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You are here:
PureEnergySystems.com > News > February 14, 2011

Feltenberger Offers Gravity Assist to Utility Power

Gravitational Energy Corp of Ohio, USA, is developing a 100 kilowatt system that will use half as much fuel, being assisted by a swinging pendulum, which causes a vertical displacement of great force.  The capital costs are a little more, but maintenance and fuel costs are much less.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News


Last August, we reported that Bruce Feltenberger of Gravitational Energy Corporation had invented a patented pendulum-assisted water pump that is now commercially available. The first such pump is still in operation in Haiti. This human-powered device is capable of filtering and pumping 1,000 gallons of clean drinking water per hour.

The pendulum effect as they have it engineered makes the pumping much easier, enabling one person to pump a lot more water than through any other device available. Part of that is because their pump is 92% efficient, but part is apparently also due to some kind of assistance the pendulum effect introduces, supplying additional energy to the system. A person can pump five times as much water using this system than they could using the best competitor hand pump.

In that story, we also reported that they were working on an electricity generator technology using this same effect.

The other day I noticed that they have posted a new video talking about this development and displaying their recent work. It shows an impressive set of equipment.

I contacted Bruce to get more information. My first question was if this was inspired by the Veljko Milkovic secondary oscillation technology. He said it was not, and that he didn't see any similarity, but I was able to point out that it is in the same ballpark. Both use a simple primary pendulum swing to generate a secondary movement that is harvested.

The pendulum, shown as the yellow beam to the top right, causes a vertical displacement in this shaft, which produces the power.

The patent pending pendulum on the prototype shown in the video weights 18,000 pounds and is 18 feet in length. It is the largest prototype they have built so far, and runs from air pressure. (Say this 10 times real fast: "patent pending pressure pendulum prototype".)

The data they have accumulated so far indicates that they can generate electricity using just half the amount of fuel other systems require.

The prototype presently runs on compressed air, but they are in process of developing a method of propelling the pendulum using natural gas. There isn't an off-the-shelf solution they can plug in for this application, so they are doing the engineering specific to this pendulum scenario.

They expect it to be ready in about 9 months, with system power output of 100 kilowatts, run either by electromagnetic propulsion or fuel propulsion. By the end of the year they expect to have a design done for a 2 megawatt version.

With these systems, the maintenance would be much less than for the competitor fuel-based systems, and the fuel expenditure would be about half.

They expect that the units will cost about $2 million per megawatt installed, compared to a G.E. generator that costs $600,000 per megawatt not installed, but the operational costs for the Gravity Assist generators will be much less, both for maintenance and for fuel.

The applications are not just electricity generation, but desalination and pumping as well.

Originally, scientific types had had a hard time accepting this technology. It appears to defy present laws of physics. Now, with some recent successes, they are calling it "new and innovative". It is easy for them to accept the ease with which the hand operated pendulum pump operates; and a large fuel reduction with the large pendulum system seems plausible given the present efficiency of fuel conversion to kilowatt hours is at best about 40 percent.

Sales haven't been nearly as great as they had hoped for the water pump technology, but they have been selling a few. They're developing a hybrid version for municipalities emergency systems that would be powered by a gasoline engine but could also be hand powered. 

This is a new approach and may take some creative marketing to take off.

Bruce has been working on this full-time for about seven years. The idea first came to him in 1965.

He's hoping that sales of the water pump technology will help provide the R&D capital for developing the utility-scale generator technology, but he is open to investment. He just doesn't like how much control the investors want to have. (This is me speaking:) It would be nice if someone who shares a passion for helping humanity chipped in with long-term payback terms, rather than expecting to get immediate large returns only.

Finding good investors is nearly as difficult as finding good technologies. Investors tend to be as greedy as inventors tend to be eccentric.

Gravitational Energy Corporation was on Cleveland's  Netropolis TV program this past Friday.  Their segment begins at time stamp 5:19 and ends at 12:26.  Following that is a panel discussion about the technology and its opportunities, which goes to time stamp 21:54.   "Gravitational Energy Corporation in Cuyahoga Falls is on the cutting edge of developing a new technology that uses a pendulum to generate gravity-assisted power. Host Jim Evans and panelists discuss the emerging technology."

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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