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You are here: > News > January 12, 2015; 1 pm MST

Sterling Allan passes PES baton to Aaron Willis

An introduction to Aaron, a forensic scientist, who has been quietly involved for years in personally experimenting with as well as discussing exotic free energy topics under various pseudonyms, and is now ready to go public with his identity and skills. Others have also stepped forward to help take PES to the next level.

Aaron Willis

Aaron with Sterling last Thursday

By Aaron Willis
Pure Energy Systems News

As many readers are already aware, Sterling Allan is stepping away from Pure Energy Systems and many of its related entities to focus on the tumultuous events occurring in his personal life. Sterling has been a tremendous voice for the Free Energy industry, putting in countless hours over many years to champion technologies that will (sooner or later) lead us into a new era of freedom and prosperity. Regardless of the many and mixed feelings towards Sterling that exist in the industry, his work and contributions have been profound and worthy of recognition and respect. 

In my view, one of the most valuable things Sterling has achieved over the years has been to help people realize that the new, more exotic forms of free energy are just new ways of plugging into the wheelwork of nature, comparing them to the more conventional forms, such as solar, wind, and tide.

It is with this respect and a desire to preserve Sterling’s work that I have accepted Sterling’s offer to lead the PES team.

As with any change there will be numerous questions that need to be addressed. I’d like to take a moment and answer a few that I’ve anticipated:

1. Who are you and why haven’t any of us heard of you?

An excellent question; I’m glad you asked. 

I come from a strong academic background in computer and forensic sciences. Up until recently, I was an adjunct professor at Utah Valley University where I taught programming, forensic and other IT courses for about 6 years. I am very passionate about teaching and was planning to semi-retire as a full time professor after I tired from my professional career as a forensic analyst. Several months ago, I decided that my passion for exotic energy technology outweighed my love for academia and so have decided to stand up and contribute openly.

I have been a long time lurker in the forums and Youtube, not wanting to risk my academic pursuits due to the hostility many in academia have towards the free energy industry. I have attended many conferences over the years and sent private messages to many posters. I have not been consistent with any user names or handles, but generally used some variation on my name “Aaron.” This often caused people to assume I was Aaron Murakami in my posts despite my ongoing denials.

2. What is your background in Free Energy?

I am a believing skeptic. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but let me explain. 

My dad always believed that a boy needed a project to work on no matter what it was. Due to that belief, half a lifetime of projects spanning from the mundane to the magical, have been my education. From a very young age, my dad had a soldering iron in my hands and a workshop at my disposal. I cut my teeth on homemade crystal radios and amplifiers, and in my teenage years, my dad introduced me to more unconventional ideas such as inertial propulsion. He put the idea into my head that I could build my own flying saucer. I worked on it for years . I don’t think my dad ever expected me to actually get it to work. Most of my prototypes were far more dangerous to myself than to any supposed immutable laws of physics, but I got close enough to a working device that my mind and imagination were forever opened to the possibilities of human ingenuity. I continue to study and experiment with pretty much all of the same concepts and ideas that many of you have. 

So I choose to believe. No, I have not yet found any holy grail meeting an academic definition of over-unity, but my mind and heart refuse to accept that conventional science and thought has already figured everything out. 

While I despise academic arrogance, I do not preach disrespect for academia. I believe in finding knowledge wherever one can get it; but at the same time, I don’t believe anyone should ever take themselves too seriously when it comes to what they think they know. I find great value in mainstream EE theories and practices. Ohms, Lentz, Faraday, Maxwell, etc. are all part of my working vocabulary and toolbox. I am not a mathematician, or an electrical engineer, but I can follow along fine when those who are start talking. In general I know the correct places to hook up a scope and am familiar with common measuring errors usually due to making them all myself. 

I will use my academic training in assessing technologies and ideas. From time to time, I expect to be wrong on my assesments or to be fooled by evil geniuses who are way smarter than me, but I also expect to be amazed by people of good intent that blow my mind with their real breakthroughs. Rest assured, my academic mind is not my only assessment tool. On the exotic side, I also find many of the various theories to be absolutely brilliant and worth every effort to study. I speak Bearden, Bedini, Tesla, Meyers and many of the others that we’ve all been studying over the years and will apply that knowledge as well.

I do understand that in this industry, we work with weird stuff and that honest people will make mistakes. I can deal with that, but I also come from a business background, having run a number of companies, both successful and not. I know what a business scam looks like and will yell fraud when I see it. If I find a business or “inventor” knowingly making false claims, they will get no sympathy from me, so you will be seeing me also adding to Sterling's Buyer Beware page at PESWiki. Particularly disgusting are the junk plans being sold online, usually ripping off good (though often not fully developed) ideas from real inventors. This gives the whole industry a bad reputation as any real possible breakthroughs are found guilty simply by association with these criminals.

3. What are your plans for PES?

Those are still in the works, but initially I plan to continue with the team here to identify, investigate, report and facilitate those technologies that show promise. That said, some things will be quite different. My training as a forensic investigator will be evident in my reporting. I, like many of you, am interested in two things: A. Does the technology work? B. How soon can I get it (in the market or open sourced)?

My reporting and investigations will be focused on these two questions. You’ll get very little religious philosophy or conspiracy theory from me. If you want to know my opinion on other stuff (not that I think you want it), private message me, but PES will not be a venue for that. Moving forward, I intend for the PES team to be fair and objective in reporting on any technologies we research. 

I’m lucky enough to work a full time job that provides me a decent living. This means I am not dependent on getting any specific technology to market to make ends meet. I will approach every FE endeavor I look into with a healthy dose of academic skepticism, but also with a humility that I don’t know everything and still have many exciting things to learn.

Please feel free to contact me and get to know me. I’m a fun guy and love to talk. I am open to any questions you have for me with the caveat that I prefer to keep my family life private. I recognize that in inserting myself into this position, some of you will become very dear friends and some of you will not like me very much. I won’t take it personally and my communication channels will always be open. I wish to publically thank Sterling for his faith and confidence in handing me the reins of his life’s work and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

My contact info is: (preferred)
p. 801-691-4145 (text msg preferred during business hours. I do work a full time job, so please respect that. I will often answer text messages during business hours, when otherwise I’m letting calls go to voicemail.)
Snail Mail: P.O. Box 1003 Orem, UT 84058

We appreciate that several of you have raised your hands to help continue and even to expand this work. Bear with us as we endeavor to set up the ability to coordinate this team effort. Be persistent; we need you, and just may need a little time to figure out how and where would be best for you to get involved.

Sterling tells me he plans to continue to participate in PES the best he can, as long as he can, though that may be limited. He encourages you to visit his personal blog,, where he will posting or have posted his ongoing sagas of life, including things pertaining to the Free Energy Quest.

A Few Words from Sterling

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I feel very fortunate that Aaron has stepped forward to continue the work of PES. I have a high level of confidence about his abilities and his integrity. He will be a great spokesman for the cause. He is highly motivated and very gifted. I expect that you will actually see an improvement in PES Network with him at the helm at the time of transition in my life. 

Aaron travels frequently, both nationally and internationally and would love to visit interesting technology teams if he happens to be in your area. More about this later.

He wants PES to become independent from any financial involvement with any of the technologies being covered so that there are no perceptions of partiality. I'm confident that my past involvement with potential financial benefit has not altered my objectivity, but this has not been the perception of many, which is unfortunate.

From a computer technology point of view, the websites will be in far more capable hands with him than they have been with me. Ditto for the business end of things.

Aaron wants PES to become a non-profit so that donations can be tax-free, and so that the perception can be that of impartiality.

I am very glad that his forensics background gives him the kind of scientific training and experience in this quest to find and facilitate the very best exotic free energy technologies.

To give you a sampling of his knowledge and experience, I would like to quote something he posted to the New Energy Congress forum on Friday, in response to something I posted regarding Matt Imber's idea to use 3D printing for Bearden's MEG technology, which spurred a lively discussion.

Greetings all. I look forward to properly introducing myself to all of you soon, but wanted to add my two cents to the current topic. 

I have nearly unlimited access to large quantities of black sand magnetite and have played around with it quite a bit. It does indeed allow for very fast flux switching, but in my experience with resin or other polymer casting, the flux density it can handle is weak; not even close to sintered iron or metglas cores. Melting it down and sand casting it works a bit better, but is a messy process and produces a very brittle and short lived core. Future testing plans include alloying it with other metals and using a hydrogen annealing process to increase its flux handling capabilities.

Can anybody bring me up to date on any successfully verified MEG replications? I know a few people claim to be close.

Kind regards,

Aaron Willis

Aaron and I actually have quite a few things in common in our backgrounds. He's from Snowflake Arizona, where my mother was born and raised as well. He also has an LDS (Mormon) background and is open-minded to truth, wherever it comes from. One of his best friends growing up also has a lust addiction and is incarcerated and has been treated very poorly, so he's empathetic to what I'm facing. He's attended two or three TeslaTech conferences I've been at as well, where he first introduced himself to me years ago.

Other Offers of Help

I also would like to thank those of you who have stepped forward to help. 

I want to give a special shout out to Brent Warp of Warpcode Software. He also raised his hand to carry out the primary role described above that Aaron will be filling, to keep PES going. He, too, has extensive experience with the wide variety of extraordinary free energy technologies, both in personal experimentation as well as theoretical contemplation and discussion. He, too, has strong computer programming capabilities that make it possible for him to be involved here without requiring an income from this due to adequate income from his day job. Aaron and Brent, together, are likely to make a formidable team that can handle the strong growth expected. Brent will be focusing on creating a content management system both to track the incoming news tips and technology developments as well as the personnel task coordination.

I'm guessing that overall, when it comes to free energy news reporting, you are going to find Aaron to be an improvement over me. He'll stay on topic and will be more objective and less prematurely enthusiastic. Ditto for Brent.

Others who have raised their hands to help include John L. Earl of Oregon, an electrical engineer who has been a long-time member of the New Energy Congress (NEC), to help with content; J.D. from The Netherlands, who is one of the key personnel at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (Global BEM); Hugh Campbell, also of NEC, who has offered to serve as my spokesman; Leslie Pastor, the new President of NEC, who has been a leading contributor at PESWiki; Renee Shaw, who is one of the co-founders of Safe Haven Villages I've been involved with; Joshua Reid, who we're getting to know, who also offered to head up the continuance of PES; and Carlton Grady, an investor who offered to buy the sites to keep them running and reporting, who we're also getting to know.

Please do not interpret these people's involvement as their necessary endorsement of my personal world view, as many of them have strong disagreements with me there, but rather as supporting the exotic free energy cause in general.

Here's to a better future at PES Network. Exciting and challenging days lay ahead.

# # #


On January 13, 2015 11:15 AM MST, Aaron wrote by email addressing someone's concerns:

Thank you for reaching out to me. Your questions are legitimate and I will do my best to respond plainly.

I intend to take PES to a non-profit status with myself at the head. Sterling has turned over the reins to me and has empowered me to make those decisions. We are still working out the exact details of the corporate structure. It will be a bit of legal process and fully disclosed upon completion.

Sterling has not asked me for any remuneration for him personally. He has asked, if it is financially possible, to have PES cover a few minor obligations to others for which he fills responsible. I have agreed to this as PES funds are able to meet those obligations. But Sterling emphasized to me that the number one priority is to keep PES alive. I respect that this is his life's work and despite what many consider to be his self-implosion negating any claim to compensation for his work, I find that to be a rather heartless position. Should PES once again become a financially viable operation, I will do everything I can to make sure Sterling receives a fair benefit from it. That comes from my own feelings on the matter and should not be taken as Sterling calling the shots from behind a curtain.

It will take rebuilding and re-branding of PES and some time to regain public support and trust. In this I will continue to seek Sterling's advice and carefully consider his input so long as he is able to provide it. However I am my own man and will make decisions that Sterling might not necessarily agree with and trust that he will respect my decisions. In my conversations with Sterling, I have felt no implications from him that he will try to undermine me if I make a decision with which he disagrees. I have opened the communication channels with NEST and the other organizations and value their input and council as well on how we can move PES forward. I state unequivocally that I am not a front man for Sterling Allan or any other organization or entity and would resign immediately if I ever feel I've been manipulated or otherwise coerced into such a position.

My primary goal is to get freedom technologies into the hands of the people. In this I intend to be a voice of cautious optimism. I am not looking to enrich myself. I have my own work, investments and projects to meet my personal financial goals and I'm doing fine in that area.

For future articles and research, I intend to use the team that is mostly in place. As I've reached out to different individuals, I've discovered an incredibly diverse and talented group that all want to contribute. I am going to make full use of that. I will oversee preliminary research of technologies, publishing of articles and use my academic skills and forensic training to make judgements on what constitutes sound and responsible reporting. In subjects and decisions that are over my head I will differ to those in the group with the appropriate qualifications to make those assessments. Full vetting and incubation of technologies will be the prerogative of NEST or whatever group emerges best suited for that purpose. I hope to be a valued and contributing member there, but want PES separated from pushing or cheer-leading any specific technology that NEST chooses to champion. These are my ideas that I initialized prior to ever meeting with or talking to Sterling about them.

I will share this response with Sterling. If I am mistaken in any of my comments I will ask Sterling to address the matter openly with all stakeholders.

I hope this addresses your concerns and appreciate you asking your questions bluntly. Please feel free to contact me via phone (after hours) for a more personal conversation. I believe when you get to know me and my personality a bit better, your concerns will be fully laid to rest. If you are in the Wasatch area, I extend an open invitation to join me for lunch and engage in further open dialog.

Kind Regards,
Aaron Willis 
p. 801-691-4145

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated February 20, 2015




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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