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You are here:
PureEnergySystems.com > News > April 3, 2012

HydroCoil Enables Economic Harnessing of Low to Medium Water Flow

This patented design is alleged to be 3-50 times more efficient than conventional designs, with its tapering coil shape in line with the water-proofed generator. Soldiers could carry a unit capable of generating several kilowatts of power. Commercial deployment is expected in 9-12 months.

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On March 21, Sterling Allan conducted an interview with Richard J. DeLuca, President & CEO of HydroCoil Power, Inc. as part of the Free Energy Now series.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

We don't do much coverage of conventional free energy technologies, but I decided to make an exception with HydroCoil Power Inc.'s new run-of-the-river and pipe flow energy harnessing technology, given how revolutionary it could be in bringing affordable, sustainable, distributed power to the people. While it's not as "distributed" as a generator you could plunk in your garage to power your house, it is conceivable that each city could deploy a good number of these, on average, to reduce the overall price of energy; while greening their portfolio.

On March 21, I was able to interview Richard J. DeLuca, the President & CEO of the company, along with Sher Komisar, who is assisting the company to find qualified investors.

The patented HydroCoil unit you see illustrated at the right comes in a couple of sizes.  One is 6 inches in diameter, 34 inches long, and weighs 40 pounds. The other is 12 inches in diameter,  50 inches long, and weighs 70 pounds. They put out between 2000 and 8000 Watts, compared to the 25-500 Watts that other designs of that size might produce in the same flow circumstances. Generally speaking, they get between 3 and 50 times as much energy as competitor designs achieve.

They expect that the cost will be low enough that, on average, it will have around a 4-year payback, without any government subsidies, making it more affordable than solar or wind power.

It's so light-weight that it can be carried by a soldier to be deployed wherever there is adequate fluid flow, to generate electricity.

The thing I find most interesting about their in-line design is the shape of the coil. It's not uniform but rapidly narrows from the opening to the outlet.

The generator is contained in water-tight housing, joined to the shaft of the coil.

Of course the units can be combined in modular fashion to get more power generation from a larger area.

The unit is ideal for low-head, low to moderate flow situations. They've done certified testing of the unit up to 1560 Watts, with the equivalent of 12 feed of head (1 foot of head = 0.433 psi).

click for enlargement

As for protecting from fish and debris, they have some kind of deflector at the front, to keep these from entering into the coil portion, where the fish would probably be ground up. Obviously, the water is getting round the deflector and making it into the coil cylinder, so I would think that it is conceivable that some fish would also get in there as well.  The company has not collected data as yet with respect to the impact on marine life. That is one of the next tests that is going to be run in the next 6-9 months.

Patents have been issued in the U.S., China, India, E.U....

Besides run-of-the-river, some of the other potential applications include:

  • Outflow Pipes, such as in water treatment, pharmaceutical, and other fluid processing plants.
  • Dams: implementing into existing structures without additional construction.
  • Farms, being implemented in the irrigation system.
  • Water Delivery Systems and Canals
  • Water Towers, whether stand-alone, or in high-rise buildings. Can be used in place of pressure relief valves.
  • Military: rugged design for in-field, or disaster response, or fixed use. No thermal signature.
  • Tidal Areas

The company is looking for $4.5 to $5 million in investment during this pre-commercial stage to gear up for commercial roll-out. This will be divided into two tranches. First, they need $500k to build 8 units each of the 6" and 12" diameter versions to put into various applications, including a hydro-engineering facility. The plans for these are already drawn up "in excruciating detail". The second tranche will be to get the first commercial units into production. Most of the components can be fabricated by injection molding, which will help keep costs down.

Investment inquiries should be directed to Sher Komisar at 914-966-8053. She said she would share with PES a portion of her finder's fee.

# # #


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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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