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You are here: > News > June 11, 2011

Magnacoaster Eyes July for Multi-kW Solid State Generator Release -- Finally

The Canadian company Magnecoaster claims to offer solid state electrical generators that produce many kilowatts of output, but not a single unit has shipped in the near 3 years they've been selling. With units claimed to be going to customers later in July, can Magnecoaster stop coasting and deliver a working product?

Vorktex Home 12 KW 3 Phase system being advertised on the Magnacoaster site.

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by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Some claims of overunity are stunning. They are so exciting, they can make someone dream of a day in which fossil fuels are no longer used, fission based nuclear power plants have all been shut down, and energy is plentiful and cheap. 

The Canadian company Magnacoaster is a company that has made such exciting claims. For a few years, they have claimed to have a solid state electrical generator technology that can produce many kilowatts of output, with only a few watts of input. They even offered the generators for sale for nearly two years, and continue to offer them on their website. However, after all this time, no units have been shipped to customers. This may change in the near future because Richard Willis, the CEO of the company, now claims units are to ship later in July.

Their Products page lists four options for sale, starting with a 4.8 kW Vorktex unit for $4200 USD, all the way up to an "On Grid System" that includes a 14 kW Vorktex generator, two 5 kW inverters, two super cap banks for storage, one main box chassis for wall mount or standalone, three 375 watt solar panels; all for $ 45,000.00 USD plus shipping.

PESN featured this technology two years ago on Tesla's birthday in an article titled, "Magnacoaster Vorktex Nearing Commercial Rollout." (And it was almost exactly two years prior to that that PES first posted a feature page on Magnacoaster at PESWiki) The article described how the technology is claimed to work, how the company is connecting the generator to a solar panel to avoid extensive testing and certification, and Richard's claims units were on the production line. At that time, it seemed units were going to ship soon, but that apparently did not turn out to be the case.

A search of the internet will yield statements from multiple individuals, who claim to know customers that paid for, but never received units from Magnacoaster. In one claim, it is stated after a long delay the customer asked for his or her money back, and Magnacoaster only sent a letter informing them of another delay. Here are a few couple quotes from a thread in the "Energetic Forum" describing these delays. 

I have a very good friend that paid in full for a magnacoster machine 14 Months ago! And has not gotten anything from them yet!!!!! So now he is asking for his money back and they are ignoring his request. They respond by saying they are going to be shipping it out in 30 days or less. 

- - - - 

I did receive word from someone (I'm not at liberty to say who) that they ordered one of these units many months ago, but that Richard Willis couldn't deliver. He had promised delivery by a certain date, but that came and went months ago. He kept making up excuses why he couldn't complete the order. I advised this person to be the first in line to get their money back, but I don't know if he has tried or been successful. Sure smells like a scam to me.

Basically, it seems that Magnacoaster took customers money, but did not ship a product. The company has given various reasons for orders not being shipped. A couple of these reasons include components failing, the need for better components, and more time needed to build a reliable product. 

The one link at the bottom of their website takes you to a page (backup) that lists order dates, and projected delivery dates, beginning and ending as follows, as of the time of this writing:

VORK-00000100 9/29/2008 ONTARIO CANADA 7/20/2011 7/18/2011
VORK-00000101 10/14/2008 ONTARIO CANADA 7/20/2011 7/18/2011
VORK-00000102 11/3/2008 WA USA 7/21/2011 7/19/2011
VORK-00000103 12/15/2008 EUROPE AUSTRIA 7/21/2011 7/19/2011
VORK-00000104 10/24/2008 CO USA 7/22/2011 7/20/2011
VORK-00000105 1/23/2009 TX USA 7/22/2011 7/20/2011
VORK-00000106 9/8/2008   PORTUGAL RMA OUT 7/21/2011
VORK-00000107 1/7/2009 BC CANADA RMA 7/21/2011
VORK-00000108 1/9/2009 MANITOBA CANADA 7/25/2011 7/22/2011
[...] [...] [...] [...] [...] [...]
VORK-00000131 5/25/2010 GUANACASTE COSTA RICA 8/10/2011 8/8/2011
VORK-00000132 6/22/2010 IN USA 8/11/2011 8/9/2011
VORK-00000133 8/3/2010 CA USA 8/11/2011 8/9/2011
VORK-00000134 7/22/2010 NY USA 8/12/2011 8/10/2011
VORK-00000135 9/7/2010 BC CANADA 8/12/2011 8/10/2011
VORK-00000136 1/18/2011 ONTARIO CANADA 8/15/2011 8/11/2011
VORK-00000137 10/30/2009 ONTARIO CANADA 8/15/2011 8/11/2011
VORK-00000138 5/5/2011 ONTARIO CANADA 8/16/2011 8/12/2011

It shows orders coming in starting in September of 2008, with approximately one order per month thereafter; with a total of 39 orders.  And it shows a build completion date starting on July 18, 2011 for the first order, with deliver being two days after that, with approximately two being built per day except on weekends thereafter; with the last of the present orders being shipped on August 16, 2011.

A few online posters on the Energetic forum claim that he is frying components, by pushing the range of IGBT transistors and diodes. He is apparently facing some of the same issues Ismael Aviso has faced in the development of his ambient energy collecting technology. First of all, the Magnacoaster technology uses very high pulse rates, which could be producing radio frequency interference. This could be producing the overheating his device experiences, and could also be producing huge losses. Secondly, the technology produces huge spikes of voltage and current that could be frying components. This sounds like the issue Aviso faced, which required him to design a customized transistor. Both Aviso and Magnacoaster seem to be harvesting energy from the ambient environment, in the form of massive spikes of radiant energy. Utilizing this kind of energy can present significant technical challenges.

A Bold Faced Lie or Faulty Internet Quote

One specific issue that has been addressed, is a quote from Richard Willis made on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's "Dragon's Den" program. In the program, Richard pitched his technology to a group of "dragons." For a million dollars, he was willing to sell part of his interest in the company. During the video you can watch below, he stated that the University of Waterloo tested the technology, and it was verified as being 2,600% efficient. 

An online poster on the Energetic Forum has claimed to have emailed Richard about this issue, and he responded with the following statement. 

"We were planning to do some testing up at waterloo and then we were told that they would accept real world testing. We got in the new 12 KW unit for testing only to find it was smashed in shipping, so we have to wait for a new replacement."

The above quote (if it really came from Richard) is very different from the one he made in the "Dragon's Den."

"We actually had them do some testing, and the first time out in the Waterloo I was twenty-six hundred percent above unity." 

If the quote revealing no testing actually took place is an actual statement from Richard, it means he flat out lied to viewers and the potential investers when on the "Dragon's Den" program. This issue needs to be clarified. His customers, potential investors, and everyone who viewed the program deserve to know the truth.

Recent Email

Sterling Allan recently received an email from Richard, after forwarding him a list of questions from myself. The email can be read below (slightly edited).

We are into production phase now and will begin building and shipping units by July 20 2011. Parts deliveries are holding us back as well as manpower issues.

We faced more then our share of problems -- every thing from switches to electronics that did not perform as we wanted. All new suppliers are ready, waiting for core plastics and other key parts.

Delivery times are posted on our site. There is a 90 day wait time as of right now. Will be longer shortly as we have a few major contracts coming in. ( Over 30000 in orders as well as dealers in contract negotiations)

We are building a small custom unit for a USA company that will be used as pedal assist bikes, shipping in the spring. VORK-BIKE

We are producing a wearable 1kw unit for military. Spring launch on this unit. Will not be offered to the public until Fall 2012.

Will move into bigger units by Fall 2012, 1-2 megs or more!

Cambridge plant is taking applications now and we are going to start the interviews end of June.

Dealers will be trained starting first week of July.

Richard Willis

These are big claims for a company that has apparently not shipped out a single unit. It seems to me, the first step should be sending out units to customers who have already made orders, instead of spending any time on additional contracts, custom units, or military systems. If they focused on getting products ready for their original customers, they would have already proven their technology, and countless skeptical comments would not be floating around the web.

Fraud, Bogus, or Real?

I find it difficult to say the Magnacoaster technology is fake. It is too similar to other free energy technologies that are emerging. However, it seems clear that Magnacoaster has not been totally honest with their customers. If they do not have a totally working technology, they need to say so before taking orders. 

In my opinion, three things (at a minimum) need to happen immediately.

- The issue about the testing at the University of Waterloo needs to be cleared up. 

- A unit needs to be sent for testing to a third party and all results shared openly on the internet. If such testing has already taken place, all the data needs to be released.

- All customers who ordered a product and sent funds should be given a clear update about the current situation. 

My gut feeling is that the technology is real, but the poor business practices of Magnacoaster (and potential lies) make it difficult to support the company. If this technology is real, the world needs it desperately. Hopefully, Magnacoaster can improve the reputation of his company and change the world by launching working products in July. Another delay at this point would be abysmal to say the least. 

Richard's Comment:

After reviewing the above story, on June 10, 2011 6:02 PM MST Richard Willis wrote:

That would sum up your view and mine.

This has been a learning curve to get to production .

Thank God we did not get hit with the loss of a supplier or lost pasts due to Japan.

I think as we get to the end of July and the units are shipping and making the power we will have a bunch of happy customers!

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.


From the Magnacoaster Twitter feed:

July 19, 2011

"12 suppliers and all the chances for a drop the ball and well it happened short 1 part from 1 supplier not what I want to hear."

What You Can Do

  1. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
  2. Once they start delivering product in July(?), purchase a unit.
  3. Donate to PES Network to help us keep this news and directory and networking service going.
  4. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.


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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan July 10, 2009
Last updated September 04, 2012 




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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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