 2005.)


From: Adrianakau{at}
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 2:30 PM
Subject: Article

Dear Sterling,

Thank you for posting the article. It is not as well written as I would wish it to be because my comprehension of nuclear events is lacking. Would it be possible to make the drawings more accessible because it takes so long to download from the ppt document format? I think that the drawings presented along with the article would be much better because the information is confusing as well as boring to read without some direct pictoral reference.

Professor Vallee's son (Franck) read the article and said that I did not do justice in explaining his father's theory because it was too simplified. Yet, it is a difficult topic to explain and I am just a beginner. Franck said he thought it should be presented in 3 or 4 episodes but I am not qualified to do this.

Mr. Naudin appreciated the article and said that the theory was verified 31 years ago:

"The Synergetic effect has been fully confirmed in june 1973 during the Tokamak incident at the CEN-FAR (Centre d'Essai Nuclιaire de Fontenay Aux Roses, Nuclear Tests Facilities of Fontenay Aux Roses in France)...During this incident the Tokamak chamber has been destroyed by a 6 Mev b radiations produced only with 5 volts at 300.000 A."

He suggested I look at the website and see if I could have it translated from French into English. (see at :

Professor Quesnel would like to translate the book on Synergetics first into Portuguese and then into English beginning in August of this year. I have written to Franck for his father's agreement on this matter.

I wish I could write better than I have done and feel that my article could definitely be improved upon but I lack the necessary knowledge at the present time.

Best regards,


* * * *

From: Adrianakau{at}
Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2005 2:16 PM
Subject: Corrections to the article.

Dear Sterling,

Upon the suggestion of Professor Quesnel, I have written to Franck Vallee requesting that he help me correct the errors in my article. As I am rather ignorant on this specialized topic, I am sure that his assistance will be of great benefit in clarifying what is happening. I am not a physicist and know that have left out much of the terminology and details in order to make it easy to understand for the reader who is not a nuclear physicist. I felt that the main points to indicate were:

1. The reaction was a valid one and produced large quantities of energy
2. The reaction occurred at room temperature under specfied conditions whereby the magnetic fields of the electron and nucleus were aligned.
3. No materials were used up so that the reaction was truly removing energy from the space surrounding the nucleus and that the unstable nucleus was acting as an energy pump.

Whether or not the reaction can be controlled by the device developed by J.L. Naudin or some other device is not yet known. What should be known, however, is that this reaction and others similar to it should be investigated carefully to determine if a useful reactor might be constructed. It would be tragic to neglect such an opportunity knowing that energy supplies in the US are becoming more dependent upon foreign sources daily.

Best regards,


See also


Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Apr. 7, 2005
Last updated December 24, 2014





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