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You are here:
PureEnergySystems.com > News > February 28, 2012

Green Power Inc. Posts School Field Trip Video

Green Power Inc. has posted a short video giving a virtual tour of their 100 ton/day waste-to-fuel production prototype plant in Pasco, Washington. 

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Green Power Inc. just posted a video showing a school field trip of their 100 ton/day waste-to-fuel prototype plant in Pasco, Washington, USA that I visited in May, 2008.

It's a good piece of entertainment, and it shows some good shots of the facility as well. It makes for a pretty good virtual tour; saving you the expense of a plane ticket and time away to pay them a visit yourself.

I've sent an email and Skype message to Michael Spitzauer to try and get other update information on their production, but so far I've not heard back from him. He's super busy. [Feb. 28; 2:40 pm MST update: I got a brief call from Michael, who said he planned to send me an update email tomorrow.]

In other news...

If you've not seen it yet, you have to check out this new video that has been posted, which is rightfully called "The Best Free Energy Music Video Ever." The music, titled "Don't Stop Me Now", is performed by the Camembert Quartet of Dublin Ireland in 2009/10. I love the music, and the collage of Steorn demo photos is tied in well to the lyrics. Even though that particular application of Steorn appears to have gone bust, don't think that Steorn has failed, as they have now shifted focus to a solid state heating system.

Here's the comment I posted to that video:

I've listened to it about 25 times in the last two days. Totally love it.

I've put this video on the home page at PESWiki.

Thanks for all who volunteered to help with the comment moderation. We're in the process of updating that system, requiring a log-in, so that people take more responsibility/accountability for what they say. People will say the most ridiculous things if they can hide behind an anonymous mask. If freedom doesn't have moderation, it leads to chaos and collapses. That's why Benjamin Franklin said that the U.S. Constitution would only work for a moral people.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews and Examiner.

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