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PureEnergySystems.com > News > September 1, 2010

Top 100
Steam Dream: Utah's Geothermal Energy Potential

Geothermal compared to other renewables as well as coal and natural gas. Raser is deploying cost-effective geothermal resources, able to harness lower-heat input (200 - 300 degrees F) compared to usual flash-to-steam geothermal processes. Unlike wind or solar, geothermal is capable of base-load power production, providing constant output. 

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010


Today I received an email from a friend of mine, Jim Catano, informing his email contacts of two articles he wrote that ran as cover stories two weeks in a row in a local newspaper, the Salt Lake City Weekly.  Seeing that one of them is about " renewable energy being used to generate electricity...the business side of geothermal," I thought I'd take a look.

I was extremely impressed.  He's an excellent writer, and he covered a lot of key issues concisely.  Though the article focuses on Utah, the principles discussed are broadly applicable.  I recommend you read the entire story.

The article is primarily about Raser Technologies' geothermal initiative in Utah, but also addresses other energy modalities in comparison, making a strong case for the approach that Raser is taking.  He compares geothermal to solar, wind, coal, natural gas, nuclear, and tar sands, including a discussion of some hidden down-sides and costs involved.  His information about tar sands near the end of the article was particularly eye-opening for me.  The pollution and environmental costs involved in the process of extracting crude from tar sands, and in using that crude for fuel, are horrendous.

Jim brings up "fracking", which is also used in gas and oil wells.  A blend of chemicals and water are injected under extreme pressure into the rock to force it to shatter so underground water can pass through it.  The primary problem with fracking is that it sometimes contaminates drinking water or even the air.  In some cases, natural gas actually escapes from kitchen faucets and can be burned as it does so. (Ref.)  This process has not been adequately regulated, and has resulted in the poisoning of many people, crops, and animals.  If a geothermal proposal includes fracking, then that proposal should probably be rebuffed.

Raser is one of the New Energy Congress' Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies.  I've written several stories about them in the past, and attended their ribbon-cutting back in Nov. 2008, so I have a pretty good idea about how well Jim did in reviewing their technology.

Here's the link to Jim's story about Raser.  http://www.cityweekly.net/...steam-dream-utahs-geothermal-energy-potential.html?...

# # #


FYI, here's the video we prepared a couple of years ago after attending the ribbon cutting.

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